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Ruby optics looked into his as his servo slipped down Starscream's cockpit glass and down to his codpiece. He cupped it gently and the smaller mech hissed in pleasure.

Thundercracker took a deep inhale over his olfactory sensors and the rush of heat that followed made him moan. Starscream twitched when the blue mech's spike poked at his thighs but reached up to cup Thundercracker's face.

"Stop stalling."

Thundercracker chuckled softly. "You have to open up first you know."

The tri-coloured seeker frowned. Then looked up at him again. "I… know."

He kissed the black check plate and gripped the codpiece tighter, rubbing a thumb over the smooth metal. "You relax and enjoy, I'll get it open for you if you want."

Starscream's lip twitched, a snarky remark ready, but he stayed silent surprising himself it would seem too by the confused expression that followed.

Thundercracker just went in for a deep long kiss. Forcing his way into Starscream's warm mouth and encouraged his glossia to dance with his own. His free servo went to those colourful wings, rubbing the base and playing with flaps.

And Starscream started to moan. Gently, softly so unlike his normal voice. He heard Skywarp curse softly to the side but didn't look. Servos gripped his shoulders tightly and the smaller body arched up into his scrapping cockpit glass together. His spark began to beat harder, calling out to the other just below.

Starscream pulled away from their kiss when he stroked an exposed cable in his wing, arching sharply with a gasp. Thundercracker took advantage of the exposed neck cables and dived, sucking and nipping. A servo wrapped around his helm, holding him.

Skywarp groaned loudly, "So beautiful." He muttered and Thundercracker could only agree as he watched the dark faceplates furrow in pleasure.

And then there it was. The snick of a panel opening. Starscream jumped, optics flashing but a kiss on his lips had him relaxing again.

Thundercracker nuzzled his face and his servo found Starscream's spike cover, still closed, slightly warm. He rubbed it gently making Starscream squirm.

"Error!" He gasped out, frustrated.

Thundercracker hushed him. "Yeah, because I am a Dom in a rut and you're a sub in heat. Your spike won't pressurise when you are like this. After we are finished though and are bonded, it will work like normal and we can show you the joys of using that too."

If Starscream had wanted to think on that he didn't get a chance to as Thundercracker moved his digits downward to the rim of his valve and he gasped.

The Blue mech smiled as the smaller reacted favourably to the contact. He traced the quivering rim slowly, delicately watching as ruby optics flared brightly. Round and round he went until he felt some wetness begin to dribble out. He gathered some of it with his digit before applying some pressure.

Starscream instantly went rigid, optics widening. His servos shot to Thundercracker's shoulders, slightly pushing him away.


"Sorry….I don't know what to do!" He admitted with hurried speech, flustered and so unlike himself that Thundercracker felt his coding cease for a second or two.

"I won't hurt you. You have no seal, it won't hurt. I promise, we go at your pace."

Thundercracker looked round when he heard scuffing noises. Skywarp was standing up slowly.

:I have an idea: He sent over com link. :I won't do anything against you.:

Thundercracker nodded his approval and Skywarp approached slowly, covering his erect spike with a servo. He kneeled by Starscream's head and reached a servo out to stroke his cheek.

"I am gonna put your head in my lap, okay?"

"Why?" Starscream asked optics looking at every where but them but he lifted his head up to let the purple mech shift himself underneath.

"Star, look at me." Thundercracker said, stroking a wing. Red optics flicked to his own. "We can stop."

Starscream clenched his jaw. "No."

He kissed black lips gently. Skywarp began to rub circles into Starscream's temples. Thundercracker's digit, still resting against Starscream's valve, began to move again, slowly pressing.

He watched dark faceplates closely for any signs of discomfort or fear. But none came, Starscream looked into Skywarp's optics and Skywarp in turn held the stare.

Then the warm heat was encompassing his digit. Starscream looked down at him, optics flaring in curiosity.

"That feels…. Different." He stated, focused on the sensation between his legs.

"Good different?"

He nodded and then Thundercracker curled his digit. Starscream arched and squirmed, mouth forming an 'o' shape.

Skywarp chuckled softly and planted a kiss on Starscream's forehead then he looked up at the blue Dom with a smirk.

He moved his digit continuously but gently, trying to find the sensitive zones and mapping them out and when Starscream's valve began to loosen he slipped another digit in. Starscream didn't even seem to notice, moaning, gripping Skywarp's thigh and Thundercracker's upper arm. His optics were offline and his face twisted in pleasure.

When he was sure he had enough sensors mapped out he started moving his digits seperatly and with purpose, rubbing every soft spot.

Starscream began to arch and buck beneath him, helm thrashing in Skywarp's lap.

"What the frag?!" He gasped as his body tensed up and he let out a long shaky moan, optics flaring white as overload washed through his body. His vents stuttered and his wings shivered.

Thundercracker removed his digits once he had gone slack beneath him and his valve released its tight, spasming grip.

His optics wide in confusion he panted out. "What was that?"

Skywarp laughed and Thundercracker nuzzled him before sucking his wet digits clean.

"You taste so good," He moaned and the sweet, lubricant touched his glossia. "And that Star, was an overload."

Starscream's fans howled as he stared up. "That's… not what it felt like before."

Thundercracker frowned. "You didn't overload before though. That would have been pure pain. Your pain sensors would have reacted, not your pleasure ones. Big difference."

Starscream frowned. "I guess, that makes sense."

Thundercracker nipped his chin. "Let me give you more."

He shifted blue hips and settle the tip of his spike against Starscream's valve, waiting for the sub to either accept or deny. Starscream shivered, but nodded slowly.

He pressed himself in, groaning at the tight heat. His programming, had it a voice, would have cried out with joy at finally, finally claiming what they wanted so badly, what he had wanted so badly.

Starscream curled his back strut, hiding his face in Thundercracker's neck cables, moaning. He clung to the blue mech tightly, almost painfully as he slid deeper into that wetness. Walls clenched around him and he gasped, nuzzling Starscream's helm.

"Star, Primus!"

Starscream groaned in response and gasped as Thundercracker finally seated himself fully. His helm lolled back as his body relaxed and he placed his entire wait on Thundercracker's shoulders.

"You didn't lie." Starscream smiled, "Its…good."

Skywarp moaned, legs twitching, but he didn't dare touch himself with his spike so close to Starscream's head. If Starscream realised this he didn't react. Instead he cautiously moved his hips and moaned.

Thundercracker grunted before laying Starscream back down and moving his servos to Starscream's waist. He began pulling out, slowly, nearly to his tip, before pushing back in again.

The noises Starscream was making, he could barely contain himself. Who knew that the tri-coloured mech could make such beautiful sounds.

He set a steady rhythm, trying to watch Starscream for any sign of pain, but his desire was strong, and he could barely stop himself from just pounding himself into the mech below him, to make him cry his name.

Not that Starscream needed much encouragement. Curses and somewhat garbled sounds that sounded vaguely like his name flew passed dark lips.

The world disappeared. It was just him and Starscream and the pleasure. He buried his face in Starscream's neck, inhaling deeply. His pace quickened and Starscream only moaned louder.

"Primus!" Skywarp gasped from somewhere.

And then he was over and Starscream came with him. He gripped Starscream to himself and roared out his pleasure.

Starscream was his.

His hips rocked on their own and Starscream's moved to meet them as the smaller mech sobbed in pleasure.

He caught Starscream's mouth with his own and growled possessively as his systems began to calm down and his fans whirled to life.

Starscream kissed him back passionately, even bringing a servo up to grip the back of his helm.

When they finally parted he could feel the heat rolling off the smaller frame and raised himself up to roll off to the side but still clung to the small frame that belonged to his sub.

"Oh Primus…" Starscream gasped. "I think my spark is going to explode."

"Yeah, we have to finish it by bonding, until then it will feel like that." Thundercracker panted back, resting his head on Starscream's chest. "Means we are compatible. Otherwise you wouldn't feel anything."

"Do we do that now?"

Thundercracker looked to the third party. "Skywarp."

The purple seeker moved around to lie against Starscream's other side.

"Ready for round two?"

Starscream groaned. "Seriously? Right now?"

"I'm afraid so. The transfluid we ejaculate when in a rut holds the foundation for making a trine bond. Some sort of genetic coding stuff that helps your spark recognise ours. You need both of us inside you to complete the bond."

Starscream nodded. "Okay. But can I have a minute?"

Skywarp snickered. "Sure. TC is good huh?"

"Let Skywarp start now though to keep up some stimulation, if you start to dry up it will be uncomfortable."

Starscream offlined his optics with a small nod.

Skywarp purred as he moved himself over Starscream, Thundercracker only moved away enough to give Skywarp some room, he had no intentions of moving away from the warmth of his sub so quickly.

Skywarp's spike was still hard and Thundercracker could see it visibly throb as he placed it between Starscream's glistening thighs.

"You know, I really did like you, couldn't understand why I was so attracted to you. Cause you are beautiful Star. And I know I have harmed you with pranks before, but if I am honest it was because I was frustrated with myself."

Starscream's optics narrowed in question. "But, I was always an aft to you two. I don't get this."

Skywarp shrugged. "Neither do I but hey, we are gonna be a trine now so, who cares about the past, lets focus on the now." As he said the last few words he started pushing himself in.

Starscream's helm rolled and he groaned. "Frag."

Thundercracker leaned forward and captured Starscream's mouth in a kiss as Skywarp began rolling his hips into their sub, gasping above them.

Thundercracker swallowed every moan that Starscream uttered as Skywarp's pace picked up. Each thrust angled differently and hitting an array of sensors making the small seeker shiver and squirm.

Skywarp either forgot Thundercracker was there or just didn't care as he swooped down and started sucking on their cheek plates. The pair turned ever so slightly to turn their kiss into a three way.

It was wet and warm and messy but Thundercracker felt his systems heat up again. Starscream and Skywarp also seemed to enjoy it if their muffled moans were anything to go by.

He pulled away from them slowly, grabbing Starscream's servo when it went to bring him back. It was Skywarp's turn o claim their sub after all. Didn't mean he was going to give the purple mech all of Starscream though.

He brought the captured limb to his mouth and began sucking on the digits. Wrapping his glossia around them and releasing them with audible pops.

He wasn't sure how long they were like that, a symphony of sweet moaning filling the cave but he certainly knew when it had come to the climax.

Starscream arched violently from the ground and Skywarp growled with gritted denta, holding onto the smaller mech as they were racked with waves of pleasure.

Thundercracker's sat up, observing Skywarp's strong frame tensing up and Starscream lithe one thrashing beneath him.

If this hadn't been Starscream's first time with them, he would certainly be going for another round.

Skywarp fell to the side in a heap, gasping as shivers ran through his body.

"Star, we have to this forever."

Starscream snickered while his vents howled for air. "Forever…just not now…"

Thundercracker laughed. Placing a servo over Starscream's spark. Lazy red optics looked at him with contentment. Chest plates clicked and shifted aside under his digits and he gazed in awe at the stunning blue core and gold outlined spark that had been hidden in front of him for so long.

"Beautiful." Skywarp said before he could. The purple mech shifted his gaze o him, waiting.

And Thundercracker obliged, opening his own spark chamber and bathing the room with his own dark blue light. Skywarp followed suit, exposing his purpleish spark to him and Starscream.

Together they brought their chests together their spark reaching out to each other, grasping to be complete.

Their foreheads clinked against each other as their sparks made the connection.

Suddenly it wasn't just him anymore

He….was three.