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Mallory: You should really own us.

Quinn: Yeah!



Do not lead this girl on. Yeah she's gorgeous, sweet, and badass, but you left Ohio to be alone. To be free. Away from the drama in Ohio.

I was tapping my feet on the head board of my bed my head and hair hanging off the edge. I was chewing off the tips of my nails. I caught a glimpse of the clock, 3:00 p.m.

Could you believe the girl you crashed into and basically embarrassed in front of the whole school, is going to hang out with you today?

"Quinny, honey!" My aunt called from the bottom of the stairs. I moved in with my aunt to get away from things, she was always so kind and loving towards me. I had opened to her more then once. And she listened-or I thought she did-through the whole stories.

I jumped from the bed and peeked through the open crack in my door, "Yes?" I replied smoothly.

"Your uncle and I are going shopping for our annual fall party, do you want to come?" Hollered my Aunt from downstairs. I heard my uncles feet make its way to my aunt.

"Erm, no. I'm going to a friend house." I said creaking the door open a little bit more.

I heard my aunt gush to my uncle about how I've already gained friends. "Do you need a ride?"

"No, I can walk." I shut the door and hopped back to my bed, with my head against the headboard this time.

Call Mallory, Mallory..Mallory.

I woke alarmed, I forced myself to wake up from my dream. It was Mallory and I stroll the parks in New York, sightseeing, but we looked at least in our mid twenty's, but we weren't alone. There was a little girl, who held my hand when we were crossing a busy street. The little girl held on to Mallory's leg when a giant boat passed us.

I peeked at the clock. oh thank god you only slept for a hour.

I rubbed my eyes, rolled off my bed, and I was already dress so no need for that.

I crawled on my hands and knees looking for my cell phone. I got sick of looking for the damn thing so I went down stairs and got the home phone plugged onto a coffee table next to the TV.

I dialed Mallory's number, ring. Maybe she lost her phone, ring. "Hello?" I said with anxiety in my voice.

"Oh hey Quinn!" I could imagine her smiling on the other side of the line.

"Is it all right if I come over now? My house is empty and it's kind of scaring the shit out of me." I lied. I didn't want to seem to clingy already.

She bursted into loud laughter "Ya you can. Do you need a ride? I can get you."

"Kay." I gave her my address and she repeated it back to check if she had the write address written. "Mallory?" I murmmerd.

"Yes Quinn?"

I remembered there was something in my life, that I was not addicted to but I cannot get away from it. Smokes.

"Erm...Is it okay if I bring my pack of cigs?" I stopped moving. What if she doesn't smoke? What if she thinks I'm a sick person and blows me off.

"Thank fucking god!" She yelled. I smiled at the response. "I ran out like four hours ago."

"Alright, I will see you in a min Mal." I hung up. I felt like my eyes popped out of my head. Did you just call Mallory, Mal. A nickname already, fuck. This might sound a little sutpid but hearing her voice is like music to my ears.

I went upstairs to grab a bag, filled it with make-up, just incase I sleep over. Okay Quinn, don't over react, you aren't going to sleep over.

I sat on the corner of the living couch, twiddling my thumbs. I can feel my senses heighten as I try to listen to the sounds coming from outside. A few cars go passed, the sounds boomed through the quiet house.

Maybe she lost her way.

Corrupted thoughts roamed my head. She probably had to run to the store. How far does she live from here. Maybe Mallory lives on the other side of town.

Quinn you dumbass, if she lived across town she would be attending a different school.

I sat in silence when I heard a car pull into the driveway. The car honk twice making my body stiffen I sat still for two more seconds before hoping off the couch grabbing my stuff and headed outside.

I presumed it wasn't my aunt because she would never honk her horn at 5:15 p.m. It would be rude, and disrespectful to our neighbors. I always blew off her stupid lectures about how to sit up straight, and how to act like a fucking lady.

I shut the door behind me looking straight at the car, with Mallory inside it staring outside her left window. I curiously looked the same direction and saw the guy she was sitting by at lunch, he was getting the mail, shirtless. I forgot he was my neighbor. God Damn it.

He had bronze hair, very good looking body, but I can already tell no one has a better body then Mallory. Even though I haven't seen it yet. His name was like, Taylor, or Taysen. Somewhere remotely close to that.

I sprinted to her car, her eyes still on the neighbor. I opened her door and slammed it shut. She instantly flinched, and turned her body to face me.

"Hey there. Thanks for getting me." I said messing with the buttons on my purse.

"Yeah.. Anytime." She chimed. "Hey I didn't know your neighbor is Tyler?"

She changed gears in her car, and started backing out of the driveway.

"Ya. Me neither." I scoffed.

We were quiet most of the way to her house. I couldn't stop myself from staring at her on the ride there. She would lick and bite the bottom of her lips. She would flash a few glances at me grimaced a few times.

I noticed what kind of music she liked, more indie, rock, but she did occasionally listen to some modern R&B.

When we arrived at the house, well, apartment. It was awesome , to me personally. For a girl to have her own apartment at age 16 is a fucking success. I can look passed the graffiti, but other then that it looked good.

"Sorry, my place is a shit hole. It's all I can afford right now." Mallory remarked turning her engine off.

"Mallory, this is great!"

Mallory almost died of laughter as she opened her car door. I did the same but a much more quiet laugh, I rather listen to her's then mine.

We approached her door, our bodies moving closer with every step. She pulled her key out of a hole in her wall, attached to her key with a thick string.

"I'm afraid out losing my key." She pointed out. I nodded as she unlocked her door. "Wait right here." She opened the door to a dark empty room. I waited and watch as lights turned on from the back to the front.

The first room in her house with the living room with a pull out bed and small TV Hanging from the ceiling was a Barbie latched onto her light. Cardboard boxes covered her windows.

She plopped onto the couches like a sack of potatoes. "Who can come in now."

I closed the door on my way in and plopped right next to Mallory. We both giggled at the couch adjusted to both of our bodies. Mallory lightly pushed me. Our laughs slowly faded when I gazed into her green eyes.

I analyzed her emotions. She seemed overwhelmed as I kept completely calm. "Your Stunning." I admitted. "Truly."

I leaned my head against her chest, I could hear her heart beating 1,000,000 miles per hour.

"Wanna go get ice cream?" She chuckled awkwardly.

I raised my head to look at her. I was completely confused. Maybe were moving to fast.

Fuck Quinn you are over your head.

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