This is written for Rebecca (lazoey) as a thank you for my wonderful Christmas card. I don't own the characters or Doctor Who, obviously.

The Doctor had tried everything, and I mean everything, to make Donna's Christmas special. He took her to the first tree lighting in Rockafeller Center, ice-skating on the moon, even to the very first Christmas, but nothing worked. Donna, of course, had fun and thanked him for the attempt, but it hadn't changed her disposition. Christmas, to her, would always be just another holiday where people spent their life savings on toys that would be forgotten about in three days time.

"Christmas is about family, being together, putting aside differences to celebrate a joyous event!" he had told her, handing her a cup of hot cocoa as he sank into his side of the couch. He clicked on A Christmas Story and, within ten minutes, was busting out in fits of laughter. Donna, however, rolled her eyes at every lame attempt at a joke the movie gave, and eventually nodded off.

She woke up to the sound of bells.

Donna brushed it off at first, grunting as she tried to bat away the sound. But it didn't work, the bells continued their insistent jingling until finally, Donna sprang up, mouth open and ready to holler.

The sight she found was less than irritating.

River Song stood in the doorway, a playful smirk plastered on her red lips. Donna had no idea how she got into the TARDIS, or why she was there, but she was. Donna rubbed her eyes, and it was then did she realize what River was wearing.

She was wrapped, from bust to thighs, in gold tinsel. In her wild mess of curls, tucked nearly behind her ear, was a candy cane. Around her wrist was a bracelet with bells, what Donna concluded to be the source of the sound that awoke her. She was sure that the tinsel was the only thing protecting River from the always-too-cold air in her friend's spaceship, but the other woman didn't seem to mind it. She was probably too hot to notice anyway, going by the wild look in her eyes and her flushed cheeks.

"Merry Christmas, Miss Noble," River purred, stepping closer to where Donna sat, awestruck, on the couch.

"Uh, if you're looking for the Doctor, he's probably in his room-"

"I'm not looking for the Doctor, darling. I'm looking for you."

Donna opened her mouth to speak but before she could, River caught her lips in a heated kiss. At first she went to push River away, to make sure that gorgeous woman had her head on straight, but River's warm, delicate, hands running up her pajama shirt was enough to sway her. Donna responded to the kiss with months of pent up sexual tension, nearly knocking the wind out of the other woman.

Donna lost control of time and thought, stuck in a haze of sheer pleasure. Her body seemed to numb to everything but River's talented digits, caressing and stroking and rubbing and protruding. She knew every spot that made her shiver, where to kiss and where to flick. The only sounds in the TARDIS were River's bells, steadily gaining speed, and Donna's moans that lead into a final cry of River's name in a fit of passion and ecstasy.

It took a while to come down from her high, but River was there, grinning and licking her lips. By now the tinsel had been savagely ripped off her cream colored skin, all that remained was the candy cane and bracelet. Donna brought her hand to her heaving chest, attempting to catch her breath.

"Oh River Song," she heaved, eyeing the woman with dark eyes, "you are definitely on the naughty list."