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"They..." was the boy's only answer.

"Who are they?" Glorfindel asked, as the boy seemed to be evading the question.

"Elrond and the twins." Estel yawned as he replied, settling his head on the elf's shoulder as he fell asleep.

Glorfindel could hear the boy's heart beating calmly now. So he figured that the boy might have barely slept the night before, and all the excitement or whatever was wrong with the boy's mind had exhausted him.. .

The elf lord walked back to the house, and Elrond sighed in relief as the boy was safe.

Elrond walked over to them, but Glorfindel did not let him approach, knowing that the boy was tired. Yet he knew that Elrond needed to know what was going on with Estel, and where the horrible thoughts the boy was having came from.

The elf lord entered the house and walked down the hallway until he got to Estel's room. He laid the boy on the bed, and watched him, not daring to leave his side.

Elrond, though, was standing at the door-frame, watching with concern as the boy slept.

Few hours later...

Glorfindel noticed a change in the boy. He could hear Estel's breathing quicken, and he could see the way the boy thrashed around and yelled.

"No..." Estel thrashed as the elf moved right next to him.

"They are going to kill me..." Estel cried again, keeping his eyes closed.

"Shh... little one... you are safe." Glorfindel tried to calm the boy that moved from his hands.

"No one is trying to kill you," Glorfindel told him softly. "You are in the safest place on Middle Earth."

"They will kill you..."

"Like they killed the other boy..."

"They buried him in the garden..."

Everything Glorfindel did to try and help Estel's thrashing and shaking did not help.

Glorfindel did not know what he should do next, and glanced toward the door-frame at the lord, as he seeked his advice.

"Move him to your room, and we should see if it affects Estel the same," Elrond advised him, not wanting to take any chances, that Estel would tell him that he hated him. It hurt so much.

"Are you certain, my lord?" Glorfindel asked him. Elrond nodded to him, as he picked Estel up and held him to his shoulders, trying to hold him still, as he kept shaking and trying to crawl out of Glorfindel's arms.

"I do not know; but until we check this out," Elrond sighed, "I love him, and I cannot lose him."

"All right then." Glorfindel still tried to keep the boy still in his hands; fearing that Estel would fall. "It is your choice. Let me just put your boy in the bed. He is so strong for a boy."

Elrond grinned and chuckle, "My friend, you do not know the half of it."

"Do not tease me, my friend," Glorfindel grinned at him, while he still held the boy, as he and Elrond walked toward his room. "I believe that I heard about the results from Erestor."

"What did Erestor tell you?" Elrond asked as they walked toward Glorfindel's room and laid Estel on the bed. To their shock and surprise, the boy was still and was not thrashing around as he had in his room.

"That the boy is making a great mess; like he did in the library that day." Glorfindel replied.

Elrond chuckled at the memory, as his eyes locked on the sleeping boy.

"Though you must tell him that," Elrond suggested to the slayer. "He is one of a kind, and he has a heart of gold."

"I agree." Glorfindel nodded.

"Let us wait for tomorrow and see how he fares. If he does feel better, then there is something wrong with his room." Elrond wondered.

"Does that mean that I will move to another room?"