A/N- dearest fans, here I give you a speech I wrote 2 years ago. I hope your Christmas has been lovely, and I can't wait to hear all about them (whenever you'd like to tell me) Enjoy!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For some reason, people seem to think that I'm a terrible guy just because I'm trying to get some cereal. However, they are incorrect. I'm just an ordinary rabbit who happens to enjoy fruity cereals and yogurts. There is no reason to prevent me from eating these things.

And the children- they have me all wrong! They make me seem like some criminal rabbit who is robbing them of their breakfast products. What you all may not be aware of is, I'm their roommate!

When I first moved in, they said that their food is my food, but the next day, they started yelling at me because I took out a box of ceral and some yogurt. They kept screaming 'Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!"

That really got my blood pumping, My name is NOT Silly, it's Keith! I've never even tasted these products, I just kept asking, and they just kept taking it away! This is why I had to resort to taking it without permission.

The worst part is that they continue to taunt me, waving the cereal in front of my face, and whenever I lunge, the child will pull it away, and I fall on my face!

Do you think this pain is fair because I want cereal and yougurt? Isn't animal cruelty illegal?

If any of you children are listening, STOP THE CRUELTY!