Me- "First Soul eater fic, My OC will be in this, and there will most likly be SoulxDtK (Death the Kid). So please enjoy."

Soul POV

The gang and I walked out of the DWMA and towards Kids house. Black star was yelling about somthing or other and Tsubaki was trying to calm him down. Kid and the sisters were walking directly in the middle in perfect symmetry while Maka talked to them from beside Liz. I was walking on the other side of Patty. Chrona was walking nervously just behind turned down a street and directly in front of us was a girl in an all black dress with black boots and a pointed hat.

"Witch." Maka growled. the girl turned around and we saw her dark red hair and light red eyes. She quirked an eyebrow up.

"Me? Oh no no little girl. I'm no witch. I'm actully new in town... my aunt said that this was were the DWMA was, so I came...but I'm not very good with directions. I can see the DWMA over there...I'm just having some troubles getting there...Could you get me there please? I was supposed to meet , my aunt said she wrote him about me coming..."

"What would a witch want to do in the DWMA? It's all been seen before." I said. She sighed and tossed her arms up.

"I am not a witch! I'm a freaking miester! God dammit every one thinks that the goth girl is a witch! God do you know how many freaking times I've been hunted by people because they thought I was a fucking witch? To many fucking times. My best friend and my fucking weapon was nearly killed because of a bunch of kids who thought that I was a witch. But you wanna know the worest thing? My weapon is my fucking little sister!"

"You-you can't be telling the truth! I can't see your soul!"

"Nor can I."

"I know. My aunt is a witch. She made me a charm that acts a lot like soul protect. She made it for me because my soul was darker than normal. But I'm not evil. I would never, force my little sister to fight for evil her soul is too bright."

"If that's true than when is this sister of yours? Hmm? Or does the mighty black star need to show you how bright I am before you can see her? Because I will surrpass god you know."

"He's not very bright is he? But fine I'll show you my little sister." The girl pulled out a light purple bow from under her cloak. It glowed bright pink before turning into a seven year old girl wearing a pink dress with pig-tails and blonde hair. She latched on to the other girls leg.

"Lynn~ what are we doin? Wheres ~ these dont's look like him... Lynny?"

"It's okay Tsuki, shh, shh. I'll get us to stien if it's the last thing I do." As she said it she touched a charm around her neck.

Maka POV

The girl appearently named Lynn, touched the charm around her neck and I could see both of their souls. The little girls was small and pink while the older girls was dark and it was protecting the younger ones.

"You said you lived with your aunt why not your parents." Tsubaki asked. If looks could kill the poor weapon girl would be dead by now. The little girl buried her self farther into her sister's cloak and seemed to be crying. The older girl picked her up and held her close.

"Shh, it's okay Tsuki, nothing wrong. It's okay, the dream is gone, it won't come back."

"Lynn keep it away keep it away! I don't want to hear it again. Make it go away!" Lynn sighed.

"See what you did? You just brought back the worest memories possible. If you want to know what happend take me to ."

"Fine." I said. Soul looked at me and so did the others.

"You guys go, we'll meet you at Kids house." I said. THe others nodded slowly before walking on. I nodded at Soul and he turned into a scythe.

"Sissy! Their going to hurt us just like what happend to mommy and daddy! Sissy don't let them hurt you! I won't let them!" The little girl turned back into a bow and landed in her sisters hands.

"You see what you've done? Now I won't be able to get her to un-transform until she calms down which won't happen until he does!" She said pointing to Soul.

'I don't know how can we be sure that this girl is telling the truth?'

'I don't know if we can but that little girl, her soul was so innocent and small, I don't want to scare her and if they need to see than we should help them.'

'I guess, I just hope your not doing anything stupid.' I rolled my eyes as Soul turned normal again. The little girl turned human soon after and climbed onto her sisters back.

"Come on sissy! Let's do the airplane? Can we?" I smiled as the little girl actully giggled after what she had been doing.

"Okay, let's go before this gets to un-cool." Soul said. The older girl glared at him but we started to walk towards house any way.

-lala giraffe-

Once we finally got to his house the door opened and he rolled out.

Lynn POV

"Your ? My aunt said that you could help us."

"Hmm, yes. I do remeber a letter, your aunt is witch claire yes?"

"That's her."

"Hey, he know's auntie! I wonder if he knew..m-mommy and d-daddy!"

"I know Tsuki, I know. You read the letter?"

"Yes. I believe these will help her sleep better. She'll be able to sleep with out them at some point but for now it will help keep the nightmares away."

"Your sure it will work? Witches magic didn't even help."

"Yes, I recall your aunt mentioning that. Have you been using the spell as well?"

"Only on her. My magic is too weak at the moment to help much. I need a good rest before I'll be able to help her but I can't do that until she gets to sleep, you see the problem?" Before the dr could reply a scyth blade was at my neck.

"I knew you were a witch your soul was to dark to be human."

"Lynny~! She's going to do to you what they did to mommy and daddy!"

"Maka! Stand down! This witchling is not going to do any harm! You can trust me have I ever told you wrong?"

"I guess not, but I'm still watching her." Maka said as her weaponed returned to his human form.

"What I don't get is how a witch is a miester any way." the scyth said.

"...It's a long story that I'll tell after Tsuki goes to sleep. She doesn't need to relive our past."


"Thank you. Tsuki, sissy needs you to swallow this okay? Can you do that for sissy?" Tsuki nodded and took one of the many pills. She put it in her mouth and made a face at the taste. I congured up a small sup of water. She put it all in her mouth and gulped.

"That was icky sissy!" I smiled at her.

"But now you can sleep, and I'll be able to play with you again."

"No bad dreams?"

"No bad dreams." Tsuki nodded and rubbed her eyes as the pills took effect.

"I guess you should come to Kids house with us, that way we don't have to repeat the story." I nodded and we all walked off. Tsuki was asleep on my back by the time we got there and she was sleeping soundly instead of kicking and crying. They walked in and I followed behind them. They lead me into the living room where the other people where all sitting around.

"You brought her here?"

"It's okay. She is going to tell us what happened and no attacking, Stien said."

"I guess the best place to start is the beginning. When I was about six and Tsuki was about three months I learned I was a miester. It's also about that time that my parents told me that they were witches. I was introduced to the clan that was my family and taught what they knew. My clan was my parents and my mothers only living relative her younger sister. It was because our kind were hunted by miesters and other witches. Because miester thought we were evil and the other witches knew that we were good. We used our powers to help each other and help hurt people when we could. Than when I was twelve they came. A miester, a scyth miester to be accurate and her weapon. They came into our house. She was nice looking in a way. He red hair and red eyes. He looked young no older than twenty maybe. He turned into a scyth. His miester said 'You are the last souls I need to turn my scyth spirit into a death scyth, than I'll be the best miester!' I don't think she knew that me and little four year old tsuki were there. We had been watching for our parents to come down the hall. We watched in silent horror as the woman came and killed both our parents. It was like a spell was cast over us, we had to watch as the man came and ate our parents souls. 'Hmm, that was good. I can feel the power.' The woman smiled at him and he flashed. When the light went away it showed that he had a couple of scyths on him now. Tsuki let out a little cry at this point. 'Mama! Papa! Lynn he killed mama and papa!' They turned down the hall and saw us standing there. 'Should we take thier souls too?' The man asked. '...Nah, leave them for some one else, they aren't witches yet. And that little one almost reminds me of our daughter.' They walked out. It's gotten better for me over the last three years. I'm fifteen and I've slowly started to forget them. I use a memory spell to remind me of all the fun times... but Tsuki...she has a photographic memory. Has since she was born. There is nothing I can do to take the image of our parents falling limply to the ground and than thier souls being eaten."

"Did you say the mans name was spirit and that he had red hair?" Patty asked.


"Well that's the name of maka's papa! He's a death scyth too! In fact he is Lord Death scyth."


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