Episode 1

Lone Survivor

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"Frieza, your days of tyranny are over! You have existed on the face of our planet for too long."

"Hail, Lord Frieza! He is the strongest, most powerful leader!"

"Heh, heh, heh, strongest? We have suffered long enough in your hands."

A man, with blood streaming on his battle-damaged armor, arms, and face, was facing an alien creature that was said to be named Frieza. The man was very weak and he was severely injured, but nevertheless, he had a confident smile on his face. The alien creature who seemed to be the tyrant slowly lifted his left hand; the tip of his index finger was faintly glowing. He had a solemn expression.

"Frieza, listen up. We're tired of being your slaves. In the end, all our hard efforts had come to this? We won't tolerate this nonsense anymore. We're liberated from you from this day onward!" the injured man shouted with great anger, but one could hear a shaking in his voice as he was also overtaken by so much fear.

Frieza continued to gradually lift his left hand. A glowing sphere was then formed at the tip of his finger and it was increasing in size every second.

"Before you and I conclude this battle, I want you to remember something," the courageous man then formed a shining light, a vigorous, blue sphere of energy from his left hand. His body continued to tremble, but he still kept his valor. He cannot let his fear be shown.

Throughout the clashing asteroids and burning stars, a mini-spacecraft shaped like an orb was flying in the infinite and vast outer space. Inside the miniature ship laid a sleeping baby. The young child's face was very similar to that man who was facing Frieza alone. The infant continued with his peaceful, deep slumber, but then, he suddenly felt this strange and cold sensation in his body.

"This is for the people we killed in your name. At least we were never foolish enough to obey you. Take this!" the brave warrior then released and threw his sapphire-colored energy attack, which appeared to be his ultimate finisher, straight towards Frieza.

The traitorous tyrant then suddenly laughed, the sphere from the tip of his finger reacting to his menacing mirth. The energy ball grew colossal in just a snap and it almost reached the size of the moon.

"Hah, hah, hah!" Frieza insanely laughed. The finisher of the warrior who was facing the tyrant had no effect at all as it was absorbed by the galactic overlord's deadly sphere instead. Frieza's attack of scorching fires of hate headed straight for the man instead. The warrior's eyes grew large and his heart pounded like a never-ending thunderstorm.

"No!" he yelled with terror. His courage reduced down to zero. There was nothing in his mind now but utter fear.

In seconds' time, the finisher struck the warrior and he was hurt more than ever, the unbearable, excruciating pain cutting his flesh. His armor was shattered into pieces and they slowly disintegrated. He had never felt so much pain before in his life. His eyes were struck by complete horror. The only image he could see now was Frieza, staring back at him and laughing at his defeat. Frieza's two right-hand men, whom served him with great loyalty, were watching the event closely from the inside of their master's spaceship.

"Farewell, you mindless piece of junk. You should have never underestimated my power…Bardock!" Frieza said to the warrior named Bardock who was slowly dying.

Bardock's torpid body trembled. Reflections of these scorching fires appeared inside his frightened eyes like a mirror. All the efforts he had done just to save his entire planet, his entire race, to save everyone, had faded into nothing. He thought it was all over, that there was no hope.

Resentment, fear, and the feeling of painful guilt befell him. Was he all to blame?

Most of all, sorrow overtook him the most. He had never felt so disheartened in his entire life. He tried to find his reasons why though he could not. His mind only thought of one thing.

At the corner of his eyes, there was a slight, glistening teardrop.

"Kakarot…," he softly said. This word, that could mean anything, echoed in his mind.



Breathing heavily…steadily…


"Where am I? Am I dead?"

"You cannot falter now."

"Huh? What do you mean? Who's this? Who's speaking to me?"

"Why are you giving up so easily? There are so many things you have not accomplished. This is one of them. You know better than to give up."

"There's no more hope anyway. Just leave me alone. Let me rest, let this pain of mine go."

"You cannot rest if you're truly still in deep pain inside. You have to move on. You know you're not finished yet. You know well that you have to remain strong."

"Why are you telling this to me anyway?"

"You have been given another chance. Take this given chance to prove what you are, who you really are, to find your own destiny."

"But I let everyone down. How can I redeem myself again if I know I cannot?"

"There is always hope at the end of the tunnel even though it may seem impossible to see that hope. You just have to reach for it. You have to break through the obstacles and challenges in your path in order to grab it. You have to pursue that hope."

"Hope? Pursue?"

"You must believe."


Then that voice of encouragement spoke throughout the unknown and eternal, yet calming void of darkness. It echoed.

"It's not too late to be different from him. Every situation, good or bad, provides an opportunity to help us to truly find ourselves and become better people. You must move on…Bardock…Father."

After these words were spoken, he had never felt so enlightened in his life. They all made sense to him. When he heard this familiar voice, he felt his strength building up inside his heart once again with renewed faith and hope. That voice was right. Deep inside, he cannot give up. He must move on and he will.

A bright light suddenly pierced through the silent darkness.

Beneath the shadows of stillness, a figure was lying on the floor helplessly. He trembled so much that he could barely get up. He was almost numb from experiencing too much pain, but it was quickly going away.

When he opened his eyes, he did not know where he was. His vision was blurred at first. What he only knew and can remember was that memory and that voice. Were they all real?

"Where am I?" he asked himself, his voice weak and very inaudible.

The atmosphere of this unknown place in which he found himself in was quite calm and silent, but it felt a bit disturbing as well when he sensed these tensed and sad feelings in the air. The man finally stood up, trying to fight the pain he was feeling.

He breathed quite heavily. Helping himself to walk and maintain his balance, he placed a hand on the steel walls, his feet taking little steps at a time. Not too long, he found himself walking in a long hallway with dimmed lights above, and they were his only guide in the darkness. The atmosphere remained quiet. He could only hear his footsteps.

He stopped for a moment while closing an eye. "What is this place-?" he began, but he was interrupted by another person within the dark shadows.

"Stay still, you servant of Frieza," that voice commanded firmly.

"What?" the injured man looked up, speaking much louder this time, and he showed surprise by the sound of his own voice as if it had been years he last spoke a word. He turned around and who he saw appeared to be a young adult with goggles pushed back against his black hair. He looked human in form, but this could not be proven due to the color of his skin; his skin tone was more of a light reddish, pink color. He had a pistol in his hand. He looked very young in age. Why would someone like him be hanging around here in this dark place anyway?

"Stay still or I'll shoot you," the youth warned once again.

The injured man took a step forward. The word "Frieza" struck him. "What? Did you mention-?"

"Stop. I mean it. I swear," the young soldier warned again, hoping he would not have to hurt him though. Behind him, there were other people with him and they appeared to be his comrades.

"Yeah, don't bother getting any closer," one comrade said.

"Or else you will die right here," said another one.

The injured person looked at them closely. Judging by their faces, he realized most of them were teenagers and a few were little children. He assumed they were already trained for military purposes when he saw the clothing they wore and the weapons they were carrying. He wondered why this was the case though.

"You, servant of Frieza, killed our family and our friends," that same man with the pistol said, his voice now filled with anger.

He was a bit confused by what they were saying. He needed just a little more time for his mind to situate itself before he could think clearly. It really felt like he had awakened from a very long and deep slumber. "What the? Frieza? You-he-," he spoke again.

"Stop talking," another comrade interrupted angrily.

He knew he had to speak quickly. "Wait, Frieza's still alive?"

"Yeah, so what?" responded the youth with the pistol again. His face gave a slight confused look. "You think your master's dead? Of course not, you should know that. You're part of his crew, right?"

The wounded man was still bewildered, but there was one fact he knew of. "What are you talking about? I'm no servant of Frieza."

"Heh, lies won't carry us away. You know who you are!" one of the comrades said angrily.

"You are a servant of Frieza," protested one young girl who was holding onto a toy bear.

"This is a misunderstanding," the wounded man argued, his mind finally getting back to place and his ears heeding more to such sounds. His voice was also becoming normal again. "Why would I be a servant of Frieza in the first place? If only I had a choice, I would've never chosen that path. Frieza betrayed us all. Us, Saiyans!"

"What?" the man then suddenly became so shocked that he accidentally dropped his pistol on the floor. "A Saiyan…?" he said to himself.

A brief flashback suddenly occurred.

"You betrayed us all. Us, Saiyans! I…won't let you live any longer!"

"Hmph…stubborn monkey. You should have never underestimated my power…Bardock!"

The flashback quickly ended.

The man now had an interested expression. "Are you…?"

"Put your weapons down," their attention was caught by another voice from behind.

"Zeshin," the young adult said, the one who dropped the pistol. Zeshin happened to be their leader in this crew of his. He was wearing almost the same kind of uniform as his friends were wearing only with a different color and style. He also wore two silver shoulder plates. He had spiky, black hair that was tied at the back of his head.

Zeshin calmed his companions down. He pushed his goggles up against his hair. "Everything's okay. This man is no servant of Frieza, I sense," he then turned to the injured person. "I must ask. Who are you?" he asked the unknown guest. He stepped forward to get a better look at him.

The man felt his mind was still slightly in pain that he could not remember just about anything at this moment, for now. He shook his head a little, finally bringing an answer to his question. "…Bardock…," he finally responded. Still, he could not believe he actually survived after all! He remembered that memory he had; himself floating in deep darkness and hearing that voice. Was it all true? Is it because of that voice the reason why he was still breathing and alive?

Bardock was beyond surprised. He was still here.

Zeshin's eyes widened. He and his companions were very familiar with that name. It was a name of honor and valor.

"Bardock? So, it's true. Word was spread that you're the one who faced Frieza and his entire army alone," Zeshin said who was just as surprised as Bardock was.

Bardock paused for a moment, his eyes covered by shadows. "How do you know?" he asked.

Zeshin himself did not say anything for a while. He then sighed a little and replied, "I asked a few members of my crew to investigate what was going on in Planet Frieza where that emperor lived. Instead, they found another planet and there, they saw you face-to-face with that evil tyrant himself. When Frieza released some kind of a deadly attack, my allies had to leave quickly before they could get hurt. They reported the situation to me. The last thing they saw was you getting caught into Frieza's dangerous attack."

Bardock looked at them again, his eyes still covered in dimmed shadows. He was quite curious by what he said; he needed to ask him, "Hold on, why you were there? What were you doing trying to find Planet Frieza anyway?"

Zeshin sighed once again, but more heavily this time. Bardock immediately saw a hint of hatred and sorrow in his eyes. Zeshin admitted, "It's a topic I can't really talk about, but I can tell you one thing," he suddenly tightened his fists. "Frieza's the one who destroyed our home planet. We hate him so much when he did this unforgivable fault. We decided we wanted to confront Frieza for ourselves to swear revenge. We were able to locate him, but right after what my comrades saw, we realized we're nowhere close in strength to face such a perilous monster."

He put his head down, sounding both enraged and saddened at the same time. "I know we were foolish and impulsive to risk our lives like that, but you can't blame us for feeling like this. Frieza destroyed everything what we called our home! We're the only ones left here."

Zeshin then angrily turned his head the other way. As his other comrades were reminded again of this tragedy that befell them, they also lowered their heads in deep sadness.

Bardock gasped silently. He was able to recall that tyrant's malevolent face of greed. He remembered those memories of him being caught into Frieza's deadly ball of energy. He then thought about what Zeshin had just said, and he cannot believe that Frieza would hurt even young and small, innocent children. He almost painted a picture the unacceptable pain these kids went through. Bardock saw the ache in Zeshin's gloomy eyes as well as the rest of his comrades, and he understood how hurt they were.

Bardock used to have this reputation of being a cold and distant warrior at times, but after going through major changes in his life, he had become more understanding and sympathetic; therefore, he can feel their suffering.

He looked at the floor for a moment and he switched to another topic. "Wait, where am I by the way?"

Zeshin looked up. "While traveling in space, our ship picked up by one of its sensors a floating body surrounded by a pile of space debris, which appeared to be you, but we thought you were one of Frieza's men at first. You actually entered inside our invisible ship since our walls contain a special material that lets anything in organic. When you came inside, we armed ourselves to eliminate you. Guess it was a misunderstanding," he answered, feeling a little bit guilty.

Bardock thought about what he said for a moment. Floating in space? But for how long? It did feel like he was in a very deep sleep, but he was not that sure. "Tell me, how long has it been since this whole incident happened?"

"Incident? It has been twenty years…"

The Saiyan warrior was stricken with so much shock, that he had been floating in space for twenty years! He just could not believe it. He thought he was just dreaming. How he managed to survive and sleep for a very long time without anything terrible happening to him for those two decades. He had a strong feeling that someone must have protected him or he was just extremely lucky to have survived. Another possibility was that he could have gone into some kind of dimension that led him here, but he found this to be more difficult to believe in.

Or maybe even more impossible to believe in, did he moved into the future?

"I know it's hard to believe," Zeshin said, trying to sound calm and cool; however, he was also surprised to hear that Bardock had been asleep in space for two long decades.

After Bardock quickly recovered from his shock, he asked questions again about the tyrant. "Where's Frieza? Do you know what he's been doing lately?"

"All we know is that Frieza's continuing with his evil deeds; conquering and collecting all the planets he could find," replied Zeshin, but his voice was filling with rage again. "Like I told you before, he invaded our own planet; killed most of our family and friends. That tyrant…," he clenched his fist tightly again. "That's why we're always alert to our surroundings. You never know what or who will come even in the most unexpected times."

Zeshin's other companion did not say anything at all.

Bardock was taken to quick, silent anger, but kept it all bottled up inside. Even these past two decades, Frieza continued with his horrible deeds; killing innocent lives and even innocent children. The truth was, Bardock kind of hated seeing other people getting massacred especially if they were innocent and ignorant of the outside world. Ironically, Bardock was once a Saiyan soldier who did not hesitate to kill, yet, gradually, it began to hurt him instead. It pained him too much. He knew it was very wrong. He felt guilty as well that he realized this just now.

In no later time, Bardock had quickly made a decision what his next course of action will be. He was still determined enough. He remembered that vision again, that voice speaking in his mind, encouraging him to move on. He knew what he had to do and believed this was his destiny. "All right, please listen up. I need to find Frieza. I'm not done with that arrogant fool yet."

When Zeshin heard this, he refused to allow him. "No way. You can't. Frieza possesses great power and he can kill you in an instant if he wanted to. He's the most powerful being in the universe! Even the strongest will be defeated!"

However, Bardock shook his head. "Strong or not, the weakest ones will be able to defeat their superiors if they work hard enough and believe in themselves."

When he heard these words, they made a lot of sense to the worried Zeshin. He lowered his head for a moment while the little girl with the cuddly teddy bear, who seemed to be one of his relatives, came close and held his knees.

"Should we let him?" asked the small girl softly.

Zeshin took another moment to think about it. Bardock was taking this huge risk, but some risks must be taken. One thing he knew for sure though, Bardock was indeed strong and brave. Afterwards, he gave a relieved smile. "I think so, Emi. It's the only way."

Emi smiled back, agreeing with him as well.

However, the one who first met Bardock disagreed with his friend's decision. "Zeshin, are you insane? You mean you're gonna let him go and find Frieza for himself?"

Zeshin shook his head, knowing Bardock was right in making this decision. "I'm sorry, but this warrior, Bardock, appears to be very strong from the outside and within; just like he said: if you work hard enough, you can overcome your opponents. And he's right. I think it's about time that the terror and wrath of Frieza ends now!"

His companion soon gave a smile. He thought about what he said and he finally came to an agreement with him. "I guess you're right."

"Thanks, Bun. I knew you'd understand," Zeshin thanked his friend. He then asked the rest of his companions. "Who's with me?!"

And all of them, every young child and teen, leaped into the air and yelled, "Yeah!" with a lot of faith and high hopes for a better future and better lives.

Bardock smiled, loving to see the new generation becoming a lot more determined than the past ones.

"All right," Zeshin faced Bardock, now wanting to help him with his travels. "We're gonna give you our latest spaceship ever. This spaceship is easy to use and can travel great distances."

"Good. Just what I need," Bardock told them, rubbing his chin. "But wait, how could you fit those in here?"

"Oh, they're designed for only one person to use; therefore, the ships are quite small, but they carry very adept and complex functions. Not to mention, if you see our own ship from the outside, it's pretty big and spacious and it can fit all of those in here. Follow me," Zeshin and his crew accompanied Bardock to the core of their spacecraft, which was a room full of these small spaceships they made.

They arrived there and Bardock was astonished to see many of these mini-spaceships parked in perfect rows. They were all designed differently under very unique functions, each having its own special capability. Bardock almost cannot believe a bunch of kids could make such genius inventions.

Zeshin pointed out the ship Bardock will be using. "Here you go. This is the latest model. It took months for this baby to function well. Well, it's yours."

Bardock looked at the ship closely, examining its features. It almost looked dome-shaped and its material was made of steel and metal to keep the walls strong and intact. Bardock then took the flight of stairs that ran on the side of the spaceship. He slowly opened the door, observing the interior. It had four rooms: one led to the kitchen and bedroom; two led to the bathroom; three led to the spaceship controls; and the last one led to a training room. The training room was a place for those who wanted to practice their fighting skills. Bardock did not expect for this type of room to be present. He merely saw this as a coincidence given that he was a fighter himself. This was good news for him since he needed to get back to training especially after twenty years of doing nothing, but float in space. All of these ships he had seen here definitely reflected the high intelligence of these children.

Bardock had a smile on his face, yet he cannot help but feel very anxious to do this mission. Nevertheless, he was doing it for the sake of everyone especially those who had become victims of that heartless tyrant.

"Well, I'm off," he calmly said, ready to leave.

But Zeshin stopped him for a bit. "Um, excuse me."

"Yeah?" Bardock turned around, facing them again.

"Would you like to change your clothes at least?" the nervous Zeshin chuckled quietly, trying to hold his laughter as well his other companions. The intensity of Frieza's Death Ball had torn off Bardock's clothes, leaving only his boxers on and his red bandanna around his forehead. Bardock did not seem to notice it until when Zeshin had mentioned it. He looked funny, they thought.

Bardock slowly looked down at the floor. "Uh, well, sure, why not?" he said with embarrassment while he scratched his head.

Zeshin's friend, Bun, quickly went out and then came back, giving Bardock a package of fresh, new clothes for him to wear. Bardock put it on as quickly as he could. Once he finished putting it on, it almost looked like that Bardock was now a part of Zeshin's crew due to his uniform. He was wearing a cream-white shirt along with black pants. He had black and yellow-colored boots that reached just below his knees and he also had fingerless gloves that lengthened up to his elbows. A silver-colored shoulder plate was also attached on his left shoulder.

"It'd be a good idea to take a shower, too," Bun said, chuckling a little. "It'll be nice to freshen yourself up after all these years."

Bardock also chuckled under his breath. "Don't worry. I take care of myself well in that department."

After Bardock was all settled and ready to go, Zeshin and his companions bid him a farewell.

"All right," Zeshin said. "Take care."

"Be safe," Bun waved.

"Good luck," Emi happily waved, too, with a cute smile on her face.

"Defeat Frieza!" the rest of the crew shouted, giving him a boost of morale.

"Yeah," Bardock made a proud fist with the strength of his mind and heart building more after receiving encouragement and support from these young children. He went inside the ship, but Zeshin called him again.

"Wait, Bardock! I forgot to tell you something," he yelled, hoping that he was able to get his attention in time.

"What is it, Zeshin?" responded Bardock, hearing his friend.

"Keep in mind that when you're traveling, it may take days, weeks or even months to get whichever planet or galaxy you're heading off to. It all depends on how far it is. The world out there is vast and huge, you know. We don't really know where Frieza is exactly, so we're not sure how long it'll take you to get to him."

"Does it matter?" the Saiyan asked them. "What matters is that we find Frieza as soon as possible, even if it takes years."

"You're right. We shouldn't worry," he said, agreeing with Bardock.

"Thanks for all your help," Bardock appreciated their kindness.

"Farewell! Goodbye!" the rest all shouted at once, giving the anxious Saiyan some more confidence and hope in him.

Bardock proceeded to the interior of the ship while closing the entrance door behind him. He sat down on the passenger's seat and fastened his seatbelt. After studying the device that will start up the ship, he kept in mind which controls he will need to use. "All right, need to press this and that. And a few buttons and go," he then pressed the main button of the machine.

A machine voice was activated. "Please state your destination."

"Destination to Planet Frieza," Bardock told the computer.

The machine was able to recognize the planet and it started to analyze the data for it and calculate its location coordinates.

"Destination to Planet Frieza. At your current location, it would take you approximately two months to arrive there. Planet Frieza is located at coordinate: YX92 3ZXY 98XX. Departing in three minutes," a graph was then shown on the screen; a holographic image of Planet Frieza was drawn with its information and data about its total land, total water, economy, and other useful information listed inside a text box.

Bardock was quite surprised. "Two months? Huh, and to think I was in space for twenty long years. Something must've happened that got me closer to Frieza now. Well, I hope two months are enough for me to get stronger. This is it," he said to himself, his hands gripped on the arm rests. "Frieza, I'm coming for you and this time, I won't go down that easily. I will show you the true power of a Saiyan."

Though seemed determined and very strong, this terrible flashback in his mind continued to remain there. He can still remember that burning pain hurting his whole body as well as the malicious laughter of Frieza. Bardock tightened his fists more and he promised that he will defeat the tyrant no matter what the costs were. He wanted to make him pay for everything that he had done after betraying the entire Saiyan race as well as the other races out there that he, too, had cruelly mistreated and destroyed.

Three minutes quickly passed and in the last ten seconds, the machine began its countdown. "…three, two, one, take-off initiate."

The ship began its take-off and while it did so, slight vibrations can be felt under the floor. At last it took off, leaving a few black marks from its blast on the ground. The spaceship traveled very quickly, heading for the exit door and leaving a spark of light at the beginning and end. It then disappeared afterwards with great force left behind.

Bun, Zeshin, and the rest of their comrades watched as their friend, Bardock, left.

"We're counting on you, Bardock. Defeat Frieza!" Zeshin said; his hopes were all on Bardock now.

"I know some day, Frieza will be eliminated for good," Bun strongly believed. "How about we train ourselves, too, so we can beat Frieza if he ever stands in our way."

"Yeah, you're right. Let's do it!" Zeshin agreed with Bun without any questions at all.

"Yeah!" and the rest jumped for joy, feeling the excitement for their soon-to-be-victory they had waited for so long.

Bardock watched the stars as he passed them, his body feeling the ship's unbelievable speed. Many meteorites and shooting stars were scattered across the endless universe and they were shining vividly.

When he calmed more of his mind, his eyes then suddenly widened when he remembered something very important. He quickly sat up, running his fingers on his forehead and he felt this soft cloth tied around it. With both of his hands, he slowly untied this cloth and stared at this piece of fabric. He realized it was his red bandanna.

"It's still here," Bardock whispered. He was staring at it very intently as more memories about his home planet slowly came back to his mind. This was the bandanna marked with the memorable blood of his fallen comrades. His comrades had been with him ever since he became a Saiyan soldier. They were his best friends and they stuck with him through thick and thin; however, they died because of Frieza's men whom were, at that time, planning to exterminate the entire Saiyan race according to their tyrant's wishes. That was twenty years ago and even now, it still pained Bardock to realize that his comrades were long gone. In fact, he felt guilty that he was not able to protect them before. But now, he believed he was much stronger. He knew up above, they were all watching him, counting on him to defeat Frieza this time. He could almost hear their endless cheers. He did not want to let them down.

"Borgos…Shugesh…Fasha…Tora," he spoke his friends' names one by one, remembering their days with them. Their support, their loyalty, their unique personalities, and most of all, their friendships were lying within the changed and renewed Saiyan warrior, Bardock, and they will continue on for eternity.

Bardock then remembered everyone he secretly cared for. He was given another chance to redeem himself, to prove who he truly was. He will take this chance. He will remain for the goals he must accomplish. He remembered that voice, which had encouraged him to move forward. He knew he cannot think about past. He must move on, strongly believing he will soon see a brighter future ahead.

"This is…the time…," Bardock knew at this moment he would have to face many challenges, but he can overcome them if he were to just work hard enough and have more faith in himself. He smiled once more, clenching his proud fists tightly in determination.