Warning- OC's will be present, and Hellboy probably will be out of character. I tried,

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Hellboy woke up with a startle as there was someone jumping on his bed. Wait, jumping? On his bed? Hellboy looked around, and his eyes met with brilliant emerald green eyes as he realized who it exactly was on his bed.

The two stared at each other while, and Hellboy faintly realized with growing fear that he didn't have the disguise tool with him.

"Shit," he cursed under his breath, for various reasons, such as the fact that he was caught and he just swore in front of a kid. Looking back at Harrison, he saw that, instead of fear, he saw curiosity and- happiness?

"Hey kid, mind closing the door? It's getting a bit breezy in here," Hellboy lamely asked the boy, rubbing his hand over his head. How the hell did he get into this situation, anyway?

"Sure!" Harrison eagerly nodded, and went to the door, pushing it closed. A faint blue light appeared around the door before it disappeared.

"The fu-" Hellboy once again refrained himself; he didn't need to get in trouble with Trevor about swearing in front of his little cousin.

"Were you about to say a bad word, Mr. Thomas?" Harrison asked with surprising articulation.

Hellboy thought about this for a moment; there was no use in lying to him, was there? After all, honesty was, while not always the best policy, a good way in getting someone to put a little trust in you. Or so Trevor said.

"Yeah, sorry 'bout that kid. I'm trying to hold my tongue around ya', considering you're what, three?" Hellboy replied, also trying to find out how old his little cousin was.

Harrison nodded. "Yeah, I'm about three, or so Ms. Keara told me," Harrison replied. There was a somewhat uncomfortable silence between the two before Harrison ended it, blurting out, " So, what exactly are you?"

Hellboy looked at his little cousin, who stared right back at him. And then he laughed. A belly laugh, (as it would be later referred to by Harrison) the laugh that startled the tot a little; after all, Harrison assumed, by the expression on his face, that it would be rude to ask him so suddenly, for they had just met the night before.

When Hellboy finally calmed, he had a smirk on his face. "You've got some nerve, kid," Hellboy told his cousin, who now carried a worried expression on his face. "I like that."

Harrison seemed to melt as the relief of not being in trouble went away. The kid was too uptight, and Hellboy sure as hell was going to rectify that.

"But really, what are you?" Harrison asked, tilting his head slightly to the right. "I've never seen anything like that you."

"Well," Hellboy said, scratching his head, trying to figure out exactly to say it in the way the kid would be able to understand it. He decided blunt would probably be the best way. "I'm basically the prince of demons."

Harrison blinked. "You mean, like the son of the devil?" Harrison asked, equally as blunt. Hellboy nodded. "That's brilliant!" Harrison exclaimed, his eyes shining with excitement and wonder.

It was Hellboy's turn to blink. This kid really was something, wasn't he?

"You really are weird, kiddo," Hellboy commented, a smile on his face as he watched his little cousin grin back at him.

"But back to more important things," Hellboy turned the conversation back to how the kid had entered his room. "How in God's name did you get in here?" Hellboy asked, pretty much lost on how the kid could've managed to make his way into the room. "Hell, I had the door locked."

"Well," Harrison started, "I came to get you for Ms. Keara, seeing as breakfast was almost ready. The door was a bit stuck, so I jiggled it, like Ms. Keara suggested I do whenever a door gets stuck. It got warm for a couple of seconds, and then I was able to get in."

Hellboy raised both eyebrows.

"You really are like your parents, then," Hellboy told Harrison, who sat up a little straighter from his position on the bed.

"Really?" He asked, his eyes lighting up like Christmas had come early.

"Really," Hellboy replied truthfully, knowing a little about the Wizarding World, as he had had some experience with it, considering who he was. "But that's a talk for later kiddo. Right now, we have to get down to breakfast, unless we want Ms. MicKinnsey to come and drag us down by out ears."

Harrison giggled, reminding Hellboy that he was only three, despite how well he could talk.


"Speaking of talking," Hellboy began as the two descended down the staircase- he had already changed back into his normal disguise, and warned his little cousin to keep quiet about it- and made their way to the dining room, where breakfast was being served, "how come you can speak so well?"

Harrison tilted his head, a mannerism Hellboy learned that occurred often with the boy. "I've been around a lot of adults and older kids, and they're teaching me a lotta words and stuff, I guess," Harrison said, a thoughtful- well, thoughtful for a three-year-old, anyway- expression on his face as they turned into the dining room. The thoughtful expression slipped away as soon as he saw his favorite caretaker, though.

"Good morning, Ms. Keara!" Harry exclaimed, running over to give her a hug, which was accepted easily.

"Good morning Harrison, Mr. Bruttenholm," Keara greeted, smiling down at her favorite little boy. Hellboy nodded his greeting- he wasn't exactly a morning person- and looked around the room, seeing children of various ages. There were kids as young as Harrison, and some that were older than him by ten-thirteen years, if he had guessed correctly.

"Everyone," Keara gathered the attention of the children and other caretakers, "This is Mr. Thomas Bruttenholm, Harry's cousin from America, and he'll be taking Harrison with him today." There was silence as the looks of the occupants in the room that were fleeting before, were now fully centered on him.

"Good morning'," Hellboy greeted the room, "It's nice to meet ya'," He said, talking a seat by his little cousin, who had waved him over so he wouldn't sit near anyone else. That seemed to break the ice with the children, for they soon started asking him question- a lot.

"Where are you from in the United Stated?"

"Ney York City."

"Is it big there?"

"New York City is, if that's what you mean."

"How come you're talking funny?"

"What do you mean funny?" Hellboy asked, not really minding the twenty question since he had a cup of coffee in his hands, graciously provided by the Matron.

The kid who had asked him, who looked to be about nine, had wavy black hair that reached halfway down his neck, lightly tanned skin, and dark amethyst eyes. If Hellboy wasn't mistaken, the boy was of Italian descent, to say the least. "Well, you sound like you have a New York City accent, but you also sound British."

Hellboy chuckled; the kid was good at picking out that detail.

"Well, I am of European descent," Hellboy replied, "and my father spent a long time in Britain before he left for the states, so I probably got that from him. It's kinda weird, now that you mention it, that he still has an accent from here." Hellboy rubbed his two fingers against the skin above his lip, as if he had a mustache, making the children at the table, including the kid. Turning back to him, Hellboy asked, "What's your name, kid?"

"Antonio," The kid, now identified as Antonio replied, "Antonio del'Angelo."

"Nice name, kid," Hellboy commented, really believing what he said. There was something about the kid, something he was curious about. He'd talk to the Matron before he left.


Breakfast was a merry event, to which Hellboy snorted at as soon as he thought it, with all the kids gibbering and gabbering about anything and everything, though Hellboy noted with pleasure that Harrison got on well with all the kids at the orphanage, and the caretakers. He seemed to bring life to the party, as the phrase often went, and knew that life with his little cousin would certainly be entertaining, especially about what Ms. MicKinnsey said to him of the mischief his little cousin caused.

After breakfast, Hellboy told Harrison that he could play a little more with his friends before they left. Harrison nodded happily, and went to go shriek and giggle with the rest of the kids.

Walking over to Ms. MicKinnsey, he watched the children play for a bit.

"They look happy," Hellboy commented, and the Matron nodded in agreement.

"Yes, they do," Ms. MicKinnsey replied fondly. They stood in silence for a few more moments before Hellboy decided to bring Antonio up.

"I was meaning to ask you," He began, garnering the Matron's attention, "how long has Antonio been here?"

Ms. MicKinnsey raised an eyebrow, but proceeded to answer his question. "Antonio's been here for about four years, since he was about three."

"Three?" Hellboy asked, surprised, "He's only seven?"

"Yes," she replied, "he looks older, doesn't he?"

"I thought he was nine," Hellboy responded, watching Antonio interact with the other kids, Harrison included. It appeared, at least to Hellboy, that Antonio was a little fond of Harrison, which suited him better in the long run.

"He's originally from Italy, as you might've guessed," the Matron continued, "brought by his mother, who died shortly after they arrived, unfortunately."

"That is sad," Hellboy agreed. Left alone in the world, like his little cousin. 'Not if I have my way, though,' Hellboy thought, smiling a little.

"You seem awfully interested in Antonio," Ms. MicKinnsey commented, gazing at Hellboy through the corner of her eyes. "Any particular reason?"

"Well," Hellboy began, scratching the stubble on his disguise face that wasn't worth shaving off, considering he wouldn't be wearing it for much longer, "I thought my little cousin might like someone to play with on our way back to the States."

The Matron's head turned towards him. "Are you implying that you wish to adopt Antonio as well?" She queried, her eyes narrowing ever so slightly.

"I'm not implying," Hellboy responded, and the Matron's eyes narrowed a little further. "I'm asking."

Ms. MicKinnsey blinked, before she smiled.

"Yes, I do believe that Harrison might like a companion on his journey. I'll see to it."

Hellboy merely nodded, and watched as the Matron walked over to one of the other caretakers under her command, telling her what she wanted. The other caretaker, about 5'5" with straight brown hair, looked a little surprised, but nodded and left with a smile on her face, probably to pack the suitcases for the two boys.

It didn't take too long for the suitcases to be packed, and so the caretaker soon came down with two suitcases and two little backpacks, which Hellboy believed to be filled with things to do on the way to the States. Handing the packs to Hellboy, the caretaker nodded to Hellboy.

"You're doing a good thing," The caretaker said. "Adopting Antonio, I mean," she added. "Though he doesn't show it, Antonio gets lonely somewhat easily, and he and Harrison get along quite well, despite Harrison being here for a little over a year. They're probably the closest."

Hellboy smiled. "I figured my dad wouldn't mind taking him along with my little cousin; we have plenty of room, and can easily provide for him as well."

The caretaker nodded and walked away, and Hellboy decided that it was about time for him to leave- after all, hi had to return to New York.

"Harrison, it's time to leave," Hellboy called to his little cousin, who, after giving cheerful goodbyes to his friends, went over to Hellboy.

"Why do you have two backpacks?" Harrison asked, his bell-toned voice laced with curiosity.

Hellboy smirked. "You have lost of questions, don't you?" Harrison merely nodded. "Well, you'll just have to find out, won't you?"

Harrison only stuck his tongue out at Hellboy, who snorted and turned his attention to the next important matter.

"Hey kid," Hellboy called out to Antonio, who looked up. 'That lady was right,' he thought, 'he does get lonely pretty easy. Time to turn that frown upside down.' Hellboy paused. 'Did I really just say that? God, stupid Brits and their bloody awful cheerfulness.' Hellboy motioned him to come over with him.

"Why are you looking so gloomy?" Hellboy asked, bending down to one knee to look Antonio in the eye.

"Har's leaving," the Italian said, sounding sad. Hellboy chuckled at the nickname, causing Antonio to stare at Hellboy, a little offended.

"And?" Hellboy asked, amusement in his eyes, though his tone was placating.

"I won't be able to see him for a while." Antonio replied once more, sadness creeping into his voice once again.

"Why not?" Hellboy asked, starting to like this question game.

"I won't be able to see him again." Antonio replied, still sounding sad, but also confused, which Hellboy was aiming for.

"Really? Last time I checked, you were coming with us, so I don't see why you're so sad." Hellboy commented, watching with a slightly smug smile- though it was a more cheerful smile ('Damn Brits,')- before leaping onto Hellboy, the small arms of Antonio wrapping around Hellboy's neck.

"Really?" Harrison's voice chimed in, and from the corner of his eye, Hellboy could see the look of pure joy on his little cousin's face at the revelation.

"I wouldn't have the second backpack if I didn't planned on bringing Antonio with us, kiddo," Hellboy replied.

"Thank you!" Antonio cried. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"Calm down kid, lest you give yourself a heart attack," Hellboy chided, though there was amusement in his voice as he said this to the excited seven-year-old. Once Antonio had calmed down, Hellboy asked, "Are you ready to leave, you two?"

Both children nodded eagerly, and Hellboy stood up, taking Antonio up with him.

"It's a good thing we're taking a cab to the airport," Hellboy muttered, though both boys could hear him. Hellboy turned his thoughts to Antonio. "You do realize you're a heavy little monkey, right?"

Antonio giggled, but kept his hold on to Hellboy's neck.

"It's alright, the suitcases are already in the taxi," Ms. MicKinnsey informed Hellboy, who nodded his gratitude.

"Great," He replied. "It was nice meeting you," Hellboy put his hand out, and Keara MicKinnsey took it, smiling.

"Yes, it was a pleasure," she replied. "Have a pleasant flight, and don't cause any trouble for Mr. Bruttenholm not." The last part she directed to the two orphans, who replied with a resounding,

"Yes ma'am!"

"Off you go, now." The Matron said, escorting the trio to the door.

"Bye bye!" Harrison and Antonio called out to the other orphans who were waving emphatically behind the Matron.

Hellboy, with Antonio still attached to him, walked down to the street where the cab was waiting for him, and buckled the two boys in before getting into the front seat himself.

"Where to, sir?" The cab driver asked, smiling slightly at the sight of the children in the back.

"Heathrow Airport(1), if you'd please," Hellboy replied, turning to look at the boys in the back, who were gibbering excitedly. "You guys ready for an adventure?"

"Yeah!" The boys shrieked, and the cab driver took that as his cue to start the journey to the airport. Little did the two youngsters in the back of the cab know that this would be the last time they would see the In Lumine orphanage.


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