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Harry's POV

For much of Louis' party I hung out with Hannah, I don't think Louis minded. Normally he would have been right behind us but after I introduced him to Libby I could see that he had fallen for her. Libby was great, she was one of my best friends and if Louis wanted to hook up with her that was no problem for me.

After Louis had opened my present and thanked everyone for their presents the party ended. I was going back to Louis' for a couple of hours and then I was going to head back up to Holmes Chapel with Josh and Sam. Libby had already gone (much to Louis disappointment) since she lived just outside Holmes Chapel and she wanted to get home early. Josh and Sam stayed at the park on the hope of finding some pretty ladies. When I walked through Louis' front door I let out a laugh.

"What was that?" Louis asked confused.

"You totally fell for her," I replied

"Well she's just, y'know," Louis' trailed off.

"I know she's something special mate!"

He let out a laugh and flopped down onto his couch.

"So when are you moving?" I asked, I couldn't wait for him to come down, it meant whenever we had to visit our families we could do it together.

"Um day after Boxing Day," he said, "Upstairs is completely filled up with boxes, the only things left are some clothes and the beds."

I nodded and picked up the remote, and turned on some chick flick, we weren't going to watch it but it was the only thing on.

"So what's up between you and Han?" He asked me, he was the only person that called Hannah by that nickname; she seemed to like it so I let him use it.

"We're good; I'm just so annoyed she lives so far up north!" I said, Hannah lived in South Shields, which was about 3 hours away from Holmes Chapel.

"Well, what can you do huh?" Louis said, "Wait, you could ask her to move in, y'know into our London flat, you'll be 18 soon so you won't need me and I can move out into the flat across the hall!"

"That's a good idea Lou," I started, "But I don't want to move out from you! I'm still your little boy however old I get!" I said fake crying.

"Oh Haz!" Louis started fake crying as well.


We hugged each other.

"Seriously someone would think you're in love!" I saw my sister; Gemma standing in the doorway as she said that.

"But we are sis, can't you see it!" I said joking.

"I'd love to see how Hannah would react to that," she said.

Louis burst out laughing,"Haz, I'm sorry I don't feel the same way!"

Me and Gemma looked at each other and then burst out laughing as well.

"C'mon Harry we gotta go!" Gemma said once we had stopped.

I said my goodbye to Louis and wished him a great 'Twenteenth' birthday and a great Christmas and told him to text me where he was moving to in Holmes Chapel so I could come help him.

Louis' POV

I couldn't stop thinking about Libby so I thought maybe I should text her, I found my phone and went through my contacts, only then did I realise that I hadn't gotten her number. I texted Harry instead.

Haz, can I have Libby's number, I can't stop thinking about her!

I re-read the text and clicked send; I flopped onto my bed and waited for a reply. My phone vibrated next to me, I opened the message; it was from Harry.

Hehe, I knew it, you're lovesick! Okay, her number is-

I didn't finish reading the text as I click on her number save it in my contacts and sent her a text.

Hey Libby, it's Lou! Got your number off Haz, thanks for coming to my party I had a fab time with you! Wanna go out sometime? Lou :)

I waited for a reply; ten minutes went but no reply. I dragged myself into the kitchen and made myself a coffee. My phone was in my pocket and when it vibrated it made me jump spilling coffee all over myself. I glanced at my screen 1 new Message from Libby came up, I open the text quickly.

Hey Lou, it's fine, I had an awesome time! I would love to just name the place and time. Libby x

I replied rapidly.

What about on the 27th? I'm moving to Holmes Chapel that day so maybe you could meet me a Harry's at about 9am and then we could go check out my new house? Lou :) xx

She replied quickly this time.

Sure! I'll meet you there! Have a great xmas! Libby xox

Thanks, you too! Lou xx

I was over the moon; I was meeting Libby in only a few days time! That's when I remember, I hadn't asked Harry if we could meet up at his house, I quickly texted him.

Just been texting Libby, we're meeting up on the 27th at your house then gonna go round to my new house! Hope that's okay! ;) Boobear

My phone vibrated immediately.

Ooo la la! It's fine man, my house is your house. Haz :)

Thanks man, I owe you one! Boobear :)

I didn't think Harry would text me back after that but he did.

Louis and Libby sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Haz x

I wish! Lou ;)

I chuckled to myself. A few days ago I was excited for Christmas and my birthday now; I couldn't care less about them I just wanted to meet Libby. Harry was right I was lovesick.

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