Remember the episode of Supernatural all the way back in season 2 when a Djinn got his grubby mitts on Dean and showed him what life could have been like if Azazel had never killed Mary Winchester. Well a Djinn turns up in Beacon Hills and gets hold of Stiles.

This is a four part fic. I thought it would be easier to split it into bite size chunks and post that way so this is the first part. Don't worry I haven't abandoned Hell And High Water, just Jackson doesn't want to talk about his feelings (fancy that) so I'm going to post this.

This is a wee Christmas gift to all you folks who talk to me all the time, I won't name names, you know who you are, and of course to my faithful reviewers! Thank you all! I hope you enjoy this!

Woman-of-the-night was an awesome beta for this. And Jo had to relive it time and time again before I got it onto paper!


Sweet Dream Beautiful Nightmare

Stiles woke to the sound of the television playing in the background. His face was pressed into his pillow, so hot against his skin. He opened his eyes. There was a soft light on in the bedroom too but it was low so the room was mostly dark. The digital alarm clock on his bedside table read 22:27.

Only he didn't have digital alarm clock. Nor had he any intentions of reading A Game of Thrones which was sitting beside it. He was pretty sure he didn't even own the book. The programme was good enough for him. Then someone laughed quietly in the bed beside him. A male someone.

Stiles twisted getting his legs caught in the sheets. A leg was pressed against his own but it moved and hands were soothing him, helping him to turn. 'Hey baby calm down.' A strangely familiar voice said. Stiles couldn't place it. When he finally untangled himself he looked up. In the dim light of the bedroom Derek Hale peered back with concerned eyes. 'You ok? You feel better?'

'Better?' Stiles asked pushing himself into a sitting position.

'Yeah? You were in pretty shitty form earlier. You fainted when you came home from work. I had to carry you to bed.'

'Work? I work?' Stiles said. Last he remembered was skipping last period English to meet the hot girl who just started working in Stiles' second favourite diner (second because it's chilli cheese fries were below average but the orange chocolate milkshakes rocked his world). The girl was into him, every time he was in the diner, which was a lot lately because no one had ever been into him before, she spent ages talking. Yesterday she asked him to join her at the old sawmill on the edge of town for an afternoon picnic.

'Yes you work you dumbass.' Derek said pressing a soft kiss to Stiles' forehead and interrupting his thoughts. Derek frowned, touching the skin there. 'You're temperatures down at least. Here have some water.' Derek said, wrapping an arm around Stiles' shoulders before handing him a glass of water. Stiles took a long gulp before handing the glass back.

'What's going on?' Stiles asked holding the glass. He was wearing a too big t-shirt. Derek was shirtless. He looked awesome, but then Derek Hale always looked awesome.

'I don't know. I think its flu.' Derek said. 'Or a bug, maybe you have one of those twenty four hour things.'

'I'm hallucinating?' Stiles asked.

'Are you? What do you see?' Derek was on his knees now flicking on the overhead light and tilting Stiles head back to look into his eyes.

'Um, you.' Stiles said trying, and failing, to pull his head away from Derek.

'Hold still Stiles.' Derek said softly. 'You're eyes look ok to me. Have you had another migraine lately?'

'I've never had a migraine in my life.' Stiles said finally pulling his head free.

'You had one last week. Remember the pain and the blacking out and the puking?'

'Huh. Are we in your house?'

Derek stared at Stiles for a long minute. In the background someone was shot on the television. Derek was watching a cop movie.

'I would have thought you hated cop movies.' Stiles said.

'Stiles what the hell is going on? I'm worried. I'm gonna' call Laura.'

'You're sister?' Stiles asked.

'Do you know any other Laura's?' Derek asked lifting his phone. 'Maybe she can help.'

'How can she help?'

'Oh I don't know maybe her medicine degree will come in handy.'

'Medicine?' Stiles said finally getting out of the bed. He watched as Derek stood wearing just soft grey sleeping pants that clung to his round ass perfectly. They were slung low on his hips and Stiles felt like he needed to lie back down. Something weird was going on.

Ok so he started with the facts.

Derek Hale hates Stiles' guts. He told him those very words the day before yesterday when Stiles asked him what kind of grumpy juice he'd been drinking every morning because the latest batch seemed to be off, Derek was scowlier than normal but less spiteful.

Laura Hale is dead. Stiles knows because he seen her body with his own eyes. Or half of it.

He's a high school loser.

His mom used to get the odd migraine but he doesn't think he's ever had one. Unless it's been werewolf induced. He doesn't think he's gay. Ok so he'll admit to the deepest part of himself that he has a crush on Derek but that just came from the guy's power and position in the pack right? But still, full on sharing a bed, and a house, with Derek is like Scott ignoring Allison to ask Stiles how his day's been for a change.

He knows for certain he does not have a job. He's broke, if he had a job, he would see money, and thus see a new Xbox. He's pretty sure he doesn't have a new Xbox.

Derek came back into the room with two pills in his hand. He looks incredible. 'Ok, so Laura said she'll pop over tomorrow. Take these to reduce your temperature and lots of fluid and sleep. You're to take the rest of the week off.' Derek said handing Stiles the pills and the glass of water again. Stiles took them; he didn't know what else to do. He finished the glass of water, and almost dropped it when Derek wrapped his arms around him pulling him flush against his body. 'She also said no sex.' Derek pouted kissing Stiles neck. Stiles froze; Derek Hale was smooching his neck. 'So hurry up and get better.'

Derek's hands were slipping down the back of Stiles' joggers now. 'I need more water.' Stiles said in a panic. Derek stepped back and took the glass.

'So you do.' He said, kissing Stiles on the lips and walking out of the room.

Curiosity got the better of Stiles and he followed Derek. There was a dresser as he's about to leave the room with a gun, a badge and a stab vest on it. Stiles picked up the badge, Detective Sargent Hale, it said, and a picture of a gruff looking Derek glaring at the camera. Stiles put it back and headed out of the room. Derek's a cop? Is he undercover? What the hell is going on? Is he dreaming because he thought police would be at the very bottom of the list of jobs Derek would apply for?

The hall was large with half a dozen white doors, all closed. Stiles walked down the stairs into the hallway. There's a big living room with a massive television and black leather sofa's curled around it. He noticed a PS3 tucked into the cabinet along with a state of the art sound system. There's a dining area towards the back with a big oval table and eight chairs around it. Stiles tried to think of eight people he knows who would ever share a meal with him.

The kitchen was massive too. There was an island in the middle and counters surrounding it. There's a breakfast bar with stools tucked neatly underneath and a pile of letters waiting for attention along with newspapers, two sets of car keys and a phone. Derek was at the sink. 'Hey you should have got back into bed.' He said softly turning around. 'You do look pale.'

'I fancied stretching my legs.' Stiles said, leaning against the counter.

'Are you hungry? You told me you didn't eat lunch.'

'Yeah, Jackson was being a dick.' Stiles said before he could stop himself. Derek frowned.

'How did you see Jackson at lunch?'

'In the canteen.' Stiles said.

'Jackson's in New York.' Derek said.

'I knew that. How come?'

'Stiles what the hell is going on with you?' Derek asked.

'What, nothing I just…' Stiles was cut off when the phone on the counter rang.

'Hale.' Derek snapped into the phone. 'Again. Fuck sake. Ok, give me ten minutes John. Yes, he's awake. He looks pale but his temperatures away. Ok. I'll see you in ten.' Derek said ending the call. 'That was your dad. There's been another body found in the woods.' Derek said handing Stiles the water and going back upstairs.

'And?' Stiles asked following him. 'Another one Stiles. Your dad was checking on you to make sure you're ok. Your mom's going to call over in the morning if I'm not home to check on you. I don't know how long I'll be gone.' Derek said.

'My mom?' Stiles asked. He couldn't believe Derek would do this, say this to him. He went into the bedroom behind Derek to ball him out for what he just said but…

Derek Hale was naked, poking in a dresser. All Stiles could do was stare at the strong thighs and the soft cock nestled in a dark thatch of hair. Stiles blinked when Derek tugged a pair of black boxers up his legs but not before turning and giving Stiles an awesome view of Derek's butt. He was dressed in minutes in black jeans, boots and a grey t-shirt. He pulled his gun belt over his shoulders before checking the safety on his gun and sliding it into the holster. He clipped his badge onto his belt before turning to Stiles. 'I'll call you ok baby.' Derek said pressing a kiss to Stiles' lips. 'Come downstairs with me, get yourself something to eat them come back up to bed.' Derek took Stiles' hand.

Derek's hand was warm and calloused as he led him back to the kitchen where he picked up his phone. He lifted his leather jacket from the back of one of the kitchen chairs and slipped it over his shoulders. Stiles couldn't help but stare.

'Stiles!' Derek said. 'Are you ok?'

'I didn't think they let werewolves in the police.' Stiles said as Derek lifted his car keys. 'Yeah well I'm special.' Derek said fisting Stiles' t-shirt in his hand and pulling him close to kiss him one last time. 'Take it easy. Eat something, and then go to bed. No jerking off without me.' Derek warned playfully. Stiles didn't think the words Derek and playfully went together in the one sentence but what did he know! 'You be ok?' Derek asked his face turning serious.

'I'll be fine.' Stiles said. Derek kissed him one more time. 'I love you.' He said turning and heading out the door.

'Be careful.' Stiles called out. He heard the engine of a car roar to life then die away. 'Well that was fucking weird.' Stiles said collapsing into a chair.