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Chapter Three

The moment they entered the bathroom Katou took his shirt off and Iwaki did the same. When Iwaki was about to open the button of his pants, Katou stopped him and said

"That's my job…just relax and leave everything to me"

As he said that he started to open his pants and slide them down slowly and when they both were completely nude Katou looked up and stood straight looking in his lover's eyes with a lust he had never shown before and right then Iwaki slide his hand down and pressed his huge bulge that was pressing against his pants. Katou let out a small moan and right after that he put his hand on Iwaki's hand and leaned down for a kiss but Iwaki moved away, he looked at Iwaki with a puzzled look on his face.

"We are not going to get anywhere if we keep arousing and seducing each other like this let alone take a bath"

Said Iwaki when he saw Katou look puzzled, right after hearing this Katou's expression eased and he started

"Just one time wouldn't hurt so…"

Just then he grabbed Iwaki by the waist and held him close really tightly so Iwaki tried to struggle while saying that he couldn't breathe but Katou kept holding him until he gave up trying to struggle and let Katou hold him, so Katou eased up on him a little and looked in his eye's with a look that was saying "I want you now", and with that he leaned down again trying to capture Iwaki's lips but failed again because right before he could kiss him, Iwaki turned his head again so with disappointment Katou let his head drop on his shoulder. He suddenly heard Iwaki chuckle so he looked at him from the corner of his eye while his head still resting on Iwaki's shoulder all he could see were his lips and teeth, when Iwaki stopped laughing, he touched the side of his cheek with his right hand and said

"You really can't take a joke can you? I was just kidding…"

After saying this he took his other hand and stoked his other cheek and leaned forward to kiss him but Katou kept his lips stiff even, though Iwaki was the person who was the center of his everything. When Iwaki saw this he said that he was just joking and for him to ease up now but Katou kept a serious expression on his face Iwaki who was smiling started to frown and then let go of Katou and with that expression he said

"I'm not in the mood to take a bath anymore so if you still want to take a bath, you can just do it alone!" as he said this in a harsh tone he slammed the bathroom door leaving Katou standing stunned in the center of the bath room.

Katou never thought Iwaki would be able to show such anger and irritation thus leaving him standing stunned, Iwaki on the other hand after exiting the bathroom, grabbed a shirt and jeans, wore them, took his keys, grabbed his coat and left the house. When Katou came to his senses was shocked at what he had done so he exited the bathroom like lightning only to find that the bedroom was empty and that Iwaki's keys and coat were gone, he rushed towards the window and saw that Iwaki's car raced of as if it was a wild horse who was just released, after seeing this Katou put his hand over his trembling lips and said

"What have I done?"