Chapter 4 Memories

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Flashback of Starlight's POV

At Melyair High School- in human world

In one sunny afternoon, I was walking down the hallway.

I saw a boy. He was sexy and has brown hair. I looked his eyes. I loved his eye color.

However he said to me, "Hey, how are you?" But I blinked my eyes.

I blushed. I was fourteen years old. I wasn't a popular girl in Melyair High School.

"I am fine." I said.

Sometimes I was shy to meet boys.

"Well I am fine too, Starlight" the boy said.

"Ok. What is your name?" I said

"I am Jake. How about you"

"I am Starlight." I said

"Starlight is a pretty name. Would you like to come over in my house?" Jake said.

"Sure, I would love to. Jake, I have been wondering." I said


"Wondering about?" Jake said. Jake was curious and didn't know what I am wondering about.

"Well the thing is my foster parents are busy. They work in supermarket. Would you mind to drive your car to my house?" I said.

"Sure thing, miss. Can you meet me in the parking lot?"

"Yes, but when I should meet you?" I said

"You should meet me at four. At eight, I will bring you home."

I was having this wondering daydream, but someone shook me.


"Huh, Jake?" I said.

"Who is Jake?" Aurora said.

"And where am I?" I said.

"You are in the infirmary." Aurora said.

"Ok. Anyway am I still at Great Ga'Hoole Tree." I said

"Why of course, Starlight. Our parents are in the meeting. Our mom, Barran told me to stay here and look after you. Our parents are coming in our hollow soon." Aurora said.

"Also owls sleep at day not at night. You can get moonblinked." Aurora said.

Great is she going to lecture me about owls and nature, I thought.

"Aurora, you are free to go. Starlight, why did you paint your feathers?" Barran scolds at me.

"Well, I don't care about my feathers. I wish I can go back to human world!" I yelled.

"Starlight, what's the human world?" Barran yelled at me.

I loved when my stinking parents yelled at me. Maybe I should be a Pure One, I thought. If I became Pure One, my friends will hate me. I don't want my friends hate me. Also if I became a Pure One, I could be held captive. How about escape?

"Well human world is much better than living in Ga'Hoole!" I said and got mad at my parents

"Starlight, are you yoicks?" Aurora said

"I thought you were gone, Aurora!" I said and sighed

"Starlight, you hadn't answered my question….." Barran said

"Okay, Barran. I don't like being a fat snowy owl. Don't you think I am fat, Aurora?" I said

"Nonsense! I had enough of your behavior. You are a princess of Ga'Hoole." Boron said and his fierce golden eyes stared at me.

"Boron and Barran. Why are you calling me a princess? I am definitely not your daughter. First I was raised with Others…." I said and Barran said, "Honey, you don't get it. We are sorry we abandoned you. It was battle between Pure Ones vs Guardians."

"Oh you are just making excuses! You said you abandoned me! Why did you abandone me.!" I yelled. I was so mad and I began running out of the hollow.

"Starlight, come back now. GUARDS, don't let our young'un go." Boron yelled.

Great, I am such a dick! My friends are going to hate me, I thought. I tried to hold my tears. What have I done wrong? I couldn't stand the misery anymore. I tried to get out of the hollow, but the guards block me.

"Starlight, why are you crying?" Barran said in a sweet voice.

"Be-Because I am such an idiot. When I was a baby, I was wondering how much fun I had. Later a pair of Other find me in the doorway.." I cried.

"Starlight, it will be fine. I know we tried to find our oldest daughter, and yet we did. Starlight, that day I didn't know someone would dare to kidnap our young'un. Boron and I was in meeting. We are in rush. We didn't know the royal guards have poisoned poisoned. Give us a second chance." Barran said and hugs me.

Great Barran is hugging now. If Sophie was here, she would grab a camera and take a picture. Maybe Boron would question her, what is that thing. Oh, it will be so hilarious but stupid!

"Barran and Boron. I want to find my friends and I want to find them." I said

"Starlight, you can get yourself in danger! Someone will attack you." Aurora said

"Please." I whined like a five year old.

"We will decide, Starlight. Be a good kid and we wil not give you any detentions.

I just really want to slap my parent's face!

Sophie's POV

We were in forest. My friend Lynn knew that Starlight was snowy owl. I asked her how she knew that. Lynn replied to me about her powers. I didn't know Lynn had powers.

"Lynn, you have powers?" Elizabeth Mayes said. Elizabeth was my sister. Elizabeth and I lived at a common townhouse. Sometimes Elizabeth is jealous and gets in trouble. She would not follow directions and she was pretty naughty teenager. I tried to make sure she is doing something wrong. Elizabeth ignores me. Everyday, she always gets in trouble. However something seems wrong today.

However Lynn said, "It is best for you not to know my powers. My sister, Kastern is busy and…"

I saw Lynn was about to cry, but I tried to come her down.

"Elizabeth, sometimes you don't need to know everyone's business. Also…." I said and she looked at me. My sister was so infuriated.

"Sophie, I am a free owl. I don't care about oh you have to this and that. I am tired of you!" Elizabeth hollers at me.

"Elizabeth, I understand you don't like me lecturing you…" I said.

"Enough! Jake, we are leaving to new place. You are not my sister, Sophie!" Elizabeth yelled and ran to strange place. Jake followed my sister, and I tried to hold my temper.

Oh no, Starlight will hate me now because I had made Jake mad.

However I received a phone call from my friend, Starlight.

"Starlight, are you fine?" I asked her.

"No and I wondered you were doing okay." Starlight said.

"Starlight, we will find you. Don't do anything stupid, okay?" I said.

"I am tired because I don't like it here. I miss you guys. Just don't forget about me." Starlight said and tries to hold her tears.

"Starlight, I promise we will be in Great Ga'Hoole Tree." I said.

"Ok." Starlight said.

But we didn't get there in time. Someone has attacked us…

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