'The Christmas Cookie Debate'

I love to make cookies, and Christmas is when I bang them out the most. This is a fluff-filled Shenny fic about Christmas Cookies.

This is my first Big Bang Theory Fanfic, so bare with me if I murder the characters.

I do not own Big Bang Theory. If I did, Shenny would be real.

Knock, knock, knock. "Penny?" Knock, knock, knock. "Penny." Knock, knock, knock. "Penny."

Penny opened the door right after the third "Penny" was uttered from Sheldon Cooper's lips. She had been standing there since the third of the first knocks. "Hello, Sheldon."

"Penny, I have to attend a Christmas party tonight," Sheldon announced.

"Yeah, and why did you have to tell me that?" Penny inquired.

"We need a guest. And a food."

Penny stared at him. "…And?"

Sheldon sighed. "Penny, I am asking for you to be my guest and to make food for the party. Although your cooking skills are poor, I'm sure you have better baking skills than I do."

Penny looked at the tall, gangly physicist. Was he asking her on a date? "Well, sweetie, I would love to be your guest. But why didn't you ask Amy?"

"Amy Farrah Fowler does not believe in attending Christmas parties."


"He's going with Bernadette."


"Although he is Indian and probably does not celebrate Christmas, he will be attending with Leonard."

"So that makes asking Leonard as your guest null."

"Yes. And I figured that it would only be kind to ask you to accompany me, since you seem to have no other plans for the evening."

Penny glared at the man in front of her. However, that glare didn't last long. "Oh alright. What do you plan on making?"



"Christmas cookies."

Penny was surprised. Sheldon Cooper wanted to bring cookies to a party? She shrugged, and invited the man inside. "What kind of cookies?"

"I already told you. Christmas cookies."

"There are many kinds of Christmas cookies. I, for one, love chocolate chip cookies."

"Those aren't Christmas cookies! You can have those whenever you feel like!"

"Well then what kind do you want to make?"

"Sugar cookies. The ones that you can cut into shapes like trees and decorate with sugars and such."

"Oh but chocolate chip cookies are so much better."

"I don't disagree, Penny, but sugar cookies are easier to cut into shapes."

"Sheldon, I'm not making sugar cookies. They taste so…bland!"

"Well they won't once you put frosting and sprinkles on them!"

"Sheldon! I'm not making sugar cookies."

"Penny! I believe you are! You have agreed to be my guest, and, since I have no real baking skills, you have to make the cookies."

"Well, Sheldon, if I'm making these cookies, I'm making the kind I want to make." She quickly looked through her cupboards to look for the ingredients. There was the salt, and the baking soda; vanilla was on the shelf below; white sugar was over on that counter, with the flour; eggs and butter were in the fridge…where were the chocolate chips? And the brown sugar? Damn it. At least she had measuring cups, and a mixer. She grabbed her coat and keys, and slid her boots on.

"Where are you going?"

"I need brown sugar and chocolate chips."

"No you don't! You're making sugar cookies!"

"Sheldon, this Christmas cookie debate of ours is coming to an end. I'm making chocolate chip cookies. And that's final. Do you understand?" Before he could respond, she walked out the door and shut it behind her.


While Penny was out, Sheldon debated with himself. Chocolate chip cookies really weren't that bad. And how many other people would have decided to bring sugar cookies? Hell, how many people would have been able to bring a beautiful girl like Penny?

"Did I just call Penny beautiful?" He spoke aloud. "Hm. I suppose I did."

The doorknob moved, and suddenly the door had opened. Penny returned, with a bag full of stuff. "I got the brown sugar, and the chocolate chips. I bought two cookie sheets, just in case I don't have any. And spoon measures."

Sheldon nodded. "I suppose I will help you. I'll get out the equipment." He stood and got out a large bowl, the measuring cups, and the mixer.

Penny took all the ingredients out, and rinsed the spoon measures. She set the oven to 350F, and began to mix the ingredients in the bowl.


Beep! Beep! Beep! Penny stood up as the timer went off. She walked over and pulled the final batch out of the oven. She set it on the stovetop, next to the other cookies that were on the cooling racks. Sheldon began putting the cooled cookies onto a Christmas plate he had brought from his apartment.

Penny smiled at the tall man next to her. "You know, Sheldon, this was a lot of fun."

"It really was, Penny." And then, he hugged her.

"It's a Christmas miracle!" Penny giggled.

"Penny, I've told you before, Christmas miracles don't exist."

"Let me dream, okay?"

The end! I really hope I did a good job capturing Penny and Sheldon's characters. I was thinking of having them go to the party. If this gets enough reviews saying so, I might add on another chapter and make it a two- or three-shot as opposed to a one-shot. Soo review!