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Cam Dunleavy strolled down the school, winking at all the girls, keeping his cool, while desperately looking for Spencer. As he turned the corner, rushing and scanning for any sign of Spencer, he bumped into Zack Greenberg.

"Hey, Zack!" Cam said cheerfully, and then saw that Zack had dropped all his stuff.

"Hi, what's the rush?" Zack knelt down to pick up his stuff, but a bunch of papers flew out and scattered across the hallway.

"Gotta find Spencer!" he replied. "Don't you know what day it is?"

Zack sighed and looked up to see his overexcited friend bending down. "Monday?"

"Yes! It is a Monday! The very Monday that new girl, Vanessa Enola is coming! I need Spencer!" Cam exclaimed.

"And you need Spencer to go with you cause you don't wanna go alone?" Zack snickered.

"No, I already met her at an ice cream place yesterday." He stared into space, or, the ceiling, if you want to get specific. "She's really something."

"And you need Spencer, because?"

"I want him to tape my new girlfriend's first day."

Zack's jaw was wide open. "You only met her yesterday and she's already your girlfriend?"

"After the Cam Man shows her around today, yup."

"Well, Spencer's been sick the whole weekend. I think he's coming tomorrow." Zack glanced at the myriads of papers still on the floor. "Cam, could you pick up that piece of paper over there." Zack pointed to a piece of paper on he other side of the hall.

"Sorry, Zack. I've gotta find Vanessa. See ya later." Cam smiled and hurried away.

Zack rolled his eyes and took the papers he had picked up and his other stuff and started walking to the other side of the hallway. All of a sudden, a pencil fell out of his binder. He stepped on it, slipped, dropped all his stuff again, and fell to the floor.

"Hey, are you okay?" A voice asked.

Zack pushed himself up and sat up. He saw a girl with jet black hair that ran down to her shoulders. She had dark brown eyes that were behind her glassed. She wore the school uniform, but Zack had never seen her before.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just being my dad today." Zack replied.

She smiled a little. "I'll help you pick up your stuff." She knelt down to help Zack.

"Thanks." Zack said as she handed him his stuff.

"No problem, hey, do you know where Mrs. Coleman-Levin's classroom is?" She asked as they stood up.

"Yeah, it's my homeroom. Are you Vanessa Enola?"

She needed. "Could you take me there?"

"Sure, my name is Zack Greenberg." He introduced himself.

"Vi Enola."

"Vi? I thought it was Vanessa."

"Vanessa is my real name, but I prefer Vi."

"Okay." Zack shrugged. The bell rang. "Shoot, let's hurry and get to class."

They both ran down the hallways, dodging the students who were in the way. Finally, they reached the door of Mrs. Coleman-Levin. Zack opened the door and walked in with Vi. First, Mrs. Coleman-Levin frowned, seeing that he was walking in late, but then she saw at girl student she had never seen before walking in with him. Assuming it was Vanessa, her frown disappeared like lightening.

"Hello Zack! Is this Vanessa?" Mrs. Coleman-Levin smiled cheerfully.

"Vi, but yeah. She's Vanessa." Zack panted as he stopped to catch his breath. "Sorry that we're late, Mrs. Coleman-Levin."

"You're excused because you were helping Vanessa get to class." Mrs. Coleman-Levin started. "Take your seat, Zack." She ordered. She walked over to Vanessa and brought her over to the front. "Class, this is Vanessa Enola, our new transfer student. Vanessa, you can take a seat in the back next to the empty seat in the corner.

"Okay." Vi turned around as her hair whipped against her back. She went over to her seat. Zack was in the seat in front of the seat to her right.

Vi quickly tapped Zack on the shoulder. "Zack, who sits next to me?" She whispered.

"Spencer Sharpe." Zack whispered back, making sure Mrs. Coleman- Levin wasn't looking. "He's my best friend. He's sick today, but he'll be here tomorrow."

"Zachary Greenberg." Mrs. Coleman-Levin called out. "Today you're excused for being late and talking, but don't think just because you will help Vanessa during the day, means you can get in trouble as much as you'd like."

"You mean I'm showing her around?" Zack gasped.

"You got her to class, didn't you? Well, now let me start the lesson …"

Zack led Vi to the school cafeteria. Avoiding Vernon, Zack took her to his table and sat down, which was near Gwen and Sarah's table.

"Hey Sarah," Zack started, then seeing Gwen's glare. "And Gwen." He quickly added. "This is Vi, she's the new transfer student."

"Hi Vi." Gwen smiled. "My name is Gwen Kilerby. Pleased to meet you."

"Same." Vi replied.

Sarah, however looked uncomfortable. Her shoulders tightened and her fists were barely clenching. She was gritting her teeth, and her mind was tense. "Hi, I'm Sarah." She finally said.


"Vanessa!" There you are!" Cam yelled from across the cafeteria. He ran over, more desperate than a cheetah hunting his prey. He pounced on the lunch best, sliding next to Vi. "I've been looking for you all day."

"Hey Cam." Vi smiled.

Sarah relaxed, letting her frown turn into a cheery smile. But Gwen's smile disappeared at once.

"What class do you have next, Vanessa?" Cam asked.

"I dunno. I'm going with Zack's schedule for the day." Vi shrugged.

"English." Zack replied.

"Yes! Vanessa, I'm in your next class!" Cam squealed.

"It's Vi, Cam." Zack corrected.

Cam glared at Zack. "I kind of do prefer Vi, but you can call me Vanessa." Vi quickly stated.

"It's okay, I'll call you Vi." Cam said.

"So, Vi, what are your interests?" Sarah asked.

"Well…" She hesitated. "I like the paranormal and science, space especially. I like technology and engineering too. But I like sports a lot."

"Sounds like Spence." Zack thought to himself, thinking she might take interest in the Zack Files.

"You know, I'm fascinated with the paranormal too! What a coincidence! I like sports too!" Cam exclaimed.

Zack sniggered. All of that was mostly a lie, except for the part about the sports. The only time Cam was interested in the paranormal was when he profited from it.

"Excuse me, but I really have to leave to go to the library." Gwen smirked, and she left the table.

"Vi," Cam took her hand. "Let me show you around some more."

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