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"What Child is this?" is by William Chatterton Dix, of course, it's been redone so many times that if you want to listen to it, you can find it on youtube ^v^

"It's about the cross" is by Go Fish ^v^

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Chapter 5- Resolutions and Revelations

Kim and Ron looked in surprise as the image seemed to be getting further and further away. They saw many images blurring in front of them, scared, Ron asked,

"what's…what's going on?"

Kim shook her head,

"I don't know Ron."

Then they both heard a Voice begin to speak.

"Christmas is a time of giving. So to my newly engaged Children and Heroes, along with being Fighters for My Army, I gave you each a gift that you both desired above all else. Now that you've received it, I shall send you home. Merry Christmas Kimberly Anne. Merry Christmas Ronald Michael. I love you.

Kim and Ron were astounded as they recognized the Voice speaking to them. They turned to one another and took each other's hands,

"Merry Christmas…Father."

Then a bright light overtook them and they found themselves standing back in Dementor's lair. They looked around but the PDVI was nowhere to be found, neither was the Transportulater. In fact, nobody seemed to be here, then they felt a harsh wind pick up trying to suck them, they quickly moved to a still standing wall. Clutching each other behind it. Then they looked as they heard a familiar voice,

"we can try to get out of here Ron! Here, hold the phone!" Kim and Ron looked in shock as only a few feet away the other Ron grabbed the phone with one hand before looking at Kim,

"uh Kim? How are we gonna make a call? The box is way over there!"Kim remembered that, it happened a few hours ago back in Dementor's lair. She watched in wonder as the other Kim turned her head and saw the box with the numbers inching towards the black hole. Kim and Ron held their breath...this was when the wall would break off and they would get sucked into the black hole…but the wall hadn't broken off yet!

Kim and Ron watched in fear as the other Kim and Ron began to slip off of the pillar. Kim and Ron of current time could do nothing but watch in fear as their younger selves were about to fall into the black hole and be stretched and killed.

"this isn't supposed to happen."

Kim said quietly. Ron was furious! He had just found out the truth and had been able to see what Kim could see, now he was going to die before he could put his plan into action. He wasn't thinking and he kicked the wall in anger and the wall…broke off.

Kim and Ron went into action hitting the floor and the sound of the wall being slammed into the Transportulator sounded. Numbers were randomly dialed as the box flew inside the black hole! The other Kim and Ron looked at each other as the phone began to glow and sucked the two of them into it. Then the phone was sucked into the black hole and the result of the two machines being caught within the PDVI destabilized the black hole leaving the whole room quiet.

Myron stepped out of the closet and stared at the carnage in the room. he smiled as he didn't see the two heroes,

"I did it! I got rid of Kim Possible and the boy that always seems to be with her! I cant wait to tell Sherry!"

he smiled as he imagined Dementor's sister and his wife.

"I'm going home for Christmas, let Bill-I mean Dementor clean up this mess!"

he walked out of the lair singing "We Wish you a Merry Christmas."

Kim and Ron stood up and looked around, before sighing with exasperation, "you know, it's bad enough when the villains don't remember my name, but when the henchmen don't?"

he turned to Kim who was standing still, looking at the emptiness where the black hole had been just minutes earlier,

"we would've died."

She said quietly. Ron looked at her with confusion,

"what are you talking about?"

Kim was shivering as she looked toward the empty space…

"if you hadn't been here. If we hadn't had gone back…we would've died."

She turned towards Ron and enveloped him in a large hug,

"Ron! You saved us! Thank you!"

Ron was in the dark and confused.

Kim giggled girlishly at his confused face and explained,

"When we were getting sucked into the Pan-Dimensional Vortex, and holding on to that pillar, you kicked and broke off that wall to save us! You did it…at least, another you did."

Ron was looking at her before his eyes lit up as he realized,

"Oh, so in a time paradox, we had already been sucked inside the vortex and when we returned it was my earlier self's actions that saved us! Right KP?"

Kim looked on in amazement and stuttered,

"Yea, that's right…but but how did you know that?"

Ron shrugged,

"One of the episodes of Space Passage, Commander Kane got caught in a time vortex and he ended up saving not just himself but his crew as well when he returned from it. But that's not important right now!"

He said as he glanced at his watch. He took her gently by the hand and said,

"Come on, we need to hurry KP!"

Kim looked at her watch in confusion. It was 8:00 at night on Christmas, but Snowman Hank 2: Hank's Christmas Blizzard, didn't come on until 9.

"Where are we going Ron?"

She asked. Ron smiled and pulled her to the jet, his plan formulating in his mind,

"You'll see."


Kim was still in the dark as she and Ron flew by the houses of Middleton. House after house flew by but Ron didn't seem to notice. He was focused on something, Kim couldn't tell what…which was strange, usually she knew everything that was going on with Ron. As her street came up, she smiled in realization. He wanted to be with her family on Christmas. That had to be it because as he neared her house he gestured to the robot pilot and slowed down the Kim Jet. It wasn't that hard to miss, being the brightest house on the block. He smiled and as Kim began to take off her seatbelt he motioned at her with his finger,

"Ah ah ah, we're not done yet Ms. Possible, and the future Mrs. Stoppable."

Kim looked confused as he ran inside before she saw lights on in the living room.

She watched as Ron began talking to her parents, who first looked shocked than ran and gave him a hug. Kim was utterly confused now. Maybe he'd said that he proposed to her? It was all confusing.

The Tweebs, Mr. and Mrs. DrP came out with Ronald leading the cavalry. She looked at him with an eyebrow raised as he stopped by his house,

"One more KP, then you'll find out."

He ran inside and Kim watched on the lights as the expressions on his parents were different. His father gave him a handshake and cuffed his shoulder, his sister gave him a hug…but his mother…did nothing. She just stared at him. Kim watched as she said something to him and Ron said something back, but then he just left. His father and his sister with a little blob, which she assumed to be Rufus, followed him, but his mother remained in the kitchen.

As Ron got in, Kim wanted to ask, but didn't. Just as the jet was about to take off, Ron turned to see his mother running after him. He frantically waved to stop and she hopped in. she stared at Ron who was staring at her,

"I don't agree Ronnie, but if you truly believe that this is right…as your mother…I will support you."

Kim looked with wonder as Ron broke out into a smile. Mrs. Stoppable settled into a seat and looked out the window as Ron took off in the jet.

Kim watched with interest before quietly shutting the door and turning to Ron who was focused on his mission,

"Ok Ron, what's going on?"

She asked. Ron took a deep breath and smiled at her,

"I'm giving you what you always wanted."

Kim was confused. He had already proposed to her, what else did she want? They weren't gonna get married now were they? Her confusion doubled as Ron landed the jet in front of her church.

'What is going on here?'

She wondered. She never liked to be kept out of the loop in anything and that continued now. Her confusion doubled as she found herself in a few more seconds in front of her church. Her parents smiled at her as Ron swallowed intently with a look of worry on his face. Kim looked back at her parents that were ushering her gently out of the plane. Ron stayed behind to look at his mother who was staring at him crossly. His father was smiling, and his sister held her arms out to him. He took Hana and bounced her on his knee as he sat there looking at his parents,

"Are you two angry with me?"

His father gave a gentle smile, but said nothing, while his mother's nostril's flared as she stared coldly at him before taking his sister back,

"You're betraying your people and now you're asking if we're angry with you?"

Ron looked down,

"Look Mom, I know this is the right way, cant you believe me?"

She stared at him, anger burning in her eyes,

"No. this is not your way of thinking Ronnie. You always jump before you look, and normally the person telling you too is Kimmie. She's the reason you're doing this."

Ron clenched his fists,

"Yes mom. I am doing this for her. I want to give her a man to be forever with. But I'm also doing this for me. I'm seeing things like I've never seen before mom. I've always done what I've been told, always was a obedient child to you, now I'm old enough to make my decisions, and you keep telling me I'm wrong? I've never felt more right!"

She stared at him, taken aback before narrowing her eyes and before anybody could blink, a loud crack was heard, and Ron's head went sideways as his cheek throbbed where his mother had just slapped it.

He didn't say anything. She didn't say anything. They just stood there, each in their final position. Finally after a few seconds, little two year old Hana spoke up, "Stop!" she ran from her mother to her brother, who numbly picked her up. She stared at Mrs. Stoppable with anger blazing in her big brown eyes. "Mama can't hurt Brudder!" Ron looked at the child, who placed her small hand over his throbbing cheek and puckered her lips as she gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek. He smiled as the pain of his mother's slap, both physical and spiritual dissipated with Hana's little kiss. He smiled and held her closer before lowering her to the floor. He turned from his mother and father before saying,

"I am going to do this. I know its right. Whether you choose to follow or not is your choice."

Then he pressed the button on the jet and retreated from the jet. Hana smiled and toddled after him, before he stopped and offered his hand to her and they walked through the double doors of the church together, leaving Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable in the dark.

Ron tried to ignore the tears that threatened in his eyes as he held Hana's hand closer. He knew what he was doing was right. He knew it was. So why was his mother badgering about it? They never really followed the Jewish tradition anyway. His father had stayed out of it instead of sticking up for his son, but he knew that would happen. When it came to his mother, Mr. Stoppable was not exactly the bravest of souls.

His mind was lost as he walked mechanically to the pastor's office. He knew he'd be there, the service hadn't started yet, and they were just playing music. He was surprised at how much he remembered all the months he had faked going to church. As he reached the door, fear gripped his heart, what if the pastor reacted the same way as his mother, what if he said no, what if? Hana, sensing his fear with her MMP tightened her grip on her brother's hand as though to say, 'I'm with you all the way Brother.' He smiled at her, and knocked on the office door.

Pastor Kevin was reading a letter written to his church that he had found in the tithes bucket. He smiled lovingly as he recognized this letter. She would never ask for prayer, her pride was too large for that, but every time she would leave a tithe, she would write him an anonymous letter,

'Dear Pastor Kev,

My boyfriend and I have gotten extremely close, but I still have fear that when Judgment Day comes, he won't be able to stay with me. Please, just help me have peace that we'll be ok?

He smiled and wrote a side note "pray for Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable." He smiled at the innocent letter, before hearing a knock at the door. He took a look at his watch, the service wasn't gonna start for another 30 minutes, so it wasn't the other leaders of the church. Then who was it? He opened the door to see a young man with messy blonde hair that seemed disheveled, as though he'd been through a drying machine and whipped around a couple times. He had brown eyes that had a spark of fire in them. Kevin smiled, he recognized that spark. 20 years ago, he had the same spark. He think he knew what the young man had come to say. He opened the door larger and waved his arm in a welcoming manner, inviting him in. as Ron entered the door, Kevin shut the door behind him; 12 years as a pastor, he had learned to keep the office door shut when others were in it as too give the others privacy when they talked.

"Pastor…" Ron began before Kevin held up a hand,

"Pastor is when I'm up on the stage, call me Kev." He said with a smile.

Ron looked confused but nodded,


Kevin smiled as Ron retold his story. He couldn't say he wasn't surprised, but when Ron said who he was, he nodded knowing that everything he had said, though completely ludicrous, was true. As Ron spoke, Kevin's mind wandered to the letter sitting on his desk,

'Well Kim, I think your boyfriend just may give you the Christmas present you want.'

He looked at Ron, who asked him a question and nodded his head with a smile,

"That won't be hard at all Ronald. Though it wasn't supposed to be in tonight's service, your fiancé and you have saved us more than once, we'll just call this a favor."

He winked and Ron blinked in disbelief, he didn't think he'd actually be able to do it! Then as he stood up to join Kim and her family, Hana holding on to his hand and Rufus, whom he'd forgotten in all the excitement, was stashed in his pocket. He turned toward his small friend and gave him a look that said, 'am I doing the right thing?' Rufus responded with a thumbs up and gave him a large smile

"HOO-KAY!" he shouted.

Kevin smiled and cuffed Ron's shoulder,

"Looks like your friend agrees with you Ronald. But I have to ask. Are you doing this for you? Or for her?"

Ron turned to Kevin who was staring at him, his blue eyes cutting into Ron's brown ones. Ron stared at him and said nervously,

"Both. She means everything to me, and I want to give her what she deserves. But, I'm also doing this for me. Believe me when I say, I had a revelation. And I have a feeling…I need to do this."

Kevin smiled at him and pat his shoulder before smiling at him,

"Then we'll do it. But you misunderstood. Do you want to give up what you are? Or do you want to keep who you are and give her what she wants?"

Ron stared at him with wonder,

"Can you do that?"

Kevin smiled. He'd figured just as much as the young man before him eyes lit up, as though there was still hope. Kevin smiled and nodded,

"Just gotta make a call to a friend of mine. You go get your seat. We'll tell you when we're ready."

Ron nodded and tried to keep from jumping for joy as he left the pastor's office. Credit to him, he succeeded…for about five minutes.

Pastor Kevin gave a smile as he heard a loud cry resonate through the building


He smiled and picked up his cell phone before dialing a number in his phone,

"Hey Justin? You might have a new friend tonight. He came to me with a crazy idea. And what's even crazier? I said yes. But I think you should be here too Justin. I'm serious here little bro. watching him? It was like watching you. And for the exact same reason too."

He heard a reply and smiled,

"Alright, then we'll see you there. I've gotta get everything ready. See ya soon little bro."

Kevin smiled and reread the anonymous letter that he knew was from a certain Kimberly Ann Possible.

"Well Kim, I don't think you'll have to worry about that young man of yours. He's got everything under control."

Then he smiled and took a small towel from the closet, knowing that Ron'd need it afterwards.

-Church pew

Ron sat excited in his pew next to Kim and her family. Han lay across their laps, sound asleep. He hadn't seen his mother and father, and bitter tears stung his eyes before he wiped them clean. He couldn't make their decision. But he was going to stand by his. He looked over at Kim who had laid her hand across his, her emerald ring sparkling in the lights of the church. Then he heard Rufus whisper in his ear (how he got up there, he didn't know. He never asked how Rufus did things)

"Doing right. Be okay!"

He smiled and gave his little buddy a small fist bump as the choir went up at the front of the church singing "What Child is this?"

Kim smiled as they reached the chorus, and a vision of a baby lying in Mary's arms as she rocked him revisited her memory. She intertwined her fingers with Ron's as she sang,

"This, This, is Christ the King,

Whom Sheppard's guard and Angels sing,

Haste, Haste, to bring Him laud,

The Babe, the Son…of Mary…

The Babe, the Son…of Mary."

Ron smiled and leaned over before giving Kim a chaste kiss, remembering why he was doing this…not for his family, not for approval, but for Kim and God. He smiled at her lovingly as Pastor Kev walked up to the stage where the worship choir had just left. He smiled as his eyes wandered around the crowd, taking in all the faces, before landing on a pair of chocolate brown eyes with a resolve he'd only seen once, having been the other himself. He smiled and began to speak,

"Good Evening, it's such a pleasure to see all my friends here tonight, both new and old. Tonight we celebrate a historic night. Tonight, the Savior was born and though unknown by many at the time, so was our salvation. Tonight, as I was preparing, I was cornered by a young man, who craved that salvation. He confessed that before he never really believed, even in his original faith, following tradition, but not the relation. Then he began to tell me a tale that honestly, if I didn't know his girlfriend…I mean fiancé, I probably wouldn't believe. He was given the privilege to experience something incredible first hand. However, it also brought light to a lie he'd been telling her. Now he wants to atone for that lie, and I, for one, am all for it. But in his "never be normal" way of course."

He smiled and gestured to Ron who nodded and stood up. Kim looked at him in wonder and shock. What was he going to do? She stood up and took his hand. Everyone in the church gasped, even Pastor Kev looked surprised. She looked at him and said evenly,

"Ronald Michael, you are my partner in both Guardianship and crime-fighting. You are my fiancé and my best friend. Whatever it is you're about to do, don't think I won't be doing it with you."

Ron smiled and took her other hand in his, giving her a warm and gracious, thankful smile,

"Thanks KP. For having my back."

She gave him a smile and they both walked up to the stage where Pastor Kev, stood smiling. He held out his hands for each of them, and guided them to the top of the stage. He smiled as he looked at Ron's nervous face before turning to the congregation,

"Ron has decided to stop being Jewish. He said that he can't stand being apart from God and wants to do the right thing; however, Ron doesn't seem to realize that being Jewish does not make you apart from God."

Everyone in the congregation gasped, with a few "Amen"s' heard throughout the church. Ron blinked wide eyed and Kim smiled and looped her hand around his as Kev continued,

"God actually said that the Israelites were God's Chosen People. We as Christians believe that on this very night, the Son of God descended from Heaven to save us and die on the cross. We in reality, are brethren, the only difference between us is Jesus. See, I don't think that Ron wants to stop being who he is. It would be like asking Kim to give up her save the world gig; it's just not right. So I accept that he wants to accept Jesus, I actually encourage it, but Ron."

He turned to Ron and Ron looked up with uncertainty in his eyes for the first time tonight, at least, back in his own time.

"do you want to truly give up your Jewish heritage?"

Ron looked up to speak before letting his head fall in shame, acknowledging the truth. Pastor Kev gave a gentle smile and cuffed Ron's shoulder before nodding,

"I thought so. You don't want to lose your Jewish heritage, but you want to accept Jesus. I have a way to do both."

Ron looked up with hope and Kim took his hand before turning to the Pastor. Kev smiled and continued,

"I'm sure you know about the Jews for Jesus?"

Ron nodded and Kim stared at him, wondering what would happen now. Pastor Kev smiled and gestured off the stage and a man stepped on to the stage before giving Kev a tight hug. Ron and Kim didn't see who it was. he was tall, with a long beard down to his collarbone. He had glasses secured gently on his nose and gentle eyes. As he broke the hug from Kev, Kim and Ron gasped as they recognized the man before them,

"Rabbi Katz?"

They said in unison, Kim, without thinking snapped and turned to Ron,

"Jinx, you owe me a soda!"

Ron groaned and Kev and Rabbi Katz gave a laugh. Ron refocused and turned to Rabbi Katz,

"Rabbi, what are you doing here?"

Rabbi smiled and turned to Kev,

"well, when my brother called me I had to be here to see my youngest protégé see the light. and to think just four years ago, you were worried about muscles making the man."

Ron rubbed the back of his neck nervously,

"yeah, Kim kinda brought me out of that one, but Rabbi…this is your brother?"

Rabbi Katz nodded and smiled,

"yup, my older brother, by about two years, Kevin Norman Katz."

Ron, along with half the congregation gave a chuckle at Pastor Kev's middle name before Kev gave a sinister smile toward his younger brother,

"Yes Ron, this is my younger brother, Justin, but you know him as Gerry Katz. He runs the Jewish temple, along with the Jews for Jesus service as well. He's agreed to be your personal mentor, if you would like. He'll personally disciple you and help you tonight with your baptism."

Kim's eyes shot wide open, Ron, her Ron, was going to get baptized? That was his gift to her? That was…totally unexpected. It was enough to propose to her, and risk his life for her, but to be baptized. To accept Jesus as his Savior and Lord was astounding! She took his hand and squeezed it affectionately as he smiled towards her,

"surprise KP."

Rabbi Katz smiled as a compartment in the floor opened up beneath him, showing a pool of clear, clean water. Ron smiled as he kicked off his shoes, leaving him only in his mission gear. Rufus smiled and climbed out of his pocket, scurrying quickly to Kim. Hana, knowing something important was about to happen to her brother called out as loud as her little two year old lungs could muster,


There was a chuckle from one or two people in the church, but the rest began to stand and applaud Ron as he climbed into the cool, clear water. The dirt on his mission clothes washed off in the water as though everything he'd been lying about was just washing away. He began to feel a closer connection to both the Mystical Monkey Power and the rest of the Blessing of Change that coursed through his soul. He smiled and closed his eyes, letting the water gently lap at his body. He felt his body calm down, letting every inhibition he had before, even with what Kaitlyn had told him, flow out of his body into the water. But, this water was different. This water didn't just stay there; no it flowed out every one of his fears and let them melt away, as though they had never been there to begin with.

Rabbi Katz smiled, his brother, as per usual, was right. There was a spark about Ronald; that not even Rabbi Katz had seen in all the years he'd known the Stoppable family. It was amazing, and not just the Mystical Monkey Power he'd heard about. Ron was glowing, a light blue aura surrounding him, but not just that, lights of gold and green and purple were shining within it as well. It was hard to see, thank goodness, because he really didn't want to explain, but he could see something changing in Ron, something for the better. Pastor Kev, didn't acknowledge whether he saw it or not, but held up a mike for Ron,

"Ron any words for your friends and family?"

Ron opened his eyes calmly and spoke in an even tone,

"to my family, I know I'm doing the right thing, I wish you could see how I'm feeling now."

What Ron didn't see was his mother and father, standing in a corner of the church watching carefully. His father watched with a warm smile and nodded, understanding why his son needed to do this now, he'd never seen him more at peace. His mother held her straight face, but if you looked close enough, you could see small tears like diamonds falling off her face as she finally understood that her son didn't do this just because Kimberly asked him to. He did this because God asked him to.

"Yahweh," she said quietly and lifted up her hands in worship (which she hadn't done in years), "thank you."

Ron didn't see them there but continued,

"to my friend Kaitlyn, wherever she is, I want to say, I finally understand the Blessing."

A small, lithe, girl with silver hair that trailed to her back gave a smile. She remembered when she went through this, though it was in a dream rather than in reality, she gave a warm smile as she picked up her communicator with a T across it,

"Titans, I'm on my way, just had to stop by for a Christmas visit."

As she turned, her metallic legs never making a sound she tossed a smile in Kim and Ron's direction,

"Merry Christmas you two, and God Bless."

Ron never saw her there and moved his eyes to the sky as he finished,

"to my Savior, Yahweh, and all the people that I owe, I want to say thanks. It took a while, but I'm finally here."

As he handed the mike back to Pastor Kev, Rabbi Katz wiped some tears from his eyes. Of course he wasn't the only one, not one eye in the church was dry that night as Rabbi climbed in the water and gently took Ron's head in his hands. Ron plugged his nose and closed his eyes as he heard the Rabbi say,

"Ronald Michael Stoppable, having confessed that Jesus is your Savior, and Yahweh is your God, I baptize you as a Child of Yahweh and forgiven by the Cross."

He slowly dipped Ron back, immersing him in the water. Ron lay in the cold water, letting it all sink in as the Rabbi's words rang in him. He was a Child of Yahweh, of God. And saved by Jesus on the Cross. He now had salvation! As he came up for air, he took a deep breath and opened his eyes, the church was roaring with applause from everyone, but Ron could only smile as his fiancé, walked up to him towel in hand, her eyes shining, knowing that she'd never been this proud of him before.

As she took his hand and led him to his seat, the young silver-haired girl smiled as she looked up at the stars above, waiting for her ride. She could hear the applause from outside it was so loud, and her smile grew louder as a verse of "It's about the Cross" began, and the choir gently sang,

"It's not just about the manger,

Where the baby lay.

It's not all about the angels,

Who sang for Him that day.

It's not just about the Sheppard's,

Or the bright and shining star,

It's not all about the wise men,

Who traveled from afar."

Kaitlyn lay there on her back watching the sky as stars began to peep out one at a time, tears gently streaming down her face as she heard the people in the church begin to sing the Christmas hymn.

"I always thought that Christmas was about how Jesus was born and how special he was. I never knew that our forgiveness was what He came for, what He was born for."

As the choir began to move to the chorus, Kaitlyn joined in, her hands raised high,

"It's about the Cross,

It's about my sin.

It's about how Jesus came to be born once,

So that we could be born again.

It's about the stone,

That was rolled away

So that you and I could have real life


It's about the cross.

It's about the cross."

Ron and Kim held hands as he dried off his wet hair. the choir was beginning to wind down into the next verse and she began to gently sing,

"it's not just about the presents

Underneath the tree.

It's not all about the feeling

That the season brings with me."

Ron smiled and joined in,

"it's not just about coming home

To be with those you love

It's not all about the beauty

In the snow I'm dreaming of."

They all raised their hands in worship and sang,

"it's about the cross,

It's about my sin.

It's about how Jesus came to be born once

Just so we could be born again."

Rabbi and Pastor Katz wrapped their arms around each other and continued,

"it's about the stone,

That was rolled away

So that you and I could have real life


It's about the cross

It's about the cross."

Kim took her families hand as the song began to pick up,

"The beginning of the story is wonderful

And great."

Ron joined her on the other side and took her hand, where her engagement ring sparkled as water from his baptism splashed on it, giving it a bright shine,

"but it's the ending that can save you and

That's why we celebrate!"

Kaitlyn stood on the roof as behind the clouds a bright star began to poke through. It was beautiful and shined around the whole town, but what was truly amazing, was that it was in the shape of a cross,

"it's about the cross

It's about my sin

It's about how Jesus came to be born once

So that we could be born again."

Now the whole church saw the light begin to shine and one by one they filed out to look up at the cross star shining down as everyone finished, grateful tears falling down their faces,

"it's about God's love

Nailed to a tree

It's about how every drop of blood that flowed

From Him when it should've been me

It's about the stone

That was rolled away

So that you and I could have real life


Now everyone grew quiet as Kim, Ron and Kaitlyn finished, smiles crossing their faces,

"it's about how you and I could have real life


It's about the cross.

It's about the cross."

Kaitlyn smiled and hopped into a plane as it neared, wiping her eyes and looking to the sky whispering, "Thank you."

Kim and Ron looked at each other, the PDVI, the family troubles, the engagement, the time travel, everything faded away but the star and the two of them as they smiled and gave each other a kiss so loving and gentle, it would be hard to believe that it was a kiss between teens. They stayed that way for a minute before breaking off and whispering to each other,

"Merry Christmas."

Kim, her natural Kimness taking over quickly spoke,

"Jinx you owe me a soda!"

Ron laughed and held her closer as they walked home beneath the light of the star.