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After successfully making it through the lands between the Miralka Basin and what they would soon find to be the Viking Cove, Desch and the Warriors made their way to a sort of cave entrance. Before they entered, Refia had changed them all back to normal size again, as she was sure they could fit through anything for awhile and there was no need to be running about as a gnome. Since they were used to it now, they subconsciously walked through the entrance and down some stairs leading into the cave.

"Why do you think there are stairs here?" Luneth asked puzzled, scratching his head as he made his way down the stairs with Desch and Ingus.

"This is where the Vikings' Cove is located." Arc replied to Luneth as he walked down the stairs with Refia. He didn't want to look at Luneth due to the fact he could trip and probably send Refia down the stairs with him. And probably because Luneth kept grinning at Arc and nudging him whenever he was near him. "You know, their headquarters?"

"Oh..." Luneth smiled with understanding now. He stared at Arc and Refia. He grinned. Luneth had noticed Arc and Refia talking quite a bit with each other and were usually in each other's company. He wondered if Arc was trying to 'make his move' on her. It didn't look like it, but maybe that was the whole point of it.

Soon, the five had carefully trekked down the narrow stairs and walked through the door they assumed was the entry to the Viking's Cove. Before they entered, they expected buzzes of Vikings all over the place, planning going on in one area and sparring in another area. They expected this to be a busy place.

Well, when Desch and the Warriors walked through the door, they were proven wrong.

There wasn't any sparring or planning going on in any area. It was seemly empty, apart from a few Vikings sitting at a table creating low murmurs and another Viking sleeping restlessly on a bed near by.

Desch and the Warriors walked further into the entrance of the Cove.

Luneth walked over to the sleeping Viking and started poking him, even though this wasn't a good idea. Of course, this action had consequences and for Luneth, this involved him getting wacked in the stomach. "Ow!" He yelped.

"Lemme sleep, I'm dreaming of sailing..." The Viking murmured in his sleep before turning his back to Luneth and curling up again.

"I forgot to warn you, Laron is a pretty restless sleeper." One of the Vikings said over to them. Even they were quite quiet, which wouldn't be in a Viking's nature.

"We can see that." Ingus said, walking over to the Vikings, with the others following behind him. "What is going on?" He asked on behalf of his comrades.

"You're obviously not in the know then." A Viking across from him scoffed as if he wasn't surprised. "Right, well, we haven't been out in the seas due to the damn Nepto Dragon. The Nepto Temple up north is where the Nepto Dragon used to sleep."

"That big earthquake, though..." Another Viking at the table began to speculate. "It must've shaken it up good, because that dragon is ready to kick you-know-whats and take names!"

"Seriously?" Desch asked, slightly confused. They were Vikings...they should have been able to fight off any sort of dragon!

"It just destroyed every thing in its path!" The fourth Viking at the table explained.

"And we barely have any ships left!" The Viking - who had been speculating - groaned

"What can we do but swig this down?" The Viking - who explained about the restless Viking - started getting a little overdramatic. He grabbed Luneth's shirt and started shaking him back and forward. "What's a Viking without his ship, eh?!" His voice was surprisingly high pitched in this sentence.

"Hey, calm down!" Desch shouted, pulling Luneth out of harm's way and grabbed the panicked Viking.

"Is there anyone we can speak to?" Refia asked, wanting to see if they could help.

"Well, if you go up those steps," The speculating Viking pointed to the steps. "You can ask around for the boss."

Desch let go of the panicked Viking and thanked them all, walking over to the steps with Refia following after him as if she was about to lecture him.

"This should be good..." Luneth grinned, placing his hands behind his head and walking after the two.

Ingus looked Arc. "Shall we?"

Arc nodded, and the two headed up the stairs behind Luneth, Refia and Desch.

Luneth grinned as he listened to Desch being nagged by Refia. He heard mutterings of 'that was rude' and 'what if it was you?' Luneth loved hearing someone else being nagged and scolded other than himself for once. And it was Desch, and he was older and he should be a few years wiser than anyone else. Obviously in Refia's eyes he wasn't being that wise.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it!" Desch kept arguing back, but Refia just continued nagging him.

Luneth's sniggers had eventually escalated into roaring laughter, and had attracted the attention of his comrades. He just couldn't hold it in anymore.

"You find this funny?!" Refia shouted to Luneth, her face a bright red colour.

"Uh, uh, no!" Luneth laughed again. But he wouldn't be laughing for long.

"This isn't funny!" Refia huffed, stomping over to Luneth.

Luneth had soon come to realise what he had done. "Uh, I'm sorry-"

"It's too late for apologies!" Refia continued huffing. She was going to smack him, but decided against this. "Step out of line again and you'll be getting it!"

"Alright, alright!" Luneth stepped back, holding his arms up to try and calm the rampaging Refia. "I'm sorry…"

Refia's huffy, scolding attitude had completely disappeared and ended up having a completely smiley, understandable attitude now. "Good to know we're on the same page!" She giggled, skipping off away from Luneth.

Luneth stood there with wide, freaked out eyes. It was so funny, but Refia was so intimidating at the same time. Now Luneth knew the true extent of Refia's motherly personality.

"I trust Refia shall keep you in line." Ingus sniggered, walking past Luneth.

"Shut up." Luneth muttered grumpily under his breath to Ingus, even though the blonde knight had walked further on and wouldn't possibly hear him.

Arc walked up beside Luneth with a smirk nearly appearing on his lips. "It looks like Refia's taking no nonsense."

"I guessed." Luneth huffed, walking ahead of Arc to follow the others.

Arc followed behind, trying to keep up. At least I'm not alone in keeping Luneth in line!He thought happily to himself.

The five had finally finished their long journey up...a short amount of stairs, and had walked into a much bigger area. There still weren't very many people about. It was as if the Viking Cove was completely empty. But then, from out of the blue, a young woman appeared and was walking along, not noticing them at first. She appeared to be muttering to herself.

"What is it with men?" The young woman complained to herself. "You lose a few ships and you act like you got a pink slip from Valhalla!"

"Valhalla?" Luneth wondered aloud. He had no idea what anything meant that day.

"She means Odin, Luneth." Arc explained quietly, almost feeling proud of himself for knowing that. But he didn't want to show it. At times he wasn't necessarily proud of his vast knowledge, since he was always pushed around by other boys in his village because of it.

"Oh…" Luneth nodded his head in understanding once again.

"If you're looking for the boss, he's down there." The young woman pointed down to a door that was opened slightly ajar. "He's with the other men moping about their beloved ships!" She then walked off, muttering how they – referring to herself and possibly other women in the Viking Cove – how they've been replaced by ships.

"Well, we obviously have a lead now!" Desch said with a grin as he walked down to the slightly ajar.

"Desch!" Refia called after him angrily, running after him in the hope she would be able to stop him from entering the room. But she was too late to stop him.

The three remaining boys followed the two through the door, and found Refia and Desch talking with - who they thought - was 'the boss'.

"Yes, I run things around here…" The man murmured as a reply, rubbing the back of his neck. "Well, there hasn't been much to run since that sea dragon appeared and destroyed most of our ships, though..." He added sheepishly. He looked up at the youths in his room and managed to give them a smile, even though there wasn't much to smile about. The man put his hand his hand to his chin. "You look like capable adventurers...if you manage to defeat the dragon, our best ship is yours to own!"

This caused some murmurs and mutterings to arise from the other men in the room. They seemed unsure of this as they five youths could hear murmurs like, "The Enterprise? But, what would we do without it?!"

"Really?" Luneth asked, unsure of whether to trust 'the boss' on this. After all, the world was full of liars, wasn't it? "You promise?" He asked again, wanting to make sure they weren't being tricked.

"Promise – Viking's honour!" The man smiled, holding his hand to his heart. This gesture was proof that he would keep his word.

"Well, that is, if you come back alive." One of the men added, stepping forward beside the man.

The five youths nodded in understanding.

Refia smiled at the two Vikings. "Well, thanks, Mr…?"

"Call me Lewis." The man replied with a smile. "If you need anything let us know."

"We will." Desch nodded with a small grin on his face.

Soon, the five left the room and began conducting a plan outside the room.

"Well, according to this map I acquired not so long ago…" Ingus murmured, scanning over the map. "We should travel…" He scanned over it again, just to make sure he wasn't sending himself or his comrades in the wrong direction. "Up into the north."

"Well, we have our bearings, onwards and upwards!" Desch grinned, running in one direction to find an exit.

"Wait for me!" Luneth shouted, running after him like a madman.

Refia groaned. "Great, two crazy boys to keep under control on this trip…"

"You need not worry; I will handle Sir Hyper." Ingus sniggered.

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