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Hellboy had finally managed to memorize the states under the death penalty (there were thirty-three of them, he now knew) and had gone through two more cups of coffee; it tasted like crap, but it kept him awake and focused. Thankfully, the two brats (as he was learning to affectionately refer to them as) had been asleep the whole time; whatever energy high they'd been on had ended, leaving two knocked-out kids who had moved so that Harrison was now resting his head on Antonio's chest, rather than his feet.

Flipping to another page of his review study, - had he mentioned it was over fifteen pages long?- he absentmindedly frowned as some of his hair escaped the low ponytail he had made for it about an hour or two ago. Of course, studying the death penalty hadn't been the only subject he had worked on, but he had spent a bit of time on it. Checking his packet, he found he had around seven to eight pages left before he was done. He gave a silent sigh. 'This must be why lawyers were paid so much,' Hellboy thought to himself, hefting out another of his books that he'd brought along for his trip.

Hellboy spent another half hour (at least he thought it was a half hour) studying before he put his books away as the flight attendants started coming out with the provided dinners. He shook the two boys awake, telling them it was time for dinner. Hellboy was thankful that the two boys were just waking up so that he didn't have to hear anymore complaints about tea, regardless of how amusing it had been.

When the flight attendant had finally reached them- it was the same woman from before- Harrison and Antonio had managed to wake themselves up enough to pull down their table-trays as the flight attendant served them their dinners. Harrison, being the possible genius Hellboy thought he was, looked curiously at Hellboy's meal and then at Antonio's and his own.

"Why is your dinner different than ours, Tom?" Harrison asked, seeing the difference between his chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese to Hellboy's steak and vegetables.

"They're different 'cause my meal 's for an adult while yours is for kids your age," Hellboy replied, taking a bite of the overdone steak. "Personally, ya probably got the better deal, kid."

Harrison nodded in understanding, a satisfied look appearing on his face as he ate his meal. Antonio was strangely silent, and when Hellboy took a closer look at the kid, he found that the kid was still half-asleep. Snorting in amusement, Hellboy told the boy that he could go back to sleep when he was done; it was around the two brats' bedtime, anyways (as far as he knew, at any rate), being 8:30 p.m. They'd be landing soon, and once they had collected their luggage, they'd check into a hotel for the night before making their way back to base.

"What time do we land?" Harrison asked, sipping his chocolate milk (which had been kindly supplied to him by the flight attendant).

"Not for another couple'a hours, kid," Hellboy replied, drinking from his fresh cup of crappy coffee. "You should probably get a lil' more shut-eye.

"Okay," Harrison replied complacently, making Hellboy smile a little before taking out his notes to study again. After a few minutes, Hellboy glanced down at his charges, smiling again as he saw both of them asleep again. It was a good thing Trevor would be there at the terminal, considering that the two kids would be asleep when the plane landed.

Smiling grimly, if not a little tiredly, Hellboy cracked his fingers lightly before burrowing back into his packet. If he worked hard enough, he might get past page ten…


By the time the plane landed at the JFK International Airport, Hellboy had managed to get to page twelve of his review packet, which greatly pleased him. Glancing at the two sleeping boys, Hellboy sighed a little; it was going to be tricky to get them out of the airplane without them waking up.

Making sure that he had everything in his over-sized bag, he carefully placed the two little backpacks that Harrison and Antonio had brought with them; thankfully, they both fit, though it was a little stuffed. Swinging that onto his back, he carefully unbuckled the two kids' seatbelts (which he had reconnected when the Captain made the announcement that they were going to land soon) and lifted Antonio to his right arm and Harrison in his left. By the time Hellboy had the two boys relatively secure- both had thankfully curled into him- most of the passengers had exited the plane. Hellboy made his way down the aisle, nodding his head at the Captain and rest of the crew as he made his way off the plane. Walking down the ramp way, Hellboy gave a sigh of relief; while he didn't mind flying on airplanes, he'd rather take other means of travel.

Another sigh, though smaller, escaped him as the warm air hit him; he had always enjoyed the feeling of warm heat cascading over him. As he was now in the airport terminal, he looked around for Trevor. When he had spotted the Professor, the man was busy typing away on his laptop. He easily made his way over, the crowd splitting away from him unconsciously as he moved. A small smirk appeared on his lips. 'Prince of demons, indeed,' Hellboy thought, reaching Trevor. The man didn't notice him right away, however, so he had to clear his throat to get the man's attention. It was clear that Trevor had been focused on what he had been doing, because when Hellboy had cleared his throat, the Professor had jumped a bit in the air.

"He-" Trevor began, but upon looking up at Hellboy, his mouth snapped closed. Hellboy glanced down at the two kids; it'd be troublesome if they woke up now. When it appeared that they wouldn't wake up, Trevor glanced at Hellboy with a raised eyebrow.

"I'll explain later," Hellboy replied in kind, "It'd be great if you could take the backpack though; it'd be easier to carry them that way." Now, Hellboy wasn't saying that they were too heavy, not at all. However, he was currently using the disguise tool, and if they didn't want his cover blown, he was going to have to pretend. Trevor had already figured it out and was carefully taking it off of Hellboy's back. Hellboy was just glad he had insisted on having removable straps when it was being made.

"Thanks," Hellboy said quietly. "Let's pick up my luggage and head home. I'm dead tired." Trevor laughed but started walking with Hellboy over to pick up his luggage before going back to the base.