I got Rise of the Planet of the Apes for Christmas, and I had to write this. Sorry if It's bad, but please, don't flame.

I couldn't remember anything outside the lab. Whenever I tried to search my mind for some scrap of useful information it only sent me images of a blurred, primitive figure, zipping absent-mindedly around a forest as if it had no common sense.

Now, as I sit on a branch, allowing the cool air to whip around the fur on my face, I finally have time to reflect on the reason.

I am a chimpanzee. Before I came to the lab, the primitive figure I saw was in fact me. The lab changed me. The others, humans, so like us in so many ways, are the reason for even my ability to refect. The lab had been a place of experiments and tests, on others like myself. They even gave me a name. Iris. They gave all of us our names.

They made us smarter. The first thing I can remember is being presented with a simple puzzle. I had to move a small tower of circular blocks without placing a larger block on a smaller block. It took me three tries to get it right. After that it was non-stop puzzles, games, and treats. I felt like nothing bad could ever happen to me there.

That was an illusion. Those humans weren't my friends, they were simply using me for their experiments. He was the first one to give me evidence of that. He was the first one to show me that I'm not theirs. I'm nobody's experiment. I have a mind.

Caesar, the first one to rise up, the first one to say... no. I don't know his story in full. I don't know what encouraged him to revolt. But to whatever it is I'm grateful. He even speaks to me sometimes. He speaks, like the humans speak, but he doesn't offer me treats. He doesn't make me solve puzzles, he doesn't speak to me through glass. He speaks to me as an equal.

I admire him. He is courageous. He doesn't seem to have fear. And I find it comforting.

He calls me by my name, but not with false praise. He calls me by my name because he respects me. He respects us all. And when he talks to us about figuring out some way to show the humans for good that they don't own us, we all listen.

Not because we have to, but because we want to.

My name is Iris, I am a chimpanzee, and I am part of the group that wants to change everything.

We have minds, we have emotions, so why can't we have rights?

Review, please, and merry Christmas.