"Well, well, well," a female voice mused, "And just who might we have here?" I turn to face her and she sticks her lantern in my face to get a closer look at me and I her. She had wavy shoulder length black as night hair. Her eyes were a complimenting dark brown that could see right through your very soul. The woman's clothes didn't show any sign of royalty, but I had a feeling it was safest to not run and let her inspect me seeing. She looks me up and down and then pulls out some papers from her belt that look like wanted posters. Flipping through them she pulls out one and looks at it and then at me again and again. I get a glance at it *oh dear lord* I see my face perfectly sketched with the caption in big bold under it:




She puts the papers swiftly back under her belt and then makes a tight rope bonds to my hands before I can even move a muscle.

"You're coming with me," the woman says as she shoots a sleeping dart into my poor Chira.

"Who the hell are you?" I scoff.

"Yulia Wendrick, the bounty hunter. There's nothing you can do to stop me. I need this money boy, I haven't found a criminal in weeks."

"So you just turn people in? With no question, even in the accused is *falsely* accused?" I speak with the most of hate, thinking of Perdix while I do.

"Look, I've heard every excuse, and there's no way I'll even consider listening to yours, now shut up before you make yourself sorry."

"Excuse? EXCU-" I am cut off as something is injected in my arm.

Everything starts to go fuzzy and I believed I black out.

I'm on a boat... Fishing? The sky is a cloudless and blue, and the ocean seemed to last for every with nothing but the stuff in every direction. I see the net attached to the boat getting tugged. I walk over to the net to get the fish when there was a huge crashing noise and the small sail boat shakes violently. Turning around I see that the boat has crashed into a massive boulder. As the little boat is splitting in half I am sinking. I leap into the water so the force of the sinking boat wouldn't drag me down with it. Treading in the warm water I look around for a place to go. Nothing in sight. There has to be nothing but ocean for miles in every direction. I'm screwed, until I see a boat coming in my direction from the distance. As it gets closer I notice that the the person sailing the vessel was Quin. She smiles at me as her boat pulls up. I try to climb on board when something starts tugging at my leg. It has to be a huge fish but I kept my grip on the edge of the boat with one hand but one hand stuck out waiting for Quin to pull me up. The creature pulls harder and I am loosing my grip on the boat. "Help me!" a strained voice comes from myself calling out to her. But she just smiles eerily down at me. And to make it all the more worse Perdix comes from behind her and puts his arm around her waist. That bastard. I finally loose my grip and the last thing I see before I go under is the two of them looking down at me, waving goodbye. Going down the water felt like it was pelting me in little drops, it's the strangest thing.

Hard rain hits my face making me open my eyes, explaining my terrible dream ending. I haven't the slightest clue where I am and how I got here until I try to stand up. I am tied to a tree. Of course I am. The occurrences of last night come to my mind like being hit in the face with a brick. My arm is extremely sore from the sleeping dart was stabbed. I look over to my left to see tent, where I knew a bounty hunter was most likely peacefully sleeping, and dryly at that. The trees around me were thinner and shorter of the ones I saw last night, that would explain why I'm soaked... But I have a feeling that we were in the same blasted forest. I hear some rustling in the tent and I pretend to be asleep. I hear quiet footsteps as I feel the presence of my captor closer to me.

"It seems I have a heavy sleeper..." she thinks aloud. "We'll have to see about that." The next thing I know I get a heavy slap across the face, my eyes are now wide open. "Rise and shine, sleeping beauty." Yulia is crouched down on the balls of her feet, directly in my face. The wretch pulls out a dagger and breaks my bonds to the tree, although I notice that my hands are still tied together. But this wasn't my concern, the dagger looked familiar... It was mine! I must have been disarmed while asleep. My chances of escape were slim to none. I could make a brake for it, but what's the point if she has *sleep darts*?

She pulls me up by the arm and I realize how much my back hurts from being tied to the freaking tree. "We have to get moving, and we have a long way ahead of us." The bounty hunter ties a complex knot around my hand bonds with a long rope and grabs hold of the other end of the rope with a strong grip. *Oh great* I think, *She's got me on a bloody leash.* She tears down her tent and then I follow her through the forest. I could tell we were probably in the very center of it, the mountains could hardly be seen but neither could the lake... *Where is my poor Chira?* I think feeling helpless. *I just can't have Perdix find me practically severed to him on a plate. I'm not going to give up to him that easy* but no successful escape plans will come to mind. My thoughts stop when I nearly fall forward onto my face. Yulia had given her end of rope a hard pull; I must have stopped moving in my deep thought. "Don't balk boy! It won't make me release you!" she barks. The rain has slowed down to a light drizzle, though I am still soaked from earlier and the early mooring chill makes me freezing. We walk in silence for a long time, I listen to pattern of the rain. The grey sky made it hard to tell what time of day it was but I knew it had to be early afternoon or late morning. My stomach is growling so loud you'd think it's thunder.

"Hungry much?" She says with a bit of a chuckle.

I nod in response, I am shocked to see her actually smile.

She gets out a sack of her own and pulls out something wrapped in a clothe. Unraveling it she unravels cooked meat that makes my mouth water, "Here," she says tearing off a piece and hands it to me. She also tears off a piece for herself and by the way she was eating, taking huge bites in small amounts of time, I could tell that she was hungry too. By now the rain has stopped and we have taken a break, sitting down a short distance from each other both sitting up against a tree. Yulia was still eating by the time I had finished and I notice that she doesn't have a grip on my leash. I swiftly stand up and make a break for it. I run right in the direction where we had came from. Although she was delayed by having food in her hands and was sitting down, it didn't take long until I could feel her chasing me. She was further than the end of my rope which was good but with my weapons on her hands I knew I had to be careful. The cool damp air fills my longs as I sprint for my life, I nearly stumble over the thick forest tree roots and slide through mud. But with the wind at my back I almost felt invincible. After I pass the place where we had spent last night I can no longer hear the sound of following footsteps I stop and sit to take a breath, my lungs aching as I pant for air. *I did it!* I think, *Nice try Perdix, but not today.* I stand up and get ready to run some more, starting with an easy jogging pace for a little while. But right before I pick up the pace back into a sprint, my leash gets pulled so hard I fall forwards on my face and into the disgusting mud.

"This can be a painful trip if you make it one," the bounty hunter sneers. She yanks me back up to my feet.

"Let's keep going, your little stupid stunt cost us a lot of time." In a few hours we are back to where we had ate lunch and the setting sun would be upon us soon.

"So why does he want you anyways?" Yulia asks trying to make conversation as we moved a long.

I respond with silence.

"Did you fool around with his girl or something?" she asked jokingly.

"I'd rather not talk about it." I say through a tightly closed jaw.

".gosh! You did didn't you? You slept with his wife!" she's laughing hard now.

I only get more angry, "I didn't *sleep* with her! What we had was special, he didn't deserve her!"

"Who are you kidding yourself? If she truly loved you the why hasn't she left him and you're with her now?" She sneers.

"Look, its complicated. She was afraid of him!"

"Oh please, she had you eating out of her palm. She probably knew he would find out and you'd get killed for it. You were just a toy."

"You're wrong."

"What ever helps you sleep at night," she shrugged.

And then with boiling anger rising through me I lunge at her throat, only to be stopped by another dart stabbed into my body.

Opening my eyes I could see a campfire next to me and that it was night. I didn't have to think hard on where I was except that it was a different part of the forest. Yulia sits by the fire putting her hands in front of herself to warm them. I know she realizes that I am awake but she pays me no attention. *The silent treatment, eh?* I think to myself... Maybe my threat scared her... I mentally chuckle at the thought. After a while she set up her tent, doused the fire with a flask of water and went to sleep. Leaving me alone, and once again I am tied to a bloody tree.