Chapter One

It was a warm evening and Iwaki had the day off, and was relaxing in the balcony, on the soft chair (which he had bought with Katou when they last went shopping to get some furniture) with his eyes closed and a glass of iced orange juice on the small table next to him. He sipped the juice slowly and enjoyed every single moment that passed, until he heard the door close and a voice saying "Tadaima!" (I'm Home), Iwaki slowly put the half empty glass on the table and arose from his relaxing position into an attentive one, then he stood up and leaned in side to hear what the voice was saying clearly, as he leaned in he heard the voice say,

"Iwaki-san! Iwaki-san! Where are you!" It was clear that the voice was quite worried.

"I'm in the balcony, Katou" said Iwaki and went to sit on the chair again.

In a matter of seconds, Katou was standing in the door that was opening to the balcony, he was panting because he used his hyper-sonic speed to get to the place his lover was at and when he saw his older lover sitting on the soft chair with his legs crossed and a slight smile on his face, he felt like he was in heaven.

"It's such a big house, I was looking for you, you know the disadvantage of having a big double story house is that I can't find my beautiful husband as quickly as I used to in the apartment, and not to mention I have to call out to you so that you can tell me where you are… It's quite irritating actually" Said Katou.

"Really? And why is it that you get irritated? You always find me in the end" said Iwaki with a questioning look on his face.

"Because by calling out to you I might wake you and not get to see my beautiful husband's sleeping face, now you tell me isn't that irritating?"

Right after he said those words Iwaki chuckled with his hand covering the lower part of his face and said

"Katou… come here…"

He said those words, stretching his hand out while starring Katou in the eyes with lustful eyes and gave a seductive gaze.

Katou immediately became hard and couldn't take it so he pounced Iwaki. Iwaki let out scream saying

"Awaaaaaaa Katou you BAKA!"