A Real Christmas

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This is a special segment of the Chosen Guardian series. It's a Christmas story for each of the different Guardians, including Kaitlyn, Paul, and Gabrielle. This is the first for Kim Possible (some may be past Christmas but it should still be fun)

Warning! These stories are Christian and are expected to show Christian themes. I am not responsible for any life changing revelations you may have, nor anything close to it. I do this for fun and practice not credit. All credit goes to the Father. You have been warned.

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Chapter one: The last present

"Com'n KP, it's not that bad. Besides don't you remember what happened last time we didn't have them?"

Ron looked incredously at his girlfriend, surprised that his girlfriend hadn't figured out what he already knew. Kim sighed and reiterated what she

knew Ron was getting at,

"you got caught in the North Pole and nearly was eaten by a bear, before nearly freezing to death with my arch enemy I know."

Ron raised a finger and pointed at Kim who grumbled and finished,

"not to mention I was nearly strangled by a snake and almost missed Christmas with the fam."

Ron nodded before presenting a golden envelope. Kim sighed and opened the envelope to find the dreaded Bueno Nacho Bueno Bucks in her palm. "gee, Ron thanks." She said emotionlessly.

Ron smiled and held out another package,

"I was just playing KP. Those are just for good luck. This is your real present."

She took it with a smile and unwrapped the large box to find…a smaller box. She stared at Ron who had a smile plastered on his face. She opened the smaller box to find…an even smaller box. She glared at Ron with frustration, but he just shrugged,

"never be normal Kim."

She unwrapped the box and saw a velvet box underneath. She gasped as she opened the top to see a 7 karat emerald gem sparkling, surrounded by small 1 karat sapphires in a simple platinum band. It was elegant and gorgeous without being austintacious, and certainly not the normal ring you give to a girlfriend…not that she was complaining. Kim smiled, she loved shiny jewelry but not super shiny. Her boyfriend had remembered that and had given her a wonderful gift. She looked down from the box to thank him but was surprised to see him down on one knee,

"I don't know what will happen Kim, what with Lucifer, Kaitlyn, and everyone, but I know that I wanna go into the Final Battle knowing I did everything right, including this."

He took a deep breath and Kim held in her tears as best as she could. She knew what was coming but still, the girl who could do anything, couldn't breathe as Ron continued,

"Kimberly Anne Possible, my best friend and love of my life, will you marry me?"

Kim felt weak in her knees and looked down at the ring before her boyfriend who was staring at he with the puppy dog brown eyes she fell in love with. He was sweating hard and Kim was sure she could hear his heart beating in his chest. She broke into a large smile and dove into him, missing the Christmas tree by only a few inches as they fell on top of each other laughing all the way.

"yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Definitely yes!"

Kim shouted in between laughs. Ron smirked and kissed her gently before saying,

"so I'll take that as a yes?"

Kim looked at him and laughed before opening up the box and slipping the ring on her thin finger and waving it in front of his eyes and laying her head on his shoulder,

"you can take that as a yes Mr. Stoppable."

Ron smiled and held her closer. They moved from the tree to cuddling on the couch, the lights off, watching the Christmas lights sparkle on the tree. They knew the next day it would be going down, along with the many lights on the Possible house, but still it was beautiful to look at. But Kim was barely paying attention to the tree. She looked down at her ring and smiled as the Christmas lights danced off of the platinum band nestled securely around her finger. Ron had turned on the radio that was playing the last of the Christmas music before the next day when everything would return to normal. She gave a wistful smile as another Christmas song came on,

I really cant stay,

But Baby it's cold outside,

I got to go 'way,

But Baby it's cold outside,

This evening has been

How lucky that you dropped in,

So very nice.

I'll hold your hands,

They're just like ice!

Kim smiled and squeezed Ron's hand. He looked down at her and she smiled at her ring before looking up to Ron,

"Ron, can I ask you something?"

Ron gulped, fearful that Kim would ask if they could break up or any other bad news, but swallowed that fear and looked down at his (hopefully) fiancé,

"sure KP, what up?"

Kim smiled and put his hand on her hip before snuggling in closer,

"that rule, about not having sex before marriage…do you think that counts when the guy has proposed and the girl said yes?"

Ron, being Ron, didn't get the subtle hint and began rattling off the facts from the Bible that he had remembered from service in the Jews for Jesus Temple and that Paul had gone over with him,

"well KP, not quite sure, I mean, most people in the Bible never were really proposed, just promised or arranged and they got married."

Kim cleared her throat and decided to try again,

"yes, but Ron, when the girl has said yes, and the couple are one hundred percent sure they want to get married, wouldn't the rule not apply?"

Kim stared at Ron wistfully and began drawing little hearts on his chest and Ron looked down and felt his face flame red,

"you mean like a cheat code?"

Kim smiled,

"yes Ron, exactly like a cheat code."

Ron tugged at his collar before looking down at his fiancé. True they had joked about it, Kaitlyn even joked about it but it was hard to believe he was being asked by Kim, the girl of his dreams. To actually make love to Kim…well that was a fantasy he always had in dreams but never fabricated it actually happening! He felt all that nervousness and fear melt away as his eyes met with large, sparkling, evergreen eyes. He gave a warm smile and wrapped his arms around Kim's back and lifting her up onto his lap,

"I would give that a yes KP."

From there, they began the lip mashing. They felt the room heat up and quickly moved up to Kim's bedroom in record time. They lay down on top of each other and just as they were beginning to take clothes off Kim asked Ron,

"am I your first?"

Ron smiled and slid a hand under Kim's back, lifting up so her shoulders were off the bed and knelt in close to her ear,

"yes, you are my first and my only."

Kim smiled and nibbled on Ron's large ears that she found so sexy before responding,

"you're my first and only too."

They had found the mood and the clothes were almost off when they heard the annoying sound of a four tone chime on their wrists,

Beep de be deep.

Kim sighed in annoyance and sat up in nothing but a sports bra before slipping on a tank top. Ron huffed and Kim had to stop herself from laughing as she heard him mumble,

"it's a conspiracy, it must be…or maybe fate just doesn't like me!"

Kim and ron opened their watches as he sat up behind her. The young tech genius appeared on the screen and saw the glares of Kim and Ron staring at him,

"let me guess, I interrupted yet another special Kim/Ron time?"

Kim gave a small smile and looked at Wade,

"kinda Wade. So what's up?"

Ron sat up in the bed, his hands clasped close together,

"please don't be a mission, please don't be a mission,please don't be a mission."

Wade heard the desperate prayers and smiled at them both,

"relax ron. It's a mission but my Christmas present to the both of you is the choice to ignore it."

Kim gave a sigh and looked at Wade,

"you know that's not gonna happen Wade, spill."

Ron jumped in

"yea! what's the mish?"

Kim stared over at Ron who shrugged,

"hey! I'm entitled to a catch line now aren't i?"

Kim chuckled and Wade put his hands together before staring at the teen heroes,

"your mission should you choose to accept it, is to track down the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer and find Dementor who most likely stole it."

Kim sighed,

"we accept the mission. But must it always be the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer?"

Wade shrugged,

"a lot of people seem to like them. So we just have to keep rescuing it."

Kim sighed and ron put an arm around her shoulder,

"think about it this way…the Kim Jet is fast enough to get us to Dementors lair and the robot pilot is enough to well, pilot us there, so we can pick up where we left off, y'know?"

Kim gave a wistful smile quickly got up to get dressed. Ron shielded his eyes as she pulled off what remained of her clothes and pulled on her purple t-shirt and black flare pants. Ron turned away and slid on his long blue shirt with black jeans hooked with the titanium belt Kim gave him for their half-iversery. Then he looked down and rubbed the ruby that shown within the white circle of the gold celtic cross they had received from Kaitlyn. He looked over at Kim who was rubbing hers too,

"hard to believe isn't it? It's been almost three weeks since she disappeared. She would've liked to come with us."

Kim said nonchalantly. Ron scooted closer to Kim, he knew she was still coping with Kaitlyn's disappearance, especially since it happened soon after Lucifer and Judasi had cut off her legs, with Kim powerless to stop them. Ron put an arm around her shoulder and gave her a smile,

"yea, but on the positive side, we have some bon-diggety new moves! I mean, after taking down our evil opposites, Dementor should be no prob, especially since The Kim Possible is leading the attack! Besides, knowing Kaitlyn, she's kicking bad guy butt and laughing all the way!"

Kim smiled and gave a soft chuckle and began to lean in to softly kiss Ron. Ron smiled and began to slightly part his lips, but as the two teens came close, the sound of twin turbo jets of a plane sounded outside. Ron grumbled in protest,

"seriously! They can't wait like five minutes?"

Kim laughed and kissed him quickly on the mouth. Ron's disapproving scowl melted as a look of sheer bliss took it's place. Kim nuzzled his face and took his hand,

"that better Ron? Ron?"

She waved a hand in front of his face as Ron said dreamily,

"boo yah."

Not as long as the chapters before but a lot easier to read. That's always a good thing right? Ok, you think this is over, not even close! I will write a story about the UBER KIM POSSIBLE! (that's fun ^v^) anyhoo, the story shall continue! By the way…