A/N Lame little drabble for Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone 3

Harry rolled over in his bed, cracking an eye open to the world. The room was still rather dingy and gray, but a bright,white light flooded the room. It was Christmas. And it was snowing out. With a groan, he sat up, running a hand through his messy hair. Kreacher shuffled in with a cup of tea, a small smile on his head, but obviously not enjoying the red father Christmas hat on his head. Harry quirked a brow as he took the tea.

"Ah, who put that on you, Kreacher?" He asked, taking a sip. Kreacher grumbled.

"Master Malfoy thought it would be amusing, as its Christmas, Master. Kreacher does not agree, Kreacher tried to get away from Master Malfoy but he was smarter, a prime example of his bloodline yes-"

Harry cut him off with a small laugh, spilling some of the tea. Yes, he sometimes forgot that Malfoy was hear. That it wasn't a dream. His heart fluttered nervously. Lately it always did when he thought of the blond who lived with him. Which was rather often.

"Kreacher has prepared a breakfast downstairs, sir, unless you would like to eat in bed?" Kreacher asked, wringing his hands together.

"Don't bother Kreachur," Came a sly drawl, Draco pushing open the door. "He can get his lazy arse out of bed to go eat."

Harry wrinkled his nose, but smiled, nodding to Kreacher to send him off. The elf shuffled out, Draco walking in with a cocky air. He was already fully dressed, hair clean, and with that all to familiar smirk. Harry loved it.

"Well you're ready for the Holidays aren't you?" Harry joked, moving over as Malfoy sat on his bed.

"And you most definitely aren't," He joked back. "So did you get me anything?"

"Maybe," Harry said with a smirk. Draco leaned in, his face close enough that Harry could feel his breath. He felt heat rise to his face, locking eyes with the blondes.

"Well, I got you something," Malfoy announced. Before Harry could ask, Draco pressed his lips to the others. Harry kissed back, enjoying the soft and tender Christmas kiss. As Malfoy pulled back, Harry wrapped his arms around him and pulled him into the mattress, stealing another kiss.

"Damn, I got you the same thing," He said with a smile.