An Unknown Past

An Unknown Past

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Starlight's POV

In a dark and lonely night, I was watching a movie. I hated owls because they are disturbing in my backyard. I wanted to become a fashion model or solider. I could only remember that my parents were Mrs. Frenkie and Mr. Frenkie. However they kept hiding secrets away from me. I don't know why my adopted parents are hiding secrets.

"Starlight, we are going to meet some friends in the forest. You can't join with us." Mrs. Frenkie said.

"Mom, can I please come with you? I want to see wild animals and run in the forest!" I yelled.

"You must stay here! You are an immature kid!" Mrs. Frenkie sternly said.

"Why I have to stay home?" I said and folded my arms.

"You are too inept in the forest. Also we don't want you to know about your past." Mr. Frenkie said.

"Why, Why, Why? I want to know my past." I whined like a four year old girl.

"Honey, you will not like to…." Mrs Frenkie yells again.

"Wait for me, mommy and daddy." I yell.

"Maybe we should tell her." Mr. Frenkie said. Mrs Frenkie looked at Mr. Frenkie and shook her head.

I gave my adopted parents a puzzling look. They told that I was their daughter. I really want to know who my real parents were.

"Honey, we will be back soon. Dinner is in the fridge. Call your aunt Sarah, if you need any assistance." my adopted mom said and closed the door.

I hope they will come back home within an hour. However they didn't come back.

Later I got out my drawing pencils, and began thinking about my imagination.

Soon I got tired and slept on my bed.

I woke up in the next morning and my phone rang. I picked it and my best friend, Sophie called her. "Starlight, is everything going all right?"

"Sophie, my parents had left. They told me I can't come with them. Do you know why they didn't let me?" I said and she got anxious.

"What?" Sophie said and wonders what happen to me.

"Oh, my foster parents haven't come back." I said and I was about to cry.

"Starlight, they probably are hunting some animals." Sophie said.

"I know Sophie." I sighed.

"Do you want to meet me at my house?." Sophie said.

"Yes! I am so bored! When do you want meet you." I sighed.

"Can you meet my house at three p.m.?" Sophie said.

"Sure." I said.

"Good luck, Starlight. Be safe!" Sophie said.

"Thanks, Sophie. See you soon." I said and end the phone call.

During school, I didn't like school that much because everyday there a bunch of maniac monkeys. Also I loved reading fictional stories. I love reading history and science.

I went to my classes. I didn't like writing tests or quizzes. Today, I must to go to Algebra I, World History I, Biology, and PE class. Also some people make fun of me in school because they think I was a fat girl.

Somehow, I manage to keep my body in shape. I wonder why my parents said I was not allowed to go to the forest.

However I went to my last class, PE.

While I was heading to change my uniforms, my mate, Jake met me.

"Hey, Starlight, how are you doing?" Jake said.

"I am fine, Jake." I said and chuckles.

"Oh, Starlight, I will meet you on the bus." Jake said.

"Yes, Jake." I said.

"I wish you good luck." Jake said.

"I miss you." I said.

Finally school is over, and I met Jake.

"Starlight, I want you come back!" Jake said and waves over.

"Sorry, Jake. I will meet you tomorrow!"

"Bye, Starlight!" Jake said and smiles at me.

"Bye Jake." I said.

Later I decided to call my best friend, Sophie.

"Hey Sophie, what's up?" I say in a curious voice.

"Hey, Starlight, I have been wondering that you are feeling sad because your foster parents are gone. I just hope everything will be all right. Also you have other friends, not just me. You can live with me, Starlight." Sophie said.

"Okay, I will try but I will wait for my foster parents. I hope they come home safely." I said in worried expression.

"We always love you." Sophie says and hugs her.

"Thank you, so much Sophie. I got to go back to my house." I said and hug Sophie back.

My house was located in the forest. I was near to my high school.

While I came home, I couldn't resist thinking about my adopted parents. All these years, I adore them as my role model. Soon I went home and began crying. I don't want to go to another foster family. I thought my foster parents should be home now. Could someone kill my parents or unknown secret that I didn't know before?"

Unfortunately I went to the forest. Instantly, I hope to see my foster parents. I slept and woke the next night as a snowy owl. I was in Tyto forest.

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