Code Lyoko: Super Soldier

Warning: I fail at summaries.

Carter is the typical new girl at Kadic Academy that you can find in any fanfic. But what's not so typical is her insane connection to Lyoko and the men in black. Curious?

Rated T for swearing and some minor gore.

Chapter 1: The Beginning of It All

I was in the backseat of my parents' car. We had just left from a band recital where I had rocked out on the drums. It was nine thirty at night.

How was my dad supposed to see a truck with no lights on, being driven by a drunk driver?

When he did realize it, it was too late. The impact took my mom out instantly, though I didn't see it. I had blacked out when it happened. When I finally woke up, it was pitch black, save for the red and blue flashing lights of a police car. I tried to reach out to my parents, and even then I knew they were dead.

I stared at their bodies, their unrecognizable faces as the unimaginable horror raced through my mind.

My mother's face was only a look of surprise when the engine of the other car rammed into her, getting her in the stomach.

But my father… His face was twisted in pure agony and fear as he saw the glass impale him right at his heart.

And all I could do was scream as the medics tried to save us.

I was only eight years old.

I woke up in a cold sweat in my uncle's car. My vision was blurry, and the sun peeking through the window didn't help at all. "Are you all right, sweetheart?" My uncle's warm voice asked from the driver's seat.

"Yeah, dad, I'm fine." After my parents died, my uncle took me in. He looks almost exactly like my dad, so when I was little, I started to call him my dad. I don't really know why, but the nickname just stuck.

"We're almost at the school. We can stop at one of the shops for some breakfast if you're hungry." Food did sound good. I hadn't eaten anything since dad and I left my grandparents' house the night before to drive the hundred miles it took to get here.

Thankfully, Kadic Academy was surrounded by the beautiful city of Paris, France and had a number of cafes and shops in it. Tomorrow was my first day of school; for my dad, it meant he had to go back to teaching at the military school history department in America. We wouldn't get to see each other for a long time. But at least for today, we were able to hang out.

After about thirty minutes, we stopped at the café closest to Kadic and had breakfast. And of course, my dad's cell phone rang before we even ordered any food.

"Hello? ... Oh, hi mom." My dad stuck his finger in his mouth to tell me that it was grandmother calling, the one we left the night before. "Yes, we're near Kadic. We just stopped for some breakfast before Carter- I mean, Catherina, enrolled for the year." Dad paused. "Yes, she's right next to me. Here you go." He handed the phone to me.

"Yes, grandmother?" I answered hesitantly. "Hello, dear. How are things?" My grandmother's clipped tone rang out in my ears. My grandma was a strict person who raised my mother in France and who did not like my father-my real one- very much. Although she had some respect for my uncle for taking care of me despite not even being married.

Both of my grandparents are doctors, though they look so beautiful that they could be models. My mother definitely got her looks from them. They were the ones who gave me a crash course in all things French during the two months I stayed at their house.

"Everything is great, grandmother. I can see the school, and it looks like a university." I wasn't lying; the academy was a boarding school, and already I could see the huge campus stretching out before me.

"Yes, it's probably better than any of your American schools," My grandmother's voice had a smug tone to it. Like anybody patriotic to their country, they thought their country was the best the world had ever seen. My grandparents were no exception.

"I don't know about that, but it certainly is different." I turned back to my dad, who was fiddling with his tie. His handsome face looked uncomfortable, and he was combing his black hair with his hands, and nervous trait of his- was something wrong?

"I figure you must not want to talk to me, since this is your last day with your uncle, so I end with this: We are all very proud of you, especially since you took our hellish training in French culture in stride." I smiled at that. "We expect great things from, Catherina. Do not disappoint us." And then the call ended.

That was weird. Grandmother never spoke like that; Grandfather maybe, but not grandmother. But without a second thought, I gave the phone back to my dad. He looked really relieved. He didn't explain why, and I didn't pry. I didn't want to ruin today of all days.

After breakfast, we parked the car in the school parking lot and left for the administrative office to enroll. My dad had to leave soon, so we were in a hurry. It didn't help that we were getting lost.

"Hold on, I'll ask for directions." I left my dad with the school map and walked up to two girls, one pretty Asian girl dressed in black and one with awesome dyed pink hair and an elfin face.

"Hi. Would either of you know where the administrative office is?" I asked them both. "Over there," the Asian one said, pointing to the building next to her. "Thanks," I said, relieved, and ran back to my dad. "We're here." He looked at the building in front of him. "Of course it would be right in front of me. It's so obvious."

From there, we met Mr. Delmas, the principal of the school who enrolled me and gave me my class schedule. I won't tell you the entire speech, since it was a bunch of fluff anyway, but he did mention my grades quite a bit. He also mentioned I had a roommate, which I was more or less okay with, and finished off with "We are all very happy to have you here at Kadic Academy."

After we left the office, my dad had to leave. He looked like he was about to cry, but he was in the military, and they don't tolerate weakness. The same can be said about family. I said to him, "Don't cry, dad. You're too old to do that."

"What about you? You're only fifteen! Your still a child. You shouldn't be so far away from your family." "You know this is a good thing for me. Without my grades, I wouldn't get this chance to go to France. Besides, I had to get out of San Diego eventually." I answered him softly, knowing that after he left, he would totally break down. "I'll see you at break." After a long hug, he left, never looking back.

I didn't bother watching him. I walked to the dorms, hoping that all my stuff came here this morning. In the meantime, I was able to see a bunch of other rich kids roaming around campus with their parents, acting as if they didn't have a care in the world. Then again, it was probably their last day with their parents as well, so they want to act all happy for each other.

The dorm was a huge building with four stories and blended in with the rest of the school. Boys were on the second and fourth floors, girls first and third. My room was on the third, the farthest one down the hall. I knocked before entering.

The girl with pink hair that I met earlier was already making herself at home, putting up a poster of the Subdigitals, a band I had never heard about. She noticed me after a few seconds.

"Oh! Hi there. You're the girl from earlier, right?" She smiled at me. She had a really nice smile.

"Yeah. You can call me Carter." I looked at the small room. Two beds on either walls, two small desks, one with an ancient computer and the other with a brand new laptop on it- my roommate's property, I presumed. There was an ancient metal bookshelf and two armoires for the two of us. My stuff was laid neatly on the right side of the room.

"You can call me Aelita." The pinkette now had a name. "The girl you met earlier was Yumi. I can introduce you to my other friends later."

"You don't have to do that!" I said a bit too quickly. "I mean, even though we're roommates and have to get along, that doesn't mean we have to be best friends or anything." I could feel my face heating up as I spoke.

Aelita laughed. "It's okay. I don't mind at all." And with that she went back to putting up her poster.

I sighed. I had given her an out and she refused to take it. We could be friends after all.

I checked out the armoire. It had a convenient mirror on the inside of the door when you opened it, though it was small. I wanted to see if I had red eyes from almost crying earlier.

Dad always said I looked like the perfect child for my mom and real dad, and if you've seen pictures of either of them, you'd have to agree. I had my father's black hair and ice blue eyes, but I had my mother's oval face, pale skin, and in a few years, her curves as well. I didn't inherit her blond hair or brown eyes. My mom really was a model for a while before she had me, and after I was born she became a photographer. She was really good at it too, taking wedding pictures and getting a lot of money for it. When she found out I had a knack for drawing, she made me take special art classes. It's thanks to her that I can draw so well.

Tears started welling in my eyes at the thought of my mother. I willed them back before Aelita saw me. I then started to unpack my stuff, starting with my clothes.

Just then, Aelita's cell phone rang. She answered saying, "Jeremy! How are you?" I couldn't hear what the other guy was saying. It was probably just her boyfriend. I continued to put my clothes in the armoire.

"Yeah, I'm in the dorms. No, I haven't finished packing, but I can still come. Is it okay if I bring a friend?" She smiled at me. Why hadn't I seen this coming?

"It's my roommate, silly! I'll see you there." She put her phone away in the pocket of her pink shorts and grabbed my hand. "Come on! You have to meet my friends. I think you'll like them." And with that, I was being dragged out towards the campus.

"Is she coming?" Ulrich asked Jeremy as he put his phone away. "Yeah, and she's bringing someone with her."

"Who?" Yumi asked. "She said it was her roommate." Jeremy answered. "Is she cute?" Odd asked typically.

"No idea. I haven't met her." "Looks like we're about to." Yumi pointed at her friend Aelita and the poor girl she was dragging with her. "Now that I think about it, I think I saw her before. Aelita's friend, I mean."

"You did?" Ulrich asked. "Yeah. Earlier she asked me for directions. She was really pretty." "You don't say,"Ulrich said as Aelita stopped short of the group.

"Hey guys, I want you to meet Carter, my new roommate." She gestured to the girl next to her.

Yumi wasn't kidding; she really was beautiful. Her ice-sharp eyes contrasted nicely with the softness of her facial features, and her waist long black hair gleamed blue in the sunlight. She was wearing a large black tee shirt, tattered jeans and beat-up flip flops, as if she didn't particularly care how she looked. She was only a little taller than Aelita.

Odd's jaw dropped at the sight of her.

"Hey," I said shyly. Aelita's friends were a strange mix: there was a blond boy with horn-rimmed glasses that made him seem like a computer nerd, the pretty Asian girl with a thing for black, a handsome German boy who was probably dating the most popular girl in school, and a boy with a hairstyle that defied gravity itself and a love for purple. The strange thing about the last boy was the fact that he had a purple splotch in the middle of his hair. It was probably dyed, like Aelita's hair.

"You can close your mouth now," I said to one of them. His brunette friend laughed as the other one burned red.

"Something tells me you guys get along great," Aelita said, smiling. She was probably remembering my earlier statement about not having to be best friends.

And, of course, when a group of friends are getting along, someone has to come by and ruin it.

"Well isn't this a pretty picture!" A snobby voice rang out. The laughter died immediately.

"Oh, great, not you!" The handsome German boy exclaimed. It was obvious that this was someone everyone particularly detested.

"Who's the new girl, Ulrich?" She asked him. "She better not be your girlfriend." "Don't tell me your jealous, Sissi." The purple boy said in a mocking tone.

"Shut up, Odd!" The girl named Sissi said. She turned back to me. "Listen, new girl. You keep your hands off of my Ulrich, you hear?" She had a horribly smug look that seriously ticked me off.

"First of all, I can talk to whomever whenever I want. Second of all, the new girl has a name. It's Carter. But from the way you've been acting, I doubt you'll even remember it, you brat."

"Excuse me?" Sissi yelled, flabbergasted. "I'm sorry. Am I speaking to fast for you?" I said slowly, like I was talking to a child.

Sissi didn't bother to retaliate. She left in a huff and didn't look back.

"That was awesome!" Odd said, patting me on the back. "Remind me next time not to get you angry." Ulrich said with a small smile.

"Who was that anyway? I mean, I know her name and attitude, but…"

"That's Sissi, the principal's daughter. But don't worry, we all talk like that to her." Aelita reassured me.

"Right. Anything else I need to know?" I asked. I didn't know the names of everyone here.

"Well, you obviously know Aelita. This is Jeremy, the Einstein of the group"- Odd pointed at the nerdy-looking guy- "that's Ulrich, the quiet one. This is Yumi"-he pointed at the pretty Asian girl-"She's also someone you don't want to mess with. And I'm Odd, the funny one."

"He may say that, but his jokes are terrible," Jeremy joked, talking for the first time. Everyone laughed, even me.

Suddenly, Jeremy's computer bag started ringing. It was probably his laptop needing a recharge, but from the way he acted, it sounded much worse.

"Uh, guys…" Jeremy trailed off. The others looked at me, their faces giving them away. How do we get rid of her nicely?

"I can tell when I'm not wanted. I'll see you back at the dorm later, Aelita." I walked away, hearing their running feet as they got away. "I'll see you later!" was Aelita's answer.

Who would have thought that my blissfully normal existence would forever be warped by something that sounded like a sci-fi movie?

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