E/O Challenge

WoW : Red

Word Count : 100 (plus the 50 I gave myself as a Christmas pressie).

Disclaimer : I still don't own them, Santa didn't come through.


Two old acquaintances sitting watching a fire, with not a marshmallow in sight.

"Red sky at night, the shepherd's delight."

Crowley glanced at the speaker who sat next to him on the low wall wearing a satisfied smile.

"You look inordinately pleased with yourself Sweetie. I assume all went smoothly?"

His companion nodded, his smile widening, becoming predatory."

"Better than expected."

"Really? How so?"

"Two for the price of one."

"What happened?"

"Irritating little mother bitch saw me. I dealt with her appropriately."

"Ahh. What about the others?"

"Daddy dearest, the brat and my little investment are all safe."

"Rather gracious of you my dear, letting daddy and the older one live."

Crowley's companion shrugged,

"They're irrelevant."

They both turned back to watching the nearby house blazing, casting an orange red glow into the might sky. It's reflection turning Azazel's yellow eyes to gold. Crowley looked thoughtful,

"One would hope so. However, lest we forget; Red sky in the morning, the shepherd's warning."

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