Episode 36

Fierce Battle in the Night

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The grounds continued to undertake heavy tremors and vibrations. The luminous, blinking white lights emitting from Goku's great Kamehameha attack, accompanied with the power of the quadruple Kaioken, were scattered throughout the entire battle arena, both in land and in air.

Goku's battle screams had reached among the highest of the eternal firmaments. His unwavering strength had passed beyond its boundaries and limits, and yet it continued to escalate seemingly without end.

The Kamehameha took its final take-on and ultimately, it surpassed and, devoid of reluctance, forced back Vegeta's now faltering Galick Gun.

"HAA!" Goku yelled one more time, his own fighting spirit bursting and exploding.

"NO!" Vegeta bellowed in complete disbelief.

Before long, the Kamehameha had consumed all of his Galick Gun and this time, blanketed the Saiyan Prince himself with its pure shaft of light. Vegeta was then sent away higher into the skies until he disappeared and was nowhere to be found.

After this happened, suddenly, everything returned to normal again, but the surroundings had completely changed. Many of the canyons and mountains of the area were now partially or almost destroyed. The surfaces of the land had huge crevices and gaps on them that some had split up into two divided grounds, making for huge and bottomless-like pits. Particles, rocks, and dust spread everywhere like thick fog and haze.

Goku remained where he was at with his hands still drawn out front as if to make sure his opponent, Vegeta, will not be coming back. The unrelenting fighter breathed heavily. Finally, he toned down his Kaioken form until he returned to his base state. His muscles had relaxed and his strength from within had settled down greatly.

Goku then stood straight and placed his hands back to his sides. He held his head high, closed his eyes, and took a deep inhale before he fell to his knees and let a strong breath out. Sweat drops plopped on the surface. He found himself gasping for a mouthful of air while this agonizing feeling of burning pain overtook his body.

At this time, Bardock and Raditz were slowly regaining their awareness back. Their exhaustion still persisted to keep them down, yet they strained to stand regardless. Soon enough, they were back on their feet. They felt a bit faint especially after consuming too much of their energy, almost down to none. They estimated it will take them weeks to come back fully revitalized.

They saw Goku still kneeling down as he tried to catch his breath. He felt he could not move a muscle at all.

"Kakarot," Raditz slowly knelt beside. "Can you get up?"

"Barely," Goku answered weakly.

Bardock tried to touch him, but even a soft touch, it made Goku feel an unusual excess of pain. "Augh!"

"Kakarot, are you all right?" asked Raditz with concern.

Bardock avoided to touch him again. "I'm sorry, Kakarot! I suppose the Kaioken had really gotten to you this time."

"Eh, heh. You tell me," Goku gave a light chuckle, but even a small laugh made his throat hurt as well.

Raditz shook his head. "The quadruple Kaioken could've killed you, Kakarot," he said with little frustration.

"I know, and I'm sorry I worried you all," Goku was aware how much tons of pressure this had brought upon his family and friends. "It's a miracle I'm still breathing, but I had to do it, you know. It was the only way to stop Vegeta. If not, he would've destroyed this world already."

His father and older brother agreed with him, however. There was no other choice.

Yajirobe had witnessed the entire event. He was shocked, but also relieved. "I can't believe it. Goku's something all right! He finally did it. Yeah!" he began to cheer.

Even Krillin and Gohan felt relieved too. Their hearts still raced a moment for memories of what happened about that incident stayed in their minds, but they began to calm down slowly.

"I can't believe it," Krillin smiled a little. "Your father had done it again, Gohan. He saved the Earth again!"

Gohan nodded. "Yeah! But don't forget about Grandpa Bardock and Uncle Raditz. They helped my daddy. Maybe if they hadn't, things would've been a lot different."

Krillin agreed. "For sure, Gohan; I'm just glad that it's all over now."

Yajirobe finally came out from his hiding and sprinted towards Goku and his family. "Hey, you guys!" he waved.

Goku, Bardock, and Raditz heard this familiar voice and they all turned to their right. "Yajirobe?" they said in unison.

"Hey, I saw the whole thing, guys! Ya'll are awesome back there," Yajirobe spread his arms wide. "I didn't try to cheer so loud because I thought it would distract you guys."

"Heh, heh, thanks, Yajirobe," Goku weakly smiled.

"Man, you three all look worn-out!" Yajirobe exclaimed.

"Does it look obvious?" Bardock raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I think we kinda overdid it a bit," Goku remarked.

They briefly looked up at the skies. They realized that because of the powerful and chaotic energy collision that happened a while ago, it made the weather above them change. They realized that rain clouds were already covering the skies and this may continue on until evening.

"I feel like it's going to rain," Raditz thought to himself.

"Forget the weather. It means nothing," Yajirobe said. "You guys can have some time to get your strengths back, but my real question is...is it really over?"

Bardock fixed his eyes again at the clouded atmosphere. "At this rate, things look pretty calm. And...I don't sense him at all."

"Who you don't sense?" Yajirobe asked.

"Vegeta," Bardock answered.

"I'm not sure though," Goku needed to interrupt.

This time, the three were alerted to hear this.

"What did you just say, Kakarot?" Bardock now questioned him, his expression changing into a troubled one.

Goku looked at the skies also. He had to be honest with himself. "I didn't really destroy him, just slowed him down a bit."

"What?!" Raditz now exclaimed in frustration. "Kakarot, you could've finished him at that point. It was the only opportunity!"

"I know," Goku said, now bringing the volume of his voice down. He maintained that small smile on his face though even though he felt ashamed about it.

His older brother came to a conclusion that because of Goku's softness, too much softness, had led him to spare Vegeta's life. Again, this was a weakness in Goku, that he was too merciful towards his enemies. Though it may make him a very honorable and respectable fighter, it may also lead him into his own downfall if he was not careful.

Bardock had to give a sigh of annoyance. "Kakarot, I would very much like to hit you on the head right now, but since you're too injured, consider yourself lucky to have me spare you."

"Hah, hah, hah!" Goku then burst out laughing. He could not tell if his father here really meant to hit him or it was only a hidden message of his deep concern and care for his son, that he did not want him to encounter any more dangers because of his current situation. "Yeah...I'm really sorry," all Goku could do now was to apologize.

Bardock and Raditz were not that frustrated with him, however. In fact, they wondered why Goku continued to laugh with happiness even though he just fought a life-threatening battle. He was definitely an unpredictable warrior filled with mysteries and surprises.

"Hold on!" Yajirobe interrupted. "You are sayin' that Vegeta's still alive? Well," he began to nervously rub his hands together, "if that's the case, I guess I should be going now."

Suddenly, Yajirobe instantly scurried to the same corner where he was hiding from or maybe even farther away from it. The three Saiyans watched him scamper off. Yajirobe glanced at them one more time and gave a hand gesture. "You guys got it all under control so I believe in you!" he then left.

Bardock and Raditz had a disappointed look while Goku continued to look at him in a confused way.

"Hey!" another voice cried from afar.

This time, Krillin and Gohan approached Goku, Bardock, and Raditz. They were all excited and thankful to see them doing all right.

"Krillin? Gohan?" Goku was surprised to see them here.

"Daddy, you were great!" Gohan said, throwing his arms around his father's neck and embracing him.

Goku yelped in small pain for his body was still too sensitive to pain, but the embrace of his son, of course, did not hurt afterwards. He hugged him back. "Gohan, hey...I thought I told you to go back to Kame House."

Krillin placed his hands on his waist. "Well, I tried stopping Gohan including Bardock and Raditz, but they were too concerned about you. I had to tag along," he laughed at the end.

"Daddy, I saw everything!" Gohan exclaimed. "You, Grandpa, and Uncle were great!"

"Yeah, and because of that, I bet Vegeta's long gone now!" Krillin was confident.

However, Bardock, Raditz, and Goku gave an upset look.

This made Krillin worry. "Hold on. Why are you guys looking like that? ...oh wait, don't tell me," he may know what it was, which made him quiver in fear again.

Goku shook his head. "I didn't really defeat Vegeta. I just kept him at bay for a moment, at least enough until I get my strength back."

"What?!" Krillin was now shocked this time. "Goku, you could've just finished him off. Why didn't you?"

"Heh, heh," he chuckled once again, now feeling more embarrassed by this. "Bardock and Raditz told me of the same thing, but I guess...I took a different decision instead."

Upon hearing this, Gohan began to fret a little. "Daddy..."

Goku saw that anxious look on his son's face again, but he tried to keep him calm. "It's all right, Gohan. Don't think that we will give in so easily. I hope that what the Kamehameha did to Vegeta back there have hopefully taught him a valuable lesson, but if he decides to come back, I assure you that we'll beat him this time!"

This courageous display of his father's made Gohan feel somewhat better. He knew he can trust his father always. Whatever kinds of decisions he was making, he knew they were for the best. He should never doubt his own father in any way. "Okay, Dad," the young child understood.

Far beyond the dark and rain clouds, at another area of Earth, there was an injured man dressed in battle-damaged armor, and he was lying in an empty meadow. Newly-formed wounds were all over his body and he was truly weakened. He awoke, however, and slowly took some time to recuperate. He first sat up and then took a moment or two to fully stand while enduring sudden comings of pain and lost of balance once in a while. He was then finally able to focus to his surroundings at least.

Vegeta remained standing, breathing heavily through his mouth. The serious damage that was inflicted upon him had decreased almost all his current power. He tried to remember what happened to him back there and once he recalled these memories, instant anger built up inside of him.

"I c-can't believe this," Vegeta said in between short breaths. "I am...a Saiyan of royal b-blood! I will not lose to low-level fools like them. They're messing with the wrong person."

The Saiyan Prince looked around. Judging by where he was now, he was isolated from his enemies, but he swore he will come back for vengeance. However, this may not be a good time to immediately return due to his current state. He must take some rest.

He briefly took a gaze at the darkened skies. Rain clouds still covered them. Vegeta pondered for a while, now thinking what could be beyond those clouds.

When the winds blew from one side to another in the meadow, and then they immediately stopped, making everything still again, it was then a scheme was brought up in Vegeta's mind. This sudden plan he had now up in his sleeves was making him chuckle.

"Heh, heh, heh...hah, hah...HAH, HAH!" he began to laugh hysterically. "Of course! The answer's staring right in front of my face this whole time. There's a way to actually beat Kakarot and his puny family and friends without me having to make too much needless effort."

His hands curled into fists and his prided eyes stared down on the grasses beneath his feet. "Some eyes may consider it a cowardly idea, but who cares about that now? This battle is a matter between life and death. There's no such thing as rules or limitations," he then smirked and looked up, his eyes fixed with malicious intentions. "This is perfect. Nothing can stop me now."

The Saiyan Prince spared just a touch of his recovering energy to steadily ascend into the skies. He quickly broke through the rain clouds and went even higher until he could actually see the clearer skies with only a few clouds present.

"Now...where's that blasted moon?" he spoke to the air. As he searched, he began to say to himself, "I could use my Blutz Wave as an alternate source, but unfortunately, I don't have that much energy left to make that technique happen," he clicked his tongue and growled with annoyance. "Blast Kakarot and his useless excuse of a disgraceful family!"

He continued to look around some more until he was certain he had spotted the moon of the Earth. It was a mystery for now why he was so interested in looking for the moon. When he turned around and looked ahead, he saw a full, but faint circle of white. It was very faded, too hard to be seen, but no doubt that was the moon. It was great for Vegeta for the moon to not be too visible now. It would be bad timing at the moment. He must wait a little...until at least when the sun sets on this day will the moon fully shows itself and become clearer of its moon rays.

Vegeta grinned. "Perfect. It's there," he began to think a little bit. "Now come to think of it, Bardock and Raditz still have their tails, don't they? Hmph, they may have already surpassed their tail weaknesses, but I believe they still can't control themselves under their transformations," he laughed again. "Hah! I do not need any help, but the idea of having more than one massive ape in the battlefield is not a bad idea..."

The Saiyan Prince's arrogance and conceit had come back to him. This time, he was more confident than ever to make sure his challenger, Goku, along with the rest of his family and friends, will perish this time.

"Now, to head back and resume this fight; I am not done with them yet," Vegeta immediately departed and headed back.

At King Kai's planet, King Kai was just shocked to know that Goku actually survived the quadruple Kaioken. He was one extraordinary being he could tell, but Goku must not risk his Kaioken abilities any further, at least not at this time because of his awful state. He could use this technique again if he was actually taught to take his Kaioken beyond what he could handle.

Now though, King Kai was even more anxious. He had his arms behind his back. "I sense Vegeta's going to come back, and by the looks of it, this next battle Goku and his friends and family will have to face will be a lot tougher this time."

Bubbles made monkey noises again while Gregory floated in one place. The two of them were also worried about Earth's safety.

"Goku, you have to win this time," King Kai fretted, "or else, there won't be any more hope for your planet!"

At Kame House, most of the furniture and decorations there had toppled over. Everyone in the living room tried to situate and adjust themselves.

"It suddenly stopped," Puar realized, referring to the quake they experienced earlier.

"That's very unusual," Master Roshi said, taking his walking stick from the floor.

"I wonder what happened to Goku and the others," Bulma said.

"Is your crystal ball still working, Fortuneteller Baba?" asked Turtle.

Baba hopped from her crystal ball. She spread her arms wide and tried to pick up a signal, but it was still no use. "I'm afraid to say that my crystal ball is still defective."

"How are we supposed to know what's going on with our friends now?" asked Ox-King.

"I wish I knew," Oolong said in disappointment.

Chi-Chi was looking out of the window this whole time. She then walked towards it and watched the waves of the sea surrounding Kame House. The waves had calmed down and resumed rolling back and forth on the sands as if nothing had really happened. She then looked up, seeing how the skies were now darkened by these rain clouds. There was an ominous feeling in the air and she did not like this.

Chi-Chi bit her lip and became very frustrated. She turned around to face everyone. "Let's just get out there ourselves and figure out what's really going on!"

"Chi-Chi!" they all said in surprise.

"What are you saying? Are you telling me that you're all afraid?! Fine, you can stay here, but I need to see my Gohan and make sure he's okay!" Chi-Chi began to storm her way towards the door.

"Wait, Chi-Chi!" Ox-King tried to stop his steadfast daughter. "You can't just go by yourself. It's too dangerous!"

Chi-Chi stopped by the door. She gave a more frustrated glare when she turned around.

Just before Chi-Chi said anything else, Bulma stood up and told everyone in the room, "Chi-Chi is right. We can't just linger around here any longer, constantly wondering what's going on with our friends. We need to see for ourselves if they're doing all right."

The rest doubted again at what she said until Master Roshi spoke up.

"You're right," the elderly man finally agreed. "Come on, let's all go. There's no time to waste. Who knows? Maybe they may need our help too."

Soon, every one of them in the room became convinced that they should definitely go see how their companions were holding up in this greatest battle that the Earth had to face and their bravest friends who were disposed enough to stand up to this conflict.

"All right, let's get going!" Chi-Chi insisted. "Miss Bulma, do you have an aircraft we can use to fit us all in?"

"Of course," Bulma said. "Come with me to Capsule Corp and let's get a move on!"

At the collapsed Rocky Mountains, Goku and the others were still taking their rests in order to gain some of their energies back. In the meantime, they kept a lookout for Vegeta for the Prince of all Saiyans can come at anytime and wreak havoc once again.

"So when's Vegeta gonna come back?" asked Krillin seriously.

Goku tried to sense his life force. "...I can't detect him yet. It's strange. It's been a while now."

"Maybe he had already left and given up," Gohan thought.

"No," Raditz shook his head. "Vegeta is someone who won't quit that easily. He won't accept defeat unless he's absolutely convinced that he is defeated..."

"He's quite an obstinate one," Bardock stated.

There was another moment of silence. Everyone remained quiet.

"We should've just finished him off," Raditz crossed his arms, cutting the stillness.

Goku laughed again. "Hah, hah! You're still stuck on that, aren't you?"

"No, I'm serious, Kakarot," Raditz now fully faced him with anxious and frustrated eyes.

Goku quickly saw this expression on his face and he was not kidding at all. Bearing in mind that he was his older brother and that his brother here used to serve alongside Vegeta for several years before they set foot here on Earth, Raditz knew perfectly well of the elite's personality, his selfish desires, and of course, his immense power. Goku now felt even more ashamed.

Bardock caught a sight of this, which could have escalated into a meaningless quarrel. He stopped them both before it had gotten worse. "Stop, let's not play the blaming game here. It's no use looking back in the past," he told his sons. "Let's focus on the present. The main issue here is if Vegeta does come back, we'll have to prepare ourselves for this next fight."

Raditz sighed and shifted his eyes at the ground. "Yes," he understood. He then glimpsed at his younger brother as if to ask him for his pardon. There was just too much going on lately. Sometimes, he could not handle all this pressure and pain.

Goku smiled back at Raditz, truly understanding his frustration. He did not have to apologize. In fact, Goku felt it was really his fault now just looking back, but...he had a very good reason why he spared Vegeta's life.

"Right," Goku replied, answering his father. He then turned to Gohan and Krillin. "I beg for you two to leave while you can before Vegeta gets back here."

Krillin sighed. "I can stay, Goku. You may need some extra help."

"Krillin," Goku was very worried.

"But Gohan," Krillin now turned to the half-Saiyan, "you need to go back especially to your mother. I bet she's worried sick about you and this next fight will be too dangerous for you to handle."

However, Gohan just shook his head. He refused to go back. "No way, Krillin. If you're staying, then I'm staying, too. You may need my help, you know."

"Gohan," Krillin said worriedly.

"But Son," now Goku began to say.

Gohan was unyielding though. He shook his head again. "I'm staying, Daddy. I want to help Krillin, you, Uncle, and Grandpa out this time."

Goku was more concerned about his safety though; of everyone's safety, of course! He knew each of them had a lot of unwavering faith, and he was thankful about this, but he just could not put his friends and family into any more danger especially to his child who was too young to encounter such battles.

"Please, just go back," Goku begged. "I'll never forgive myself if anything happens to you."

Gohan though just remained where he was. Krillin then looked at the young boy carrying such latent, yet still dormant powers that his family and friends still did not understand to as these powers of Gohan always tried to change unpredictably.

"Well, I guess we can't really change your mind, Gohan. Now we can see where you got that trait from, I think," Krillin snickered a little.

Goku had no sense of humor in him at this time. "Gohan, listen to me. I can't just-"

His words were interrupted, however, when they all felt a growing, enormous power level coming their way.

Bardock gave a serious glare. "It's him...he's returning."

Raditz was now beginning to learn to sense these so-called energy levels that enabled the rest of his family and friends to detect an ally or foe from far away, but he was still a beginner at this skill, so he had to ask instead. "Father, are you sure?"

Krillin worriedly looked at the skies. "I sense it too! Gosh, it still feels so enormous. I thought his power should've gone down significantly, but he's still this powerful!" he remarked.

In time, a shadowed figure appeared in the darkened skies. It appeared like this day was becoming darker by every minute. The Z-fighters began to think that it was close to sunset, yet they could not tell because of all these rain clouds still covering the firmaments. Soon, someone broke through those clouds in high speed and presented a very frightening comeback.

"He's here," Goku said seriously.

Vegeta now made his presence known. It was very clear how greatly injured and weakened he was from Goku's remarkable Kamehameha attack, yet him returning in his usual regal appearance and confident posture meant he was not ready to falter yet. This brought his opponents to even more anxiety and stress.

The Prince of all Saiyans had a light grin plastered on his conceited face.

"What's he smirking about?" Raditz thought to himself.

Vegeta had a soft laugh. "Well, well, Kakarot, it seems like your father and brother seem to be back in good spirits. And I notice that your friend and son are here as well."

They continued to listen to him.

"I have to admit, you absolutely wreaked me with that unexpected power of yours, but that doesn't stop me yet. You think you had already won this fight? I still have another source of power left that'll be guaranteed to destroy all of you," Vegeta declared.

They were now a little bewildered by what he just said. What did he mean by another source of power?

"What are you talking about?" asked Goku.

Vegeta briefly stared at his right gloved hand that was now quite torn, scraped, and had marks of his own blood on it. "Before, we Saiyans are at the mercy of the moon, unable to neither predict nor change the time when we want to transform or when we don't want to transform, but are forced to otherwise."

The Z-warriors were not getting the connection. Why was he talking about the moon and some kind of transformation all of a sudden?

Vegeta folded his arms. "Then, we Saiyans discovered that there's a way to transform at will; the Blutz Wave made that possible as long it is kept to our advantage. Only a number of us can perform such a technique."

Bardock and Raditz gasped silently. Their eyes widened for this alarmed them.

"Of course, it can only be achieved if there's enough energy to spare," Vegeta said, "but I don't have the right amount actually to complete the Blutz Wave myself."

Bardock and Raditz trembled a little for they may know what he was getting to. Goku, Krillin, and Gohan noticed their insecure reaction and wondered what was going on with them.

"Unfortunately for you all, if Bardock and Raditz should've thought about this a long time ago," Vegeta now looked intently at them with an evil smirk, "if you knew better about the true power of a Saiyan, you guys should have blasted this planet's moon in the first place!"

Upon saying this, he suddenly drew both of his arms back. They quickly lit up in bright sparks and lights, and as he moved his hands forward, they released multiples of fast energy blasts at them.

"Watch out!" Goku warned.

All five of them quickly escaped. The fast-moving energy blasts hit the ground instead, destroying the battlefield even more. More rocks and particles flew and scattered towards the skies and subsequently, made a very hazy fog. The Z-warriors all coughed as they were all distracted from this smog.

Goku opened an eye, not trying to get some dust into his eyes. He tried to locate Vegeta while thinking that he intentionally destroyed the ground below them to cause this haze and allow the Saiyan Prince to siege them with a cunning ambush, but Vegeta was thinking many steps ahead of everyone.

Bardock tried to cover his face. "That fool! What's he trying to do?"

Raditz shook his head. "Darn! Where is he?!"

When the fog became clearer, a bright and full circle suddenly came into the view in the skies as if the rain clouds that were masking the skies earlier just left without warning. Bardock and Raditz realized that the day was now transitioning to night as the sun was just about to set. The skies were a blend of deep orange and dark purple, but this was not that caught their attention. Instead, it was that bright, glowing object in the skies, emitting tranquil rays of white light.

Bardock and Raditz felt this light touching their skin. Almost like instincts, they were somehow drawn to this subtle, mysterious power of it. As if they could not control themselves, they had to look up as if they were enticed to take a long gaze at this bright object. Much to their shock, it was the moon, a full moon, the Earth's moon that had inscribed a complete circle on this day.

They were at serenity at first as if the rays of the moon were bestowing them such tranquility, but then, abruptly, their hearts began to race. They began to pump more blood and adrenaline in their veins. The sounds of their own heart beat loudly in their ears.

"...!" Bardock's and Raditz's eyes were suddenly fixed on the full moon. For some reason, they could not look or turn away. In time, they found themselves breathing loudly and having irregular breaths. They were shaking even more greatly than ever before.

Goku, Krillin, and Gohan were floating at another area of the battlefield. They were glad they were able to escape from Vegeta's sudden attack of energy blasts, but when they noticed Bardock and Raditz now having these strange reactions towards the full moon, they became concerned and ultimately, horrified.

"What's going on with Grandpa Bardock and Uncle Raditz?" Gohan asked worriedly.

Krillin quickly had a face of fright and horror. His teeth chattered and he was almost blue in the face. "N-no! I forgot! It can happen to them, too!"

"What's happening?" Goku asked his best friend.

"Their tails!" Krillin reminded him. "They still have their tails. Don't you remember, Goku? Don't you remember what Raditz had told you before about a Saiyan's tail?!"

It was at that moment that it all became clear now to Goku what Vegeta was planning to do all along; all his strange talk about the moon, the Blutz Wave, and some kind of transformation, Goku cannot believe he overlooked this!

Goku turned his full attention now to Bardock and Raditz and tried to warn them. "Oh no! Dad! Raditz! Stop!"

It was already too late. Bardock and Raditz were now under a spell of paralysis. Their pupils were quivering. They kept irregularly breathing. They could not speak. They could not hear anything; only the sounds of their own heartbeat. Their tails wrapped around their waist began to glow as they reacted to the full moon's mysterious powers.

"Hah, hah!" then there came a raucous laugh, which came from Vegeta. Vegeta had his back turned from the moon, however, so his tail would not react to the moonlight's power yet. "You see now, Kakarot?! There's nothing you can do to stop this now! This is the ultimate power of the Saiyans. It is what you call Great Ape. Soon, this world would feel my wrath!"

Vegeta then turned around as well to face the full moon himself. His tail instinctively reacted to the moonlight's power. He laughed manically when he felt a sudden rush of new, tremendous power coursing through his veins.

"Yes! This is the true power of a Saiyan! Once this transformation is completed, it'll all be over for this puny planet!" cried Vegeta who was also having the same reactions as Bardock and Raditz were going through. The only difference was Vegeta could control this power on his own will whereas Bardock and Raditz could not.


"Aah!" Gohan gasped in fright, his body frozen somehow.

Krillin's teeth were chattering, feeling like he was living in his nightmares once again especially after recalling memories from the past when Goku, who was only a teenager, transformed to this horrendous Great Ape as well as Gohan who went through the same transformation a year ago before his tail was cut off.

Goku was just as shocked as his friend and son were. For some odd reason though, he felt that he knew of this transformation before; that he actually lived in it even though he could not recall anything at all. It was a very strange feeling. The truth was, Krillin and his other allies, who actually experienced Goku's nightmarish Great Ape when he was a teenager, never dared to tell him the truth of what he was capable of turning himself into. And considering that whenever Goku went back to his normal state, he will not remember anything before that and will just think he just had a very long slumber with very strange dreams and hallucinations of a giant ape destroying everything in its way.

Right now though, Goku will understand why he was feeling like this.

Raditz's and Bardock's expression began to change. They shuddered and shook. They breathed even more heavily up to a point it seemed like they were gasping for air. Their tails now unwrapped themselves from their waist. They moved about back and forth as they still reacted to the moon's rays. The color of their eyes now changed into bright, glowing red. It was then their transformations had commenced immediately. Vegeta was also going through the same reactions as Bardock and Raditz were, and he liked the feeling of this; the feel that he will conquer his enemies soon enough.

"This is not good!" Goku exclaimed in fright as he, Gohan, and Krillin continued to watch this.

Soon, Bardock, Raditz, and Vegeta grew body fur and extended in size ten times larger. Their teeth became fangs, their eyes glowed red, and their face structure changed shapes. Soon, they changed into these oversized, giant Great Apes. Their Saiyan armor did not rip out, however, for they just expanded with their growing size. They howled and roared, their bellowing cries rumbled the skies.

Goku, Gohan, and Krillin were very shocked, they could not move at all. Under the full moon, the day gradually turning to night, they were witnessing three gigantic Great Apes in front of them whose powers had sky-rocketed, escalated into new heights no one could ever imagine.

"WRAAGH!" Great Ape Bardock, Raditz, and including Vegeta howled again. Their thunderous roars can be heard, which disturbed the forests, the water banks and streams, and the mountains even from miles away, frightening all kinds of creatures from their slumber.

Unlike Great Ape Vegeta, Bardock and Raditz could not control themselves in this transformation. It was a weakness they had not surpassed yet. As a result, they turned out to be unexpectedly violent and uncontrollable. In reality, this weakness was natural to all low-class soldiers of the Saiyan race, to not know how to have a clear mind and thinking under the Great Ape transformation. Those who were top-class, elites, and from royal blood can handle the Great Ape transformation very well and will be able to speak normally like a human being.

Great Ape Vegeta demonstrated this by talking to Goku in his changed voice: a much deeper, monstrous-like voice. "A terrible misjudgment, isn't it? Your family had transformed, too, and that only triples your trouble, Kakarot."

Goku's eyes widened with more fear and terror. Krillin and Gohan continued to stand beside Goku and were as horrified as him.

"At this state, Kakarot, your father and brother will mindlessly kill every living thing in their paths; friend or foe, they do not care! And that includes you and the rest of your family and friends!" Vegeta declared. "This is our next round. Let's see if you can survive this one!"

"No!" Goku shouted with disbelief. Just before the three Great Apes had done anything, Goku warned Krillin and Gohan one more time. "You guys! Get outta here now! What are you waiting for? Go!" he demanded angrily.

His words though did nothing to convince Krillin even Gohan to run away from this.

"No way, Goku!" Krillin argued again. "Are you out of your mind?! You can't possibly handle this alone!"

"WRAGH!" Vegeta suddenly took the first strike by attempting to crush Goku with his massive arm that looked a giant, moving stone trying to make for a massive collision. Goku fortunately evaded it. His speed was evidently slow due to residues of his quadruple Kaioken, which had drained a majority of his strength. Vegeta's arm instead crushed an entire canyon.

Gohan and Krillin took flight in order to avoid these huge chunks of boulders shooting up into the air. The moment though they took off into the skies, Vegeta suddenly glared at them with his glowing, red eyes.

"Let's see how Kakarot reacts if I crush his son first!" growled Vegeta mercilessly.

"What?!" Gohan shouted.

Goku clearly heard what he said. He grew in horror that almost made his heart stop. "NO! GOHAN!" he screamed.

Gohan was traumatized especially after witnessing Vegeta's massive, intimidating appearance, which made him freeze to where he was.

Just about Goku unconsciously took action to save his own child, Krillin reacted quickly by firing a quick, powered energy blast straight at Vegeta's face to at least distract him for a moment. "Kyah!"

"Gah!" Vegeta did not see that one coming. He felt no pain, but the clouds of smoke that came after the blast's explosion left his vision blurred. "How dare you!" he cursed.

"Come on, Gohan!" Krillin snapped the half-Saiyan back to reality.

Gohan shook his head and followed Krillin. "R-right!"

The two of them then retreated with Goku for the moment. They tried to hide behind a corner before Vegeta found them.

"You okay, Son?" Goku asked, placing his hands on his son's shoulders.

"I'm fine, Daddy," Gohan nodded, but he was still recovering from his shock.

"Thank goodness you're all right," Goku said. He then turned to his friend. "Thanks a lot, Krillin. I owe you a lot."

"No need for thanks," Krillin smiled. "We need to be extra careful though. It's wise if you have someone to back you up, Goku."

"But, you and Gohan," Goku began to doubt again.

"It's okay, Dad," now, Gohan tried to reassure his father this time. "Besides, Grandpa Bardock, Mr. Kami, and especially Mr. Piccolo didn't train me so hard for nothing. I can fight too!" the young boy stated with great confidence.

Goku found himself smiling a little to hear him speak like this. Through his panicking mind, he was proud to have a son like him. He had truly changed as a warrior and also as a person from the in and out. He was once a very dependent child who was very ignorant of the world, but now, to Goku's amazement, his five-and-a-half-year old prodigy was now displaying what it meant to be a true fighter. Though once in a while, Gohan still showed signs of anxiety and fear since after all, he was only a very young boy, but still, he carried a brave heart if he just put his mind into it. Even Gohan had surprised himself of this very change in him.

As much as Goku needed all the help he can have, he also needed to keep in mind to look after his friend especially his son.

The three took a peak from the canyon they were hiding from and watched as Great Ape Vegeta searched for them. For Great Ape Bardock and Raditz, they had now commenced their havoc and destruction. They began to destroy everything that was in their way by carrying heavy boulders and throwing them against the grounds. They swung their arms, destroying canyons and plateaus. They screeched, roared, and beat their chests wildly. Once in a while, they occasionally emitted large and scorching energy beams from the inside of their throats and these demolished more of their surroundings without end.

"Dad and Raditz can't control themselves," Goku observed. "At this rate, the whole place would explode!"

"There's only two ways of stopping this," Krillin told his friend. "Is either get rid of the moon or cut off their tails!"

Goku had already predicted how challenging that task would be. "It'll be very hard because of their enormous sizes to even get near them without letting them see us."

"I think it's best if Gohan and I stop Bardock and Raditz," Krillin planned out. "You, Goku, should at least try to divert Vegeta's attention towards you. I bet I know why Vegeta distracted us earlier ago," he shared his theory. "He wanted to distract Bardock and Raditz in particular and divert their attention towards the full moon, so they may transform and get out of control."

Goku shook his head. "That Vegeta; not only is he tough, but he's clever, too."

Just before they re-emerged themselves from their hiding, Vegeta had already found them. His humongous size casted dark shadows over them as if the Earth had turned into a world with no light.

"I see you!" Vegeta roared. He immediately lifted his foot up, attempting for a stomp, but Goku, Gohan, and Krillin took deep concentration and at the right timing, they increased their speed and luckily got out of the way. Vegeta's stomp instead created a heavy quake within the grounds.

The three then took wing into the evening skies and tried to retreat until they can find the perfect opportunity to carry out their plan: either destroy the moon or cut off their tails. If the target was the moon, they must have enough energy to actually destroy it. If the target was their tails, they would have to risk getting near them without getting hit or else, they would suffer unbearable torture.

"You can't hide from me forever, scum!" Vegeta roared.

Krillin looked behind and said, "Man, for someone that huge, he can catch up pretty fast!"

Meanwhile, the cries and roars of Great Ape Raditz and Bardock raged throughout the entire place. Raditz fired an energy beam from his mouth that destroyed three mountains in the background. Bardock swung his arms and stomped with his feet, shattering more canyons and the grounds while also discharging random energy blasts.

One of their energy beams was actually about to hit Goku. He quickly sensed this, however, and avoided it just in time. Another one came to Krillin and Gohan this time, but they both dodged them as well.

"Man, Gohan, I'm impressed. Looks like Piccolo's training really paid off!" Krillin praised him. For a five-year old like him, he can already fight like his father. Of course, Gohan was half-Saiyan; therefore, his thinking was more advanced and matured than the average human child.

"I really thank him a lot!" Gohan exclaimed.

Goku, Gohan, and Krillin managed to hide behind a canyon, but Vegeta had already spotted their hiding that quickly. He eventually destroyed it with one hand. Goku had to take Gohan into his arms this time to make certain that he will not fall victim onto Vegeta's hands. Krillin evaded his attack also and went with Goku and his son. They lifted themselves higher up in the air, making Vegeta having to search for them again.

"Where are you?!" he questioned angrily. "You can't play the hide-and-seek game forever, Kakarot. You will have to fight me one way or another!"

Goku spoke to himself. "This isn't good. There's too many of them. If Bardock and Raditz are not stopped soon, this place will definitely explode."

He looked up at the skies to glance at the shining moon. "Unfortunately, we're all too beaten up to destroy the moon."

He then looked back at the three Great Apes once again. "And Vegeta will do anything to prevent us halting their transformations..."

Goku pondered for some more. Finally, a thought hit him. He may have to resort to another technique of his that he learned in the afterlife. It was an ability that could only be used for serious situations and unfortunately, this was one of them.

"I hate hurting my own family...but I guess it's the only way," Goku spoke in his mind. "Vegeta needs to be also stopped whatever the costs are. The only way to stop them is with...the Spirit Bomb!"