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He was on the plane, seated in the aisle seat and wondering whether he should have done what he had done. What exactly was he talking about? The two little horrors next to him, of course. He must've had a sappy moment or something, and now he was living to regret it. Having two single-digit brats on an eleven hour flight wasn't going to fun. Sure, he didn't mind the two kids, that's what kids did, but he was pretty damn sure that the rest of the flyers wouldn't appreciate it. Looking around, he could see the annoyance creeping into the flyers around them.

"Hey, brats," Hellboy said, gaining the attention of the two kids who looked as if they were on a sugar high. Did their caretakers put candy in their bags?

"Yeah?" Harrison asked, looking up to Hellboy, his attention completely on him. Hellboy blinked, but chuckled, noticing that he had Antonio's as well.

"I know that you're all excited to be goin' somewhere new, but ya gotta tone it down some. Ya can't be too disruptive, there are others ridin' on this flight with us, too." Hellboy thought he explained this pretty well, considering one was seven and the other was three. Though with the comprehension Harrison was showing, he wasn't too sure about what he couldn't understand.

"Okay," Harrison replied happily, going back to the book he had pulled out, drawing Antonio's attention back. Though they were still jabbering on about God knows what, it was at a considerably lower level and he could see the annoyance leaving the faces of the flyers, a few going so far as to send him appreciative looks.

Settling back into his seat, Hellboy swept a few locks of his blonde hair out of his face- he had his disguise on- as he leaned back in his seat, planning to catch a few z's before cracking open a book on law; Trevor thought he should do something productive with his life instead of tracking down killers and keeping the peace (which he thought was a perfectly good way to spend his life). And so, he decided he'd taken a crack on being a lawyer; it fit well with what he was doing now, just not as violent. He was close to getting his license as a lawyer, having taken this trip as a reprieve from the amount of studying he was doing (apparently it was border-line obsession, or that's what Kate told him…). This was meant to be a short vacation before he took his test, and so Hellboy figured he'd relax a bit. Closing his eyes, he listened to his little cousin rambling on about…Crayola?

"…Crayola is a congregation of factories that make various coloring utensils such as markers, color pencils, paints, etc." Harrison stated. Hellboy opened his eyes and observed him curiously, watching as Antonio listened to him, enraptured. "Did you know that Emerson Moser, the senior crayon maker- another coloring utensil by Crayola- is color blind?"

Hellboy chuckled at his little cousin before closing his eyes again. It was curious, he thought, that little Harrison knew as much as he did. He was beginning to suspect that his cousin's comprehension levels were far above that of someone his age, possibly prodigy-like. When they were settled in back home, he would have to get Trevor to run some tests; if what he was thinking was true, then his little cousin had the aptitude to be a genius.

Evening his breathing out a bit, he smiled to himself; he knew that the following years were bound to be highly amusing…


Hellboy was rousted from his nap about two hours later when one of the flight attendants was coming down the aisle, passing out drinks. Ordering himself a coffee- black, no sugar- he watched as Antonio ordered a bottle of apple juice Harrison tried to order tea for himself.

"What do you mean you have no tea?" Harrison asked, his eyes going wide. Hellboy snickered mentally; his cousin, he was sure, was bound to get many things out of Trevor that way; Trevor was a sucker for puppy eyes, and the kid had a killer pair.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," The flight attendant, a redhead in her mid-twenties, tried to appease Harrison, "we don't carry tea as it's not a popular drink with the majority of our fliers." Harrison's lip jutted out, and the look on his face probably broke the flight attendant's heart.

"But why don't you carry tea? Aren't there fliers from Europe who've requested tea before?" Hellboy had to hide a laugh behind his hand as he saw his little cousin's eyes shine. Damn, the kid was good. The flight attendant herself was becoming distressed at the look on his cousin's face, and Hellboy knew that she was going to cave in soon.

"How about I get you some chocolate milk then? Would that be all right?" She asked, and she was rewarded with the puppy dog look going away to replace excitement.

"Chocolate milk? That would be brilliant!" Harrison beamed and the flight attendant cooed at him before telling him that she would be back with it in a few minutes- although they were in second-class seats, they were three to four rows away from first class- and that she needed to get to the other passengers before she could get his chocolate milk. Harrison nodded eagerly, beaming at her once more before pulling out his book- a new book this time- to read again. True to her word, the flight attendant was back in a little bit, bringing a nice-sized bottle of chocolate milk, along with two chocolate chip cookies.

"Here you go sweetie," she said, placing the chocolate milk on his tray along with a cookie. "I brought you and your friend a cookie since you've been such good boys on this flight, too." She smiled sweetly at them causing Antonio and Harrison to beam at her.

"Thank you!" The two of them chirped happily, chomping into their cookies with the vigor of kids their age.

"Yes, thank you for putting up with him; he can be a little picky sometimes." Hellboy thanked the flight attendant as well, flashing her a smile. He was amused when he saw he blush.

"Oh, it- it was no problem," the flight attendant replied, stuttering a bit. She quickly made her way back to the little station the flight attendants had for themselves. Hellboy was sure that she was gossiping to the other flight attendant about him.

"Hey Tom," Harrison said, catching Hellboy's attention, "how long is it before we get there?" He asked, his head tilting to the side. Hellboy smiled slightly; it was such a kid-like thing to do. He noticed that Antonio was looking at him as well, most likely wanting to know the answer as well.

"Let's see…" Hellboy pulled the sleeve of his shirt up- he was wearing a white button-up t-shirt- and looked at his watch. "Well, we took off at 'bout 11:30 this morning, and it's 'bout 3:45 p.m. currently, so around six and a half hours to go, boys."

"Ehh? What are we going to do for that long?" Harrison whined, staring up at Hellboy with wide eyes. Hellboy chuckled at the antics of his cousin. Antonio wasn't too bad, though he was older than Harrison by four years.

"You could always cop a snooze," Hellboy suggested, pulling out one of his review books. Maybe Kate was right, he just might have a borderline obsession, but damn it all to hell if he wasn't going to pass this test with flying colors. He looked back to the two kids with him when he didn't hear a reply. "What?'

"What's 'cop a snooze' mean?" Harrison asked, his head tilting to the side once more. This time, though, it was Antonio who replied.

""Copping a snooze' basically means taking a nap, Har," Antonio replied, a single eye open. He was leaning against the wall of the plane as he was by the window. "It's a nice idea, yeah?" Antonio asked with a smile before closing his eyes again.

"Oh," was the rather funny reply of Harrison as he blinked at his best friend before shrugging and lifting the edge of the seat up so he could stretch out as he slept. Hellboy snorted as he saw that Harrison's socked feet- at one point earlier on he had taken off his shoes- were placed on Antonio's chest as he snuggled into his seat. Hellboy chuckled a bit before returning to his review book. Looking at his study guide, he had to list the states that allowed the death penalty; for some reason, he could never remember that…


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