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"Merry Christmas."

Allen looked down at the paper-wrapped box with widening eyes, hesitantly reaching out and taking it when Gracia shook it slightly, pointedly, and staring at her as she quickly moved on.

"Merry Christmas." Gracia mumbled, offering a gift to Lenalee, next.

Lenalee blinked and took the box, smiling at Gracia sheepishly, "You know the twenty-fifth isn't for a few days… right?" Typically, Gracia was behind on the holidays by a few days, not ahead…

"Yeah." Gracia sighed, nodding and muttering a brief "Merry Christmas" to Lavi before she went back to addressing Lenalee, "But we're all here now, and I don't want to risk any of you getting sent out on missions between now and then." She handed a gift to Lorelei, then turned to Kanda and held out a box for him, "Merry Christmas, Kanda."

After a pause, Kanda slowly looked up from his soba to stare at the woman standing beside him with a largely blank, slightly incredulous look, otherwise not moving or saying anything.

"C'mon, take it." Gracia insisted distractedly as she turned her attention back to the box of presents she'd brought into the cafeteria with her, shaking it slightly in his face like she'd done with Allen as she flipped through the presents to see who she had to deliver gifts to, next.

"…I don't want it." Kanda said bluntly after a pause, turning his attention back to his food and picking up his tea, "Take it back."

Gracia paused and glanced at him, waiting for him to finish his sip before she said, "I can't 'take it back,' they're handmade. I made them."

That made Kanda tense slightly and look back over at her, expression a bit more shocked and confused than before.

A light squeal made the others look over from inspecting their unwrapped gifts, Lenalee clapping her hands and smiling widely as she stared down at the open, lightly lacquered wooden box lying in the middle of the fanciful but now torn Christmas wrapping paper, the box filled with ornate hair decorations, some bejeweled and some of finely carved wood.

"Thank you!" Lenalee practically lunged and hugged Gracia tightly.

Gracia smiled and hugged back, "Consider them incentive to grow your hair out long again."

"Oooh, nice collection!" Lorelei crooned as she leaned over and looked through the hair clips, pins and sticks, "Are those Gramma Sophie's jade hair sticks? Very nice!"

That made Lenalee tense and pull back, looking up at Gracia with wide eyes, "Gramma Sophie…? W… Was she—"

"Just a more or less faceless relative who left me a few things." Gracia shrugged, sighing and turning her attention back to the box of undistributed gifts, "Mathilda's making me do things with my collection or she's threatened she'll seize all of it, and I figured they'd look much nicer on you than they would on me."

Lenalee bit he lip and sat back down in front of her present, running her fingers over the expensive hair ornaments as if they would break before she carefully put the lid back on and hugged the box to her chest, smiling and flushing happily.

Lenalee's positive reaction seemed to spur Lavi on, and he grinned widely and turned to his own present, shredding the paper and beaming at the new, brightly colored bandana inside. His eye then widened when he saw what was underneath the bandana, and he picked up the book and gapped at it, "Is this—"

"First edition of the Divine Comedy." Gracia glanced at Lavi seriously, pointing to him, "You take care of that."

Lavi nodded seriously, opening the book gingerly as if it were made of glass.

Noticing she was still holding Kanda's gift, Gracia looked back at him and sighed heavily, prodding him in the temple with the corner of the box as he looked at Lenalee and Lavi's gifts before glancing at Allen as he started to open his. "Seriously, take it."

Kanda glared and almost batted her hand away in retaliation to the prodding, then paused before he finally, reluctantly, took the box from her, glancing over when Allen perked and thanked Gracia happily while holding a new waistcoat and matching cravat and gloves. A scowl on his face, Kanda tore through the ribbon when it refused to give way, dropping the paper carelessly and opening the box inside to find—

Six new, hand-braided cords for him to tie his hair back with.

Gracia glanced at Kanda subtly as she continued shifting through the presents in the box in front of her, a bit amused when his eyes darted over the others at the table, presumably to make sure they were fawning over their presents and not watching him, before he set the small box down and picked up one of the hair cords, wrapping it around his forefingers and jerking slightly, probably to check the tensile strength.

Feeling a bit of pride bloom in her chest when Kanda blinked, looking slightly impressed and apparently approving, Gracia wished the kids another "Merry Christmas", leaning over when Lorelei grabbed her shoulder to kiss her cheek for the earring and necklace set before she walked off to deliver the rest of the presents.

She had to hurry… She'd loose steam soon, and she didn't want to go to bed before she'd finished.

Marie, Miranda, Krory, Timothy, Bookman, Chaozii, Socalo, Klaud, Tiedoll, Reever, Johnny, even Link, who looked a bit flustered and at a loss when he opened his new cufflinks, pen set and leather-bound journal.

The edge of the box held in one hand and balanced against her hip, Gracia looked down at her other hand as she walked down the hall and muttered to herself, ticking off names on her fingers.

The Solidor Family had never really gotten together for Christmas, and after her father had passed away Gracia and her mother hadn't celebrated much of anything…

Before he had passed away, though, Silas had always made sure that he and Gracia had had at least a small Christmas celebration, presenting each other with small, typically perishable things, like handmade sweets or plants. Things they didn't need Mathilda's permission to buy…

In short, as usual, Gracia hadn't come to think of such things as being incredibly important.

After Lorelei had told her that commoners felt otherwise about the illustrious Christmas, though (also leaving out that she and Mathilda had had several grand Christmas parties, themselves), Gracia had decided to go about celebrating with the others with the aspect of the holiday she was most comfortable complying with; giving people things.

Not that she was trying to cheapen the emotions of hers and others, but, when she had had to think seriously about what to give people, she had found it easier to express things with people she didn't particularly associate with (and even those she was close to) with gifts.

And, afraid even then that she hadn't been taking the idea behind gift-giving the right way, she had delved into her own collection of items to fish out jewelry, accessories, tools and other such things so she could personalize the gifts a bit more and assure that they were of the highest quality.

The hair accessories she had given Lenalee had been carefully selected from "Gramma" Sophia's massive collection.

Lavi's first edition copy of Dante's Inferno had been locked away in the (hidden) restricted section of Barheim's library for years, a likely forgotten collector's item among the many other first edition books her family had stockpiled over the generations.

Allen's waistcoat, cravat and gloves had all been made by the tailor who her father used to personally contract for all of his clothing, the now elderly man still living in the town on the other end of the island.

The hair cords she had given to Kanda, as she had said, had all been handmade, and she had spent hours braiding the strips of cloth over and over again until she had achieved the correct tightness without making the cords stiff, until they drooped and felt heavy in ones hand like pieces of wet silk, optimal for knotting and later untying.

Lorelei's earring and necklace set had been bought from the jeweler who had made her tiara and other jewelry for her debutante ball.

And for Brigitte—

"Oh, my." Brigitte blinked, her eyes widening slightly as she opened the hinged, polished, white wooden box to reveal a makeup kit with a special, velvet-lined dip on one side cushioning a bottle of very expensive perfume.

"I hope you don't mind." Gracia blinked at her, "I placed a call over to the town and asked around the vendors until I found the one you usually buy your makeup from to ask for coloring suggestions."

Brigitte paused.

A little creepy, but…

"You didn't have to." Brigitte insisted, though she definitely had an edge of appreciation in her tone.

"That's the point, though, isn't it?" Gracia shrugged, smiling wryly, "The fact that one 'doesn't have to' but does, anyway?"

"True." Brigitte chuckled dryly, nodding, "These colors are perfect. Thank you."

Gracia smiled and nodded, then looked back in the box, frowning to see that she still had a few gifts left.

Who had she…?

Muttering some absentminded farewells, Gracia turned and walked out of Komui's office, pretending not to feel the eyes of the owner of the office, whose aura was just starting to feel hurt and affronted, boring into her back.

"…Hey!" Komui whined after Gracia belatedly, well after she had left, "Where's mine? !"

"Sir, get back to work." Brigitte sighed, the slightly warm look on her face quickly turning back into her typical visage of professional indifference (which was starting to become tinged with exasperation the longer she was around the Chinese man) as she set her gift aside and picked up her clipboard again.

"But she didn't even look at me!" Komui practically bawled, banging his fists on top of his desk, tempted to kick his feet.

Brigitte's thick brow twitched.

She did not want to listen to this…

"Did it not cross your mind that she might be waiting until you two are alone to present you with your present?"

The ensuing silence told her he apparently hadn't, Komui having been far too focused on being childish, and when he began to tear back into his paperwork, as if working hard would make the day go faster, she rolled her eyes but couldn't complain.

Whatever it took to get him to work…

When Komui finally made it to his room later that evening, he was put out to see that Gracia wasn't there.

Pouting, he sullenly showered and changed into his nightclothes, making it a point to finish off his coffee and not brush his teeth afterwards before he started to drag his feet towards Gracia's room.

He felt he couldn't help being childish; after Lenalee had run into his office to show off the pretty new hair ornaments that wouldn't look quite right until her hair grew out a bit more but still looked nice, after Brigitte had come back from her lunch break with her lipstick a darker shade that fit her face much better, after he'd seen Lavi teasing Kanda about how protective he was being of the new hair tie he was wearing (given to him, to quote Lavi, by his "mother/lover"), the fact that Gracia had yet to say so much as a "Merry Christmas" to him (even though it was still a few days away) hurt.

He felt like pulling her hair and pushing her down in the sandbox.

Komui was further put out when he walked into Gracia's room to find her already dressed, tucked in and asleep.

He wondered how badly she'd "Sleep" him if he went over and poked her awake to demand an apology… and presents… and apology sex.

Komui was just standing over Gracia, hand raised and finger stiffened to optimal poking tenseness when Gracia let out a soft whining noise and rolled onto her back, stretching and pressing the back of her hand to her face as she reached out and groped at what was usually his side of the bed. His expression softened and he felt a warmth bloom in his chest when she frowned and let out another noise, this one of protest.


Sighing, smiling and deciding that she had won the battle for now, Komui walked back over to 'his side' of the bed and sat, kicking his slippers off and slipping under the blankets before he turned and scooted over to Gracia. There, he settled down and wrapped an arm around her waist, smiling and nuzzling the top of her head when she turned to face him completely and settled down.

It was just a few days…

Sometime between now the twenty-fifth, she'd give him something.

When the entire next day passed with Komui not only not getting anything, but also being shunned from her room that night, Komui had to wonder if he'd done something wrong…

When the day after that passed and she was sent out on a short mission, he was further hurt when she didn't even stop by to say goodbye before she'd left.

And they'd interacted so well, otherwise, all day… So she wasn't mad…

Why was she…?

When she came back the next day at midday and went straight to bed, Komui, who would have normally brushed it off as her needing sleep, took it as a personal attack/insult.

He hadn't done anything wrong…

She hadn't forgotten…

She was attacking him for some reason!

Finally, Christmas Day, when she'd had all damned day to give him his freakin' present, Komui flat out stood from a document he had been working on the moment the clock struck nine.

Ignoring Brigitte when she snapped after him, Komui stormed towards Gracia's bedroom, mad.

But not mad mad.

Childish mad.

Like when kids are denied candy at the cash register.

Or when they have to share their toys.

Screw it.

He was pulling her hair and finding a sandbox to push her down in.

All but kicking the door to her room open, Komui stormed inside with his mouth open and her name on his tongue, only to stop and deflate when he saw she wasn't there.

Then, he saw her bed covered in colorful things and moved closer, tipping his head and adjusting his glasses when he saw torn wrapping paper and—

Komui froze and blushed scarlet at the sight of Gracia's bed covered in lacy, silky, transparent, even leather lingerie and negligee.

Wh-What in the…? !

Then, he saw a piece of wrapping paper with a nametag on it.

'To Gracia, Love Lavi~'

And there was another one from Lorelei… and… Allen? And Lena—

No, no not his Lenalee! !

After taking a moment to mourn the official 'death' of his sister's chastity, Komui stood, looking around in a panic and licking his lips before turning and bolting out of the room, his feet carrying him to his own room in instinct.

The last time the kids had tried to 'help' her by putting smut in her hands, she had…

Where was sh—? !

The moment Komui burst into his room, he heaved a heavy sigh of relief, seeing Gracia, non-berserked and sitting on the edge of his bed calmly.

She glanced over at him as he hurried over to her, her face flushing slightly, and before he could say anything she stood and held something out.

Komui paused, blinking and looking down at the offered notebook before he slowly reached out and took it, tipping his head a bit at the little bow in the corner. Most of his questions and concerns leaving for the moment, Komui opened the small notebook, then tipped it over when he saw the writing was done in landscape, reading what was written on that page before blinking.

"…A coupon for 'One Free, Get Out of Trouble, No Matter How Severe The Offense, Card'?" Realizing what the little notebook was, Komui perked and looked up at Gracia, starting to smile and beam, "Really? ! A book of 'get out of jail free' coupons I can use whenever? !"

"Yes…" Gracia muttered, her face getting a bit redder as she glanced off to the side, "But they're not just for that…"

Giddy and excited, Komui looked back down at the booklet of coupons and flipped through them quickly, finding a few more 'get out of jail free' coupons before the writing changed. "Sleep-induced naps, back rubs, kinky sex in places other than the bedroom—" Just when Komui started to smirk deviously at the last one, he blinked when he got to a new section, not entirely sure he was reading it right. Slowly, he looked up at Gracia for confirmation, blinking again when he saw she was absolutely crimson and pointedly not looking at him.

Just then, he realized she was wearing a satiny, light blue and very short robe, and where the collar was falling open he could see peeks of lace—

"…What is this last one?" He smirked teasingly.

Gracia tensed, knowing was he was referring to, and lowered her head slightly, clenching her jaw and stuttering slightly, "Y-You know…"

"Not really… It seems your handwriting got a bit shaky when you did this one. What's it for?" When she didn't answer, clenching her jaw further, Komui asked again, his voice lower and huskier, "What's the coupon for, Gracia?"

Gracia tensed further, then turned back on him and pointed at him accusingly, snapping, "You know damned well what! That stupid, overly-kinky perverted thing you always want to do but I won't let you!"

"Until now…~" Komui chuckled, staring to walk towards her slowly.

He had to chuckle again when she let out an adorable, startled squeak, going to take a step back only to falter and nearly fall when the backs of her legs bumped into the side of the bed.

"Right?" Komui prompted with a grin, making a show of tearing the coupon in question out of the booklet and crumpling it in his hand.

Gracia's brow twitched. "…Goddamn—"

And Komui pounced.