Mako's Message: This is actually the first fanfic I idea I had for Let Me In. Don't know why it took me this long to finally write it, but here it is. Hope you enjoy.

The movie had looked interesting in the commercials. And he'd heard it was amazingly popular. So, he put the effort into talking Abby into seeing a vampire movie.

Five minutes into the movie, however, Owen had the feeling something was wrong. Halfway through, he knew he'd made a big mistake. The sound of Abby's claws scraping through the arm of her seat only confirmed that.

When the movie ended, Abby didn't move. He guessed she was trying to pull herself together enough to pull her claws in and hide whatever other vampiric features had slipped out.

When they left the theater, he had to jog to keep up with her.

She stayed silent as they walked through the crowds of giggling girls, as they left the building and walked through the parking lot towards the river.

He lost sight of her among the trees on the river bank. He stopped and looked around, "Abby?"

Suddenly he was grabbed and pulled through the trees by a pair of small but very strong hands. He yelped when he was suddenly dragged into the air. When they landed on the other side of the river, he was thrown against the trunk of a tree.

"Why?" Abby growls.

She's taking this worse than he thought.

"Why!" she roars as she claws a chunk out of a tree, and for the first time in years, Owen is scared.

"I...I..." he stumbles, trying to come up with an acceptable answer to a question he's only guessing at.

She closes in on him, her face is hit by moonlight, revealing her to be in full vampire form, crooked, jagged teeth bared as her lips are pulled back, yellow eyes look up into his out of a face that is pale and covered in welts, "Why don't I get to sparkle!" she screams.

Owen's mouth falls open as he registers what she just said, "What?"

"Why do I look like this?," he can tell now, even with her voice distorted, that she is near tears, "Why do I burn in the sunlight? Why can't I read minds? Or see the future?"

She walks away, and after a few steps falls to her knees, "Why can't I live on animal blood? Why couldn't I get to go to school? Live like a normal person?" Her voice slowly returning to that of a normal girl.

Owen slowly moves away from the tree and puts an arm around her shoulders as he kneels down beside her, "Abby..."

She looks up at him with eyes unable to cry, "Why couldn't I be like them? Why did this have to be the truth?"

"I don't know," he says to her, "but I love you just the same."

She wraps her arms around his neck hugs him, "Thank you." She releases him and sniffs, more out of habit, a remembered behavior, than out of any need and says, "If that's what being a vampire was like, I'd have turned you as soon as we ran away."

Owen laughs quietly at that, "Now, don't go making me jealous of that big haired tool too."

Abby giggles as their foreheads meet, "Nah, I'd take you over him any day."

Owen smiles and their lips meet in a quick kiss.

Then he stands and pulls her up, "C'mon, you may not notice but it's getting pretty cold, let's go home."

"And snuggle on the couch?" she asked hopefully.


"Yay." Abby said as she nuzzled her way under Owen's arm.

As Abby took them back across the river, Owen thought about how he'd thought the idea of a sparkling vampire was ridiculous and insulting. He guessed it was all a matter of perspective.