Spider-Man : Enter Sandman part 18

Baker slumped to his knees, the laser beam focussed right on his back. His body turned back into its flesh coloured tones, as he gritted his teeth in pain. The laser beam was actually killing him!

" How does it feel, Baker? " Toomes sneered, getting to his feet. " Finally I'll be rid of you for good! "

" Toomes... you... killed... Marcy... " Baker grunted, and slumped to the floor. Toomes was about to fire another blast at his unconscious enemy, when a ball of webbing jammed the muzzle of his weapon.

" Not so fast, pops! " Spider-Man called out. He attempted to shoot a line of webbing at the new opponent, but nothing came out. " No webbing? " This had never happened to him before. He'd always had enough webbing for anything! He tried the other arm. Nothing.

" Not if I can help it, Webhead, " The old man replied, and dropped his energy weapon. He clicked his heels together, and his flight pack roared to life. He took off into the air, swooped down low over the hero and flew out of sight.

" What a day, " Spider-Man muttered to himself. He kneeled by the unconcious Sandman, and felt for any vital signs. The super villain was still alive. Detective George Stacy raced to Spider-Man's side. " The Sandman! " He exclaimed, looking at the unconcious man.

" Yeah! I hope you guys have prisons who can hold people like him, " Spider-Man commented to the detective.

" There's a new prison complex just outside New York. " The detective said, " It's been built to contain mutants and other meta-human criminals. "

" Well I hope Sandy enjoys his stay there, looks like it's gonna be a long one. " Spider-Man leaped onto the roof of a nearby house, ran to the edge and leaped to the next. George Stacy watched as the hero leaped from roof to roof, and out of sight.

Peter Parker was eating voraciously, replacing the protein he had used up in the form of webbing. He had finally realised that he didn't have unlimited webbing, just a lot of it. And now his body needed to regenerate the web supply. He'd never been so hungry in all his life! The Daily Bugle reporters just watched him as he was pigging out.

" Parker, you dope! " Jameson was furious. Peter put down the steak sandwich he was eating on Betty Brant's desk, who shot a look of digust at the greasy food, and entered the editor's office. " You were at the scene of the crime and you don't have one photo!? "

Peter sighed. " The police didn't want any media taking pictures, sir. They practically threw me off the scene. "

" That's the lamest excuse I've ever heard! " Jonah spat. " How come the Globe has several pictures of the wreckage, AND the fight between Spider-Man, Sandman and that Bird Guy? "

" Bird Guy? " Peter asked, a smile crossing his lips.

" The old man with the green bird wings, flapping around like a Loon, " Jameson said, somewhat calmer now. " He looks just like a bird, a buzzard or something. "

" Well Mr. Jameson, " Peter said calmly, " If I was working for you, you could fire me. But I'm just a freelance photographer. Best thing in the world for a kid my age, you said. "

" Get out of my office! " Jameson bellowed, angry at having his own words quoted back to him.

The young photographer grinned as he turned his back on the editor of the newspaper, finally having had the oppurtunity to get the old man worked up, and being powerless to do anything about it. Of course Jonah would still buy pictures from him, he was the only one who could take decent pictures of Spider-Man in action. He picked up his sandwich on his way out, and finished eating it as he left the Bugle.

The police broke down Adrian Toomes' office door, and found him lying on a leather couch in the corner, his injuries having taken their toll on him.
Recently promoted for his capture of the Sandman, Captain George Stacy strode over to his couch. " You're under the arrest for the murder of Gregory Bestman, Marcy Conroy and the attempted murder of William Baker, " the police captain said and read the elderly man his rights. Toomes was barely alive, much less able to resist arrest and put up a fight. Two paramedics lifted him onto a stretcher and carried him to an ambulance, where he would be taken to a secure medical fascility.

She turned to face the window, hearing a tapping sound right outside her apartment window. Spider-Man was there, clinging to the side of the building. He waved at her with one hand. She smiled from ear to ear, and rushed to the window to open it up.

" I thought you might wanna go for the ultimate spin, " He said as she leaned out the open window.

" Meaning? " She asked, giggling nervously.

" Well don't you want to go swinging with me? "

" I put the GERRR in swinger, baby, " she joked.

Spidey chuckled. " Well hold on tight then, " He let Mary Jane hold on to him around his shoulders, and held her in position with his free hand. With a joyful cry, he leaped off the building, and shot out a webline, swinging with a huge arc. He released the line and shot another at a nearby building, then another and another and another.

Soon they were standing on top of the Empire State Building, all alone, watching the sunset.

" This is great, " Mary Jane said, " Isn't the view awesome? "

" Yeah. " Spidey agreed. " I never get tired from the viewpoint up here. Listen M.J, I wanted to tell you something, "

" You can tell me anything, Peter. " Mary Jane was surprised at how easily she said it.

Under his mask, Peter Parker's eyes popped wide open. There was no use in pretending anymore. He brought her here to tell her his secret, anyway. Spider-Man removed his mask, and looked into Mary Jane's deep blue eyes.

" How long have you known? " He asked her, taking her hand.

" I've suspected for a while now, " Mary Jane admitted, looking into Peter's puzzled face. She laughed at his uncomfortable disposition.

" But I'm glad you decided to tell me, Tiger. " Mary Jane kissed him on the cheek.

" The reason why I wanted you to know, M.J, is I love you. I want to be with you, but part of me is scared you'll get hurt of because of who I am, and what I do day after day. " Peter hesitated. " I've loved you since I was six, Mary Jane and I can't ignore it anymore. "

" Shut up and kiss me, " Mary Jane exclaimed and threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately.

Peter returned her kiss, feeling so many emotions at once. The pure ecstacy of having true love returned, the warmth of Mary Jane's body, and then there was the concern that he wouldn't always be able to protect her, her life being in danger constantly was bad enough, but always having to upstage her to save some innocent soul. He pulled back and looked into her eyes again. " This feels almost too good to be true, " he exclaimed.

" Whatever problems we may have Peter, we can work it out, " Mary Jane said, guessing what he was thinking. " But life's not worth living if you only do things half way. If I can't love you completely, then I'd rather not love you at all... and that's wayyy too hard to do! And the same applies to you, Pete. If you love me, you can't love me from a distance. "

" Now who's talking too much? " Peter asked and kissed her again. He could tell that his streak of bad luck was letting up. Sure, it wasn't a perfect world, but for Peter Parker, it was pretty darn close. Two new super villains were in jail, the girl he loved was now his! Things were definately looking up!

With a mighty " yeeeehaaaaa " Spider-Man leaped off the roof of the building, with the girl of his dreams in his arms. He swung through the city he loved, into the sunset with the woman he loved. All in a day's work for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, he thought to himself.

The End.