Louis' POV

Is this seriously happening? We made a promise, he hadn't stuck to it. But neither had I, so who was to blame?

Harry's POV

Me and Lou, would always be seen together. We had promised that we would not let a girl come between us ever. What had happened now?

6 Months Earlier-24th December 2011 - Louis' 20th Birthday

Harry's POV

My alarm went off at 6am. I threw by hoodie at it, hopefully that would quieten it down. I must have gone back to sleep because when my alarm rang again I had no idea what time it. Then suddenly I remembered it was Lou's birthday! How had I forgotten? I got up from my bed, picked up my hoodie which was still over my alarm clock and looked for my phone. I finally found it after ten minutes of turning my room into what looked like a warzone. I hit speed dial 1.

"Morning birthday boy!" I said as soon as he picked up.

"Morning lazy," He replied.

"Oi, what was that for?"

"It's 11am, you couldn't have called up sooner?"

"No, I was busy?"

"Doing what?"

"I was umm y'kn-" He cut me off

"You were sleeping!"

"Damn, you know me so well!"

"And you, me!"

"Anyway, I have some news for you, my mum only told me this morning but she said that they're moving!"

"Where to?"

"Somewhere ages away, a place called Holmes Chapel where apparently, some popstar lives there, never heard of this popstar called Harry Styles or something?" He joked

"You're moving here? Woohoo!" I shouted down the phone ignoring his joke.

"Haz, I have to go, thanks for calling speak to you soon! Love ya!"

"Love ya to Lou!" I said as I ended that called I heard a voice behind me.

"How can I be your girlfriend when I can see you're clearly in love with Lou?" Hannah joked.

"You know I only have eyes for you babe," I said as I pulled her closer for a kiss.

Hannah was my new girlfriend, well not really, we had only told the public a week ago but secretly we have been dating for six months. Hannah was beautiful and she didn't know which gave me a perfect excuse to sing our song to her.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that your flip your hair gets me overwhelmed-" I started singing but she cut me off

"You love your songs too much!" she said before kissing me passionately.