Episode 32

Racing against Time

"Here I go! RARGH!" Nappa took the initiative and charged towards the Z-warriors at full speed.

"Go!" Piccolo gave the signal.

Nappa, while charging towards them, drew both of his arms back and fired two energy blasts. All at once, the Z-warriors evaded them and they blasted the ground instead. The clouds of smoke briefly blurred Nappa's vision. He tried to search for his opponents.

Nappa growled. "Quit hiding. I know you're around here somewhere-"

"Over here!" cried a voice.

"Huh?!" Nappa turned around.

From behind, Yamcha took flight and immediately side-kicked his back, crushing him to the ground. Nappa quickly regained his balance and was back on his two feet. He tried to give Yamcha a straight punch to his face until Krillin came and side-kicked his side this time, blowing him away to the right side.

From the other side, Gohan was waiting for his turn. The half-Saiyan saw Nappa coming to him fast. The child bent his arms to his waist.

"Here it goes!" he gave himself some encouragement.

Just about Nappa regained consciousness, Gohan took this chance to barrage him with quick punches on his stomach.

Nappa did not feel much pain, but he was furious letting himself get off-guarded by the Z-warriors.

Gohan was about to go for a high front kick to propel Nappa into the skies where Raditz and Piccolo were readying for a surprise attack on the oafish, brute Saiyan warrior until Nappa immediately regained his concentration again.

"You little runt! Rargh!" Nappa suddenly grabbed Gohan by the head.

"Augh!" Gohan was stopped dead in his tracks. Nappa's hand was able to fit around the child's head, giving him the opportunity to crush his skull in just a split second if he wanted to.

"Bwah, hah, hah!" Nappa laughed with pride. "What's the matter, you punk? You're a Saiyan! Fight back!" he asked him while he enjoyed seeing the pain he was enduring.

Gohan wanted to cry out for help, but he could not find his voice.

The rest of the Z-fighters clearly saw this and they tried to pinch in to help.

Raditz especially saw this. He bit his lip and cried out, "Let him go, Nappa!" he dashed towards him at full speed.

"Here's your punishment for trying to make a fool out of me earlier! Now, time to die!" Nappa was about to finish Gohan on his own until suddenly, Gohan opened his eyes wide. The moment Nappa saw his pupils, he thought for a second they glowed red with anger.

"Hyah!" with great strength, Gohan suddenly broke free from Nappa's grasp.

"What?!" Nappa was shocked.

Gohan ducked down in order for his opponent to let go. When he bent down with his two knees, Gohan's right hand began to light up in his own aura. With no hesitations, Gohan gave a soaring dragon uppercut to Nappa's chin, sending him up to the skies.

"Amazing! Whoo hoo!" Krillin cheered.

"He is the son of Goku after all. Go, Gohan!" Yamcha cheered as well.

Even Raditz and Piccolo were fully surprised to see how Gohan had improved so much. Him being able to land a powerful blow to Nappa and inflicting him some damage, it only meant that Gohan's one-year training was all worth it.

Gohan looked at his uncle and mentor. "Uncle Raditz! Piccolo! Now's your chance!"

"Now that's what I like to hear, Gohan!" Piccolo told him. He quickly readied for his "Explosive Demon Wave." He placed his right hand in front of him while his left hand placed on his right arm. He gathered an immense amount of energy.

Raditz smiled at his nephew's huge improvement and braveness. He had definitely changed since last time.

Nappa furiously growled, wondering why a small child like Gohan could inflict so much damage to him. After all, he was half-Saiyan, but letting him beat an elite like him, Nappa will not allow that. When Nappa stopped from getting himself blown away, making a short screech in the skies, Raditz suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Hyah!" Raditz gave a straight punch at his former comrade's face, almost breaking his nose. Nappa's head jerked back in pain while he was propelled closer to Piccolo.

That was when Piccolo's Explosive Demon Wave was discharged from his palm. A gigantic beam of golden energy headed straight towards Nappa, engulfing him with pain. After that, it woke a huge explosion.

"All right!" Yamcha and Krillin cheered.

At Kame House, everyone was enthusiastic to know that they were gaining the upper-hand finally.

"Yeah!" Oolong, Puar, and Turtle cheered.

"It's over now!" Master Roshi said. "You should all give me credit for that. After all, I trained some of them. Heh, heh!"

Bulma found herself looking at Yamcha's face more and more. "Oh Yamcha...," she sighed with relief.

Ox-King was holding Chi-Chi's shoulders. "Did you see that, Chi-Chi? Your son's finally becoming a true warrior!"

Chi-Chi though looked very shocked. To see her son fighting like this was making her feel more worried. "My-my son! Did he just-how did he do it?!"

Ox-King tried to calm her down. "Now, now, Chi-Chi, it's going to be okay. Remember, Gohan and the rest of our friends are trying to save the Earth! Don't forget that."

Chi-Chi only bit her lip. She felt she could go into a panic attack in any second now.

Fortuneteller Baba though was quite focused on Bardock and Vegeta's fight. "Hmm...that fighter over there...he seems to be having a rough time," she observed.

"You mean Bardock?" Master Roshi noticed. "...it's unusual. And I thought Bardock's one of the strongest aside from Goku..."

Bulma noticed this, too. "Will he be okay?"

"He will be. I think it's a good thing that Bardock's keeping the other Saiyan away from the rest of our friends," Roshi said. "I feel that the other Saiyan's stronger than anyone in the battlefield."

Master Roshi then looked up at the ceiling. "Goku, wherever you are, you need to hurry. Your friends need you. There's isn't much time."

Bardock and Vegeta were going hand-to-hand, fist-to-fist. Suddenly, Vegeta was able to land a good, clean punch on Bardock's chest. He used this chance to blow him away more by grabbing a hold of his neck and attempting to crush him to the ground.

"Here's a little present for you!" Vegeta's left hand began to electrify and was about to land a powerful energy blast at his face.

"You-!" Bardock, despite of Vegeta choking him, suddenly grabbed his left hand and presented the Saiyan elite with a crushing head-butt to his forehead. The pain vibrated through his skull that it almost bled his forehead.

Bardock then charged up after his enemy had let go of him. He dashed towards him and gave a superb knee strike to his chin, creating a flash and a spark to show how strong and how unpredictable Bardock could be.

Vegeta was pulled back again from fighting, but then he slowly stared back at Bardock. He moved his neck a few times from side-to-side. He smirked with pride.

"A nice counter indeed," Vegeta said, "but you know you have to do better than that to stop me."

Bardock noticed that there was not a single shed of blood anywhere on Vegeta yet; just some light scratches and bruises here and there. He was beginning to worry again. Bardock must be honest with himself. He cannot keep up with the Saiyan Prince for long.

However, he had to show that he was not going to back down too easily. It was not in a Saiyan's inner will to give up. Bardock lightly smirked too. "Heh, heh. Well, Prince, you still have some fight left in you."

Vegeta laughed. "Hah, hah! I should be telling that to you. I'm surprised that you can still stand even now. Whenever are you going to give up though? Defeat will be presented to you sooner than you think."

Bardock growled under his breath. He then suddenly looked up at the skies.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow. "What are you...? ...oh, I see. You're still waiting for Kakarot, aren't you? Hah! Keep on dreaming, Bardock. He'll never come and if he did, he won't stand a chance against Nappa and I. Kakarot doing secret training on his own? No matter how hard he trains, there'll always be something in common amongst you, Kakarot, and Raditz, and that's you will always be low-class. You can never surpass an elite."

It was either Bardock was not paying attention or another thought was bothering him so that the Saiyan Prince's insulting speech was blocked out from his ears. Vegeta carefully observed Bardock's face and realized that he seemed...frightened.

"Hmph, what's with that look?" Vegeta asked.

Bardock did not hear him. Only, he turned his head and stared at the Z-fighters particularly Yamcha and Piccolo.

"That vision...it's coming again!" Bardock anxiously declared in his mind.

Once more, he saw that same vision of two people drenched in their own blood, smiling upon a child who was drenched in his own tears.

When that vision ended, Bardock was now seen trembling. "No, no...! I need to change it. I need to-!"

"Change?" Vegeta wondered what he meant by that. "Change what?!" he spat.

As if he had forgotten about his battle with Vegeta, Bardock raced towards to the Z-warriors as fast as he could. Vegeta was left bewildered at first. Then, he realized what he was doing. He was annoyed and instantly followed him at full speed.

"You idiot! How dare you run away from our fight!" shouted Vegeta.

It appeared to be that Bardock was faster than before that Vegeta could almost not keep up with him. This only made him angrier. Finally, Vegeta consumed some of his energy by using "Super Dash." He abruptly teleported in front of Bardock, blocking his path, making Bardock stopped as well.

"Rrrgh!" Bardock growled.

"I loathe people who just run away from me when I'm not done settling business with them yet especially if it's coming from a low-class scum like you!" without warning, Vegeta attacked Bardock with a striking elbow strike, leaving a surge of his fearsome aura behind.

"AUGH!" Bardock was pushed back and was fully distracted.

Then finally, Vegeta gave a driving punch to his stomach, almost shattering Bardock's armor. If he wanted to, he would have destroyed his armor already, but why would the Saiyan Prince consume so much energy on someone who was only a minor problem to him?

Bardock held his stomach and groaned in deep pain.

"That's my punishment for you for trying to postpone our battle," Vegeta told him. "Remember, Bardock, I'm not going to let you save your pitiful friends."

Bardock slowly glared into the prince's dangerous eyes, his teeth clenched, his anger rising again.

"Now!" Vegeta flew towards him, preparing for another attack.

Bardock bent his arms to his waist and tried to lock-on onto his opponent as quickly as he could despite of the current pain he was given that attempted to drain his concentration. "Darn you! Outta of my way!"

"You'll never be able to help out your friends! You're stuck fighting me!" Vegeta roared.

Once again, the two fearless Saiyans were engaged in a blows crash. They moved in an unbelievable speed, they were shockwaves emitting from their bodies as well as their clashing auras.

On the grounds of the Earth where the other Z-fighters stood, there was still a cloud of dust blocking everyone's view. Nappa, unfortunately, continued to stand, but his Saiyan armor was done even more significant damage. Now, his other shoulder plate was cut off thanks to the Z-warriors' teamwork and Piccolo's Explosive Demon Wave.

Nappa growled angrily. "You-why-why you all!"

Everyone's confidence had heightened up. Nappa was once again letting his anger get through his head.

Raditz suddenly flew towards Nappa at full speed while shouting to everyone, "Don't stop from here! Keep on attacking!"

Nappa's anger though, which was getting into him, suddenly appeared like was feigned after all when he menacingly grinned at Raditz.

"You're a complete fool, Raditz!" Nappa told him, his eyes shining, his pupils were power-hungry.

Raditz knew that facial expression before. It only meant death was about to knock on their doorstep again, ready to claim another person's life. Raditz needed to change his course of action. Immediately, he disappeared and reappeared behind Nappa to fully catch him off-guard. He was about to give him an exploding roundhouse kick until Nappa turned around and grabbed a hold of his leg.

"What?!" Raditz yelled.

"Rargh!" Nappa mercilessly crushed Raditz entirely on the ground, making a crater on the soil with a few particles flying out of it. Raditz thought his back just broke, but thankfully, it did not. This was how overpowering Nappa could be.

"Raditz!" Krillin shouted.

"Hold on!" Piccolo rushed towards Nappa.

"You monster!" Yamcha yelled as he rushed towards Nappa, too.

"Hmm," Nappa continued to smirk. "Ya'll are in a hurry to die, huh?"

Piccolo and Yamcha then teamed up together and tried to barrage Nappa with punches and kicks at full power and will without holding back. Shockingly though, Nappa was easily evading their moves like they were nothing.

"Hah, hah!" Nappa laughed. "This is fun!"

"Kyah!" together, Piccolo and Yamcha went for a full-powered punch, but Nappa grabbed both of their fists with his very own hands. The two fighters were clearly shaking from shock. It was as if Nappa's fighting energy was back to one-hundred percent or maybe he was concentrating more like what Vegeta had highly told him to do in order for him to gain his upper-hand in battles; or maybe he had another plan up in his sleeves.

Nappa strongly grabbed Piccolo's arm and threw him against Yamcha. Both of the fighters collided with each other and they collapsed against a low-leveled canyon, hurting their bodies.

Gohan was rushing towards his uncle. He was conscious, thank goodness, but he was trembling with pain. "Uncle Raditz, are you all right?!"

Raditz did not answer him. He grunted in pain as he tried to get up. He opened an eye and glared at Nappa. "How-how did he-"

"Hey, don't go dying on me yet, Namekian!" Nappa told Piccolo since he still needed for him to live to tell him and Vegeta were the DragonBalls were. "I'm just having fun here," he was having too much entertainment in beating his enemies into a pulp. It had always been his habit.

He was about to give them a more beating until he had forgotten about Krillin. Krillin had his right hand raised up, prepared to fire a Destructo Disk move.

"Eat this!" Krillin yelled.

The Destructo Disk was released. It spun and it flew towards Nappa.

Nappa, overlooking the fact that this technique was very lethal, faced the razor-sharp disk with high confidence. "So you wanna play catch, huh? So be it!"

Krillin hoped his overconfidence will get to him and that will end Nappa's terror once and for all.

Vegeta and Bardock's blows crash resulted into Bardock draining his energy too much that the Saiyan Prince was able to win it. The Saiyan elite was seen then beating up Bardock by constantly landing punches and jabs on his face and body, draining more of his energy by inflicting him damage and making him feel what true pain and misery was like. His fight with Bardock though did not make him forget about the Z-warriors' battle against Nappa. Vegeta quickly saw the hovering disk flying towards Nappa in a full open range. Vegeta knew how dangerous that disk could be, but it seemed like his companion could not see the bigger picture.

Bardock tried to counter with a swift, yet explosive sidekick, but he missed. Vegeta teleported behind his enemy and knee struck him as hard as he could. Bardock, once again, felt the pain swallowing his body whole. He was stopped once more.

Vegeta took this opportunity to warn his companion. "Nappa, get out of there now! That attack's dangerous!"

"Huh?" Nappa heard him. With only little time left to spare, he evaded the disk, but barely. It cut his right cheek and it hurt badly. The Destructo Disk moved on and it instead sliced off another canyon in the background and disappeared afterwards.

"What the?" Nappa turned around and just realized how dangerous Krillin's attack was. It clearly showed.

Krillin cursed under his breath. "Shoot! I almost had him! If it weren't for that Vegeta!" the monk warrior quickly looked at Bardock and realized he was in trouble. "Oh no, Bardock, he doesn't look good."

Vegeta shook his head in pure disappointment. "Didn't I tell you to use your head, Nappa? If it weren't for me, that thing could've sliced you in half already."

Nappa felt the blood running on his cheek. Now, he was feeling angry once again. More rage burnt within him. "I can't believe this! You-you cut me! Now you die!"

Nappa was about to end Krillin with an overwhelming energy blast combined with both of his power and rage. He told him, "See if you can dodge this one, midget!"

Krillin was frozen and he did not know what to do.

When Vegeta turned his focus back at Bardock, he realized he was standing in front of him, breathing heavily.

"Indeed, you're no ordinary low-class," Vegeta told him, "but I guess you've already reached the limits of your powers, don't you think?"

Bardock growled. "Don't try to mock me!"

Once again, the two were locked in a never-ending combat.

Nappa was about to fire until Piccolo and Yamcha intruded in.

"What?!" Nappa realized, wondering they could still stand.

Piccolo held Nappa from behind and locked both of his arms, trying to crush his neck. He knee-struck him twice on the back and powerfully kicked him, sending him up to the skies.

Nappa was then stopped by Yamcha. Yamcha delivered a sidekick to his chest, the same spot where Raditz landed his full-forced, sheering punch against his armor plate that broke it. Nappa felt his bruise turning into a bloody wound.

Raditz was still down on the ground, but he was slowly getting up. Gohan looked at him with worry to see the condition his uncle was in.

"Uncle, are you okay?" asked Gohan.

"I'm okay, Gohan," Raditz assured him. "That Nappa...how did he suddenly get so strong?"

Raditz fully stood up. He saw Yamcha now confronting Nappa. Raditz tried to walk, but felt a sharp prick in his forehead, stopping him for a while.

"Uncle?" Gohan asked.

"I have to stop him!" Raditz shook the headache off of his head and he dashed towards Nappa.

Meanwhile, Yamcha and Nappa were briefly talking to each other.

"Hmph," Nappa gave a serious look and said, "Y'know, I'm pretty impressed that you and your friends can still stand 'till now. I've never met any fighters like you who still have the will to fight in my lifetime."

"Didn't I just tell you not to underestimate our powers?" Yamcha questioned him seriously. "I'll still won't let you get away from you've done to Tien and Chiaotzu!"

Nappa chuckled. "So, what are you gonna do about it? Haven't you realized it already? Even if you think you're all winning, you're all turning the tables, gaining the upper-hand or whatever, you're actually losing," he intimidated him.

Yamcha, this time, was in rage. His blue and white aura appeared and began to envelop him. He was gathering an immense amount of power.

All the Z-fighters were watching this. They sensed Yamcha's power increasing little by little.

At the other side of the battlefield, Vegeta was heading towards Bardock, readying for another attack until Bardock fired a quick energy blast. Vegeta simply deflected it with his right hand until he saw Bardock coming to him with great speed. He drew his right hand back, preparing for a raging punch. Unfortunately, Vegeta moved his head to avoid it. He tried to counter with an uppercut to his stomach, but Bardock disappeared in the blink of an eye. Vegeta looked up to see Bardock had moved away from him a bit farther, his entire body beneath the sun, but he knew that someone like him would not back off so easily.

Bardock drew his right arm back once again, and this time, he gathered enough energy to launch a Full Power Energy Wave. His right hand began to blink in luminous lights.

"Die!" Bardock shouted, discharging the wave of blue, soaring beam straight at the Prince of all Saiyans.

Vegeta only chuckled. He raised his defense a little and grabbed the beam with his very own two hands, not giving a slight sign that he was tiring out.

Bardock endeavored though to somehow inflict some damage on his enemy. He remembered the vision he had. He must change the future whatever the costs were...or was the inevitable really impossible to stop?

Yamcha had reached his full power. His aura surrounding him danced wildly. He then brought his hands together.

"We'll never let you win!" Yamcha yelled without fear. "Even if we were to die, that'll not stop from us from trying to fight for what's right!"

Raditz was just some feet away before nearing closer to Nappa. He realized that his former companion was not intimidated by anything; not even by Yamcha's words of a true fighter. Raditz suddenly glimpsed of a kind of power that he did not expect from Nappa. He saw Nappa's right hand, his fingers lighting up with some kind of dangerous energy.

Raditz's eyes opened wide. "No, no! Yamcha, everyone, get out of there!"

"Huh?" Piccolo and Krillin wondered what he meant by that.

Yamcha did not hear him rather he was more focused on defeating Nappa once and for all. Yamcha's eyes were deeply in full concentration like the eyes of a stalking wolf. His eyes then gave a shine, preparing for his ultimate technique.

"Take this! Wolf Fang Fist!" he bellowed with great strength.

Nappa was prepared to take on his attack. His right hand began to glow and spark even more.

"Nappa!" Raditz yelled, trying to divert his attention towards him instead.

Vegeta was still guarding Bardock's Full Power Energy Wave. The Saiyan Prince knew what Nappa was planning all along. Nappa was saving up some of his energy for a sneaky surprise attack on his own, but he will not be able to accomplish it if Raditz was in the way. Instantly, Vegeta had a plan. He used Bardock's Full Power Energy Wave and deflected it towards Raditz, immediately catching him off-guard.

"What the?" Bardock noticed this. "Raditz, look out!"

"What?" Raditz saw the beam quickly whirling to him as if it was about to engulf him. Not having enough time to counter-back or deflect it, he moved away instead, the energy wave colliding with the ground and creating a huge explosion.

Krillin and Gohan almost fell back from the impact.

At this time, Yamcha charged towards Nappa with great speed and power. "RARGH!" his hands glowed and shone in bright lights. An illusion of a fearless wolf appeared right beside Yamcha to show that he was not afraid of anything.

Nappa stood there in great defense and once Yamcha's technique hit him, it instantly shattered his Saiyan armor into pieces, exposing his top torso. Shards like glass flew in different directions, forcing Piccolo and Raditz to protect themselves from the broken armor pieces.

Just before Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist went into greater lengths, Nappa instantly stopped him by grabbing both of his hands.

Yamcha was in great shock. No one would have been able to anticipate that kind of haste. He thought he had given his enemy a great deal amount of pain, but seeing the look on his face, he was wrong.

"You've made the biggest mistake, fool! Kyah!" Nappa used his glowing right hand to throw a severe, frightening punch to Yamcha's face.

"AUGH!" Yamcha screamed in pain and he completely lost focus. He instantly crashed to the ground, beside Gohan who was terribly frightened to see this.

"Yamcha!" yelled Krillin, Piccolo, and Raditz.

"How foolish can you guys get?!" Nappa soared higher up into the skies until there was some distance amongst them. That was when his right hand peaked at its highest energy. "You scums only gave me enough time to prepare for one of my most ultimate techniques!"

From where Krillin and Gohan stood, the ground beneath them began to tremble and light up with dangerous rays coming out from the cracks. To Piccolo and Raditz who were floating in the skies, they could feel the scorching heat coming out from those rays. They were meant to bring them full pain.

Bardock was breathing heavily. His fatigue was getting into him, he felt he could faint. Bardock's head then began to ache again as that vision passed once more. He was getting angrier that even though these visions clearly showed to him what was going to happen in the future, he felt he cannot stop them as if he cannot change the future at all no matter how hard he tried, as if these visions were more like a curse to him instead that will haunt him for days...

"But I need to try! I must save them!" Bardock set aside his fight with Vegeta once again. All he cared about was saving his friends this time.

Alas, Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans, was too intelligent to predict this happening. He dashed even faster than Bardock could. He blocked his path once more.

Vegeta clasped his hands together and yelled at him, "It's too late to save your friends' worthless lives! HYAH!" the full force of his blow instantly stopped Bardock from his tracks. Bardock instead was hurled towards the ground and made a huge collision, breaking the ground with dust and particles flying off.

The Saiyan Prince just smirked at his opponent with great pride.

As for Nappa, in no time, he raised his index and middle fingers together. He quickly put his right arm to the left side of his now exposed chest. The ground began to tremble even more while the dangerous rays of heat reached their peak.

"It's too late now!" Nappa declared.

Piccolo knew there was no stopping this fiend now. He warned everyone. "Guys, take cover!"

Piccolo and Raditz crossed their arms in defense while Krillin jumped out of the way, as far as he could before Nappa finished his attack. Gohan though was frozen entirely. This was all too much for him. The fear in his head struck him again with terror.

"A-aah!" Gohan cried out.

"Gohan, you have to get out of there!" Piccolo warned him.

Raditz yelled at his nephew. "Gohan!"

Yamcha opened an eye to see the trembling child with his innocent-like eyes. He may be a great fighter, but after all, he was just a kid. Yamcha did not want who was someone as innocent, young, and kind as him to be caught into such a predicament like this especially if he was someone who was the son of Goku.

Using the last ounce of his strength, Yamcha quickly stood up and shielded Gohan into his arms from Nappa's awakening explosion. "Gohan!" Yamcha shouted.


As soon as Nappa moved his right arm back to the right side, his "Blazing Storm" unleashed huge, exploding trails of dynamite, firework-like energy waves from the ground, making up the most terrifying earthquake and a huge deal amount of damage to everyone in the battlefield.

Vegeta simply watched this sight. The blazing lights dispersed everywhere, casting some shadows over his face. "Hah, hah...those worthless fools."

The Blazing Storm caught everyone in a trance of scorching rays. The entire place was engulfed by Nappa's overwhelming attack.

Bardock was weakly lying on the ground. He had no idea what was going on out there, to his friends, to his son and grandson. He thought for sure he could save the future this time, but...was he just too weak?

For once, Bardock began to doubt the whole situation they were currently in.

Bardock groaned in pain. "...n-no..."

The Blazing Storm soon vanished into thin air. All it left this time was a ten-foot pit on the ground where the Blazing Storm woke. There was smoke coming out from it. It was like bottomless; no one could see what was down there.

"Huh," Nappa wiped his nose and smirked.

Piccolo and Raditz were still floating in air, but their clothes and armor were quite tattered now thanks to the rays that burned the ground and almost severely injured them. In addition, they had a few open wounds on their bodies.

Raditz's scouter had completely malfunctioned and it was destroyed. The remaining of its pieces was on the ground, giving off its last life before it shut down. There was a streak of blood on Raditz's forehead also when his scouter exploded. The blood slowly ran down on his face.

"His power level," Raditz began, panting heavily, "...it just increased all of a sudden; too... much...how? How...?! ...h-huh?"

Raditz looked on the ground. He spotted Krillin who managed to escape from Nappa's Blazing Storm, but his clothes were in tatters, too. He was holding his right arm in great pain.

"Ngh! He's so str-strong!" Krillin bit his lip.

Raditz began to worry where Yamcha and Gohan could have been. Raditz instantly landed on the ground and tried to search for them. He soon saw them a few feet away from the ten-foot pit that Nappa made on the ground. Raditz saw Gohan crawling underneath from Yamcha's arms. Gohan was safe as well, but he had some open wounds on his body, too. His white headband had also disappeared from the explosion of the Blazing Storm.

But Yamcha was in dire straits. Raditz grew horrified to see Yamcha's back all bloodied. He was drenched in his own deep, red blood.

When Gohan looked at Yamcha, he shook greatly. "Ya-Yamcha! Are you okay?! Oh no!"

Piccolo landed on the ground with his two feet. He was as equally as shocked as the rest. "My gosh...what kind of enemies are we dealing with?" to the Namekian, a Saiyan's power still remained a great mystery to him. What other kinds of strengths...other dangerous strengths a Saiyan could withhold?

All at once, Krillin, Piccolo, and Raditz ran to their fellow ally along with Gohan who appeared he was going to cry. Actually, a tear or two already came out from his eyes.

"Yamcha!" Krillin knelt beside him. He shook his very best friend. "Can you hear us, Yamcha? Please, speak to us!"

There was silent that seemed almost unending, it disturbed everyone. Then, Yamcha suddenly spoke, but he strained to utter a word. "Kri-Krillin? Piccolo? Ra-Raditz? Please, tell me...is Gohan okay?"

"He's all right! He's right here!" Krillin answered him worriedly.

Yamcha slowly turned his head and saw Gohan kneeling down beside him. He felt his small hands on his shoulders. His small hands were trembling.

"I'm glad...ngh!" Yamcha groaned in pain.

Raditz knelt down beside him as well. "Yamcha, are you-?"

"I'm sorry, guys," Yamcha began to apologize. "I couldn't afford to lose anyone of us anymore, but I guess...it has taken a toll on me instead."

"Don't speak too much! You're making it harder for yourself!" Krillin warned him.

"Gohan," Yamcha suddenly began.

"W-what is it?" Gohan trembled.

"Your father, Goku, has done so much to save his friends from any kind of danger; risking his own life just to protect us," Yamcha broke in-between words. "That's why I decided to return the favor. I would feel ashamed if I were just to care about my own life instead of others'. Gohan, your father's great. He's the most powerful warrior on Earth. And you're the son of Goku. Don't forget that, Gohan," he told him.

Gohan continued to shake. "O-of course. I won't forget that, Yamcha, bu-but look at you! You're really hurt!"

"I-I'm okay, Gohan," Yamcha tried to give him a smile of reassurance. "Don't worry about me. I feel f-fine."

Nappa and Vegeta continued to watch this. Surely, this only gave the two ruthless Saiyans more joy inside of them; to see their opponents fall one by one and to witness the misery and gloom they were showing.

Despite the great fatigue and pain Yamcha was feeling, he sensed a familiar energy far distances away from here. He clenched his fists. "Li-listen! I-I could feel Goku coming...! I could sense him!"

"What?" Krillin was surprised. He tried to feel out Goku's life force himself. Indeed, he felt him coming. "I-I could sense him, too!"

Piccolo stared at the blue skies. "He's finally coming..."

"Kakarot," Raditz said in a whisper.

Gohan felt happy. "I knew it! My daddy's really coming back!"

Krillin felt some relief in him. "All right! Hang in there, Yamcha. Goku's coming! I bet he has some Senzu Beans with him to cure you instantly. Just-...huh?"

Yamcha was smiling as well, but he felt it will be too late to even see Goku take a step into this battlefield and show everyone the new power he achieved from the afterlife; although, Yamcha was very confident that victory will be granted to them soon. They just needed more time.

Yamcha will never lose faith in that.

"Piccolo, Raditz, Gohan, Krillin," Yamcha began. "I'm counting on you all to carry on from here. Just keep on fighting. Don't ever give up! I'm sure Tien and Chiaotzu would've also wanted the same from you all."

Yamcha then slowly looked at them one by one. Truly, they were more than just his friends. They were his family. "You guys are the best. Tell Goku...that I thank him..."

Time was too fast to even anticipate what was going to happen to him. Soon, Yamcha slowly closed his eyes. His body was now relaxed. His life...had faded. He left Earth with a smile on his face.

"Huh? Yamcha?" Krillin shook him one more time, but this time, he did not wake. "Ya-Yamcha? No, no, Yamcha! Yamcha! Wake up!"

Gohan could not say a word. He bit his lips and shook his head in great despair. One of the very best friends of his father had sacrificed himself just so Gohan could keep on living. "Yamcha...oh no..."

Goku's mind became alerted. While he was flying with Nimbus as fast as he could, he felt someone's power level had instantly decreased down to zero. "No, it can't be! Someone's...hold on, guys! I'm coming!"

With more persistence in his blazing heart, he and Nimbus even went faster to race against time.

At Kame House, everyone was grieving over of what happened to Yamcha.

Puar felt he could cry. "Oh, Yamcha! Don't die!" with too much pressure, stress, and now misery and sadness, Puar just fainted onto Oolong.

"Oh, Puar!" Oolong tried to wake him up.

Chi-Chi was very much devastated. "Yamcha...," she then looked out of the window and thought about Goku. "Oh, Goku, hurry! Your friends need you! Our son needs you!"

Master Roshi, Baba, Turtle, and Ox-King kept their heads down for another friend of theirs had fallen.

Bulma was especially crying. She bit her lips. She wished that she was there with him at his final moment, to forgive him for what he had done, especially now that she knew Yamcha was fighting for everyone's lives, for the Earth, for everyone's safety.

Bulma could not take these tears any longer. She let them all out. "Yamcha! No!"

Piccolo and Raditz instantly fell silent. They had to lose another ally, but his memorable speech will remain forever in all of their hearts. Piccolo began to realize that Goku's friends were more than just his friends. Like Yamcha what just said, they were a part of his family.

Bardock was still lying on the ground, the pain binding him like chains that did not allow him to move even a muscle, but he clearly sensed Yamcha's life force had gone down to zero. "No, Yamcha...," all he could do now was to apologize. "I'm...I'm sorry..."

Krillin denied the fact that his best friend was gone, but this was the painful reality. He could not take it any longer. "YAMCHA! NO!" he screamed to the entire world.