Skipper felt something was not right. He checked his men's bunks. Kowalski and Rico where in there bunks sound asleep. But Private wasn't in his. Wait there was something in his bunk. It was some kind of tape. Skipper went back to 'sleep better to think about this in the morning' Skipper thought. The next morning Skipper got his men up early. "Listen up men. Private's gone. But it look's like he left us a tape.' Skipper said putting the tape in the V.C.R. A blurry image came into focus and they saw Private the little Britsh penguin on the T.V. "Skipper, Kowalski and Rico. I've gone home to Anartica. Don't bother looking for me i'm staying there. They should find a replacement for me soon. I wish all of you the best. Goodbye." Said Private ( he was at puberty age so his vocie was high) as the T.V. turned off. The penguins just stood there with there beak's hanging open. Why did Private leave? They where still thinking about it when they heard a thump outside of there H.Q. They jumped out ready to fight. All they saw was a box that rattled slightly. "Rico. crowbar!" Skipper said as Rico threw up a crowbar. Skipper opened the box surprized to find a female penguin Private's hight. But there were three strange things about her. For one she had a layer of brown downy feathers making a short hair style with purple streaks. The second thing was that her body feathers were a blueish grayish colour. The third thing was that her chest feathers were a shiny silver colour. "Hi. My name is Pri". said the new penguin with a Britsh accent. Pri was stunningly beautiful. Kowalski and Rico just stood until Skipper elboed them. "I'm Skipper this is Kowalski and Rico." 'Ello pleasure to meet you all." Pri said giving a small bow. "I Pi!" Rico said in his raspy voice (He was almost mute). "Hello Pri." Said Kowalski. Skipper couldn't help but think he had seen her before. "Skipper. Don't be rude." Kowalski said. "Oh right. Hi." Skipper replied halfheartedly. "Would one of you gent's care to show me around?" Pri asked. "I'll do it!" Kowalski said not doing a very good job of hiding his excitment. " Nuh un! I ill!" Rico argued. "Enough! we can all show her around! Skipper snapped. "O goody!" Pri exclaimed happily. It hurt Skipper to hear her Britsh accent. So they started showing her around. As they where on there way to the otter habitat. "Oh! They have otters here!" Pri exclaimed as they entered Marlene's habitat. "Ahh! I thought we talked about barging into my habitat!" Marlene snapped. "Who do you have with you and where's Private? Marlene asked. Marlene this Pri. "Private went home to Anartica and Pri is the replacment penguin." Skipper said. "Wait. Why did Private leave? Marlene asked. "That part we don't know Marlene." Skipper said. "Well welcome to the zoo Pri." Marlene said warmly. "Thank you Marlene is it?" Pri said. "Your welcome Pri. Bye guys." "See you later Marlene." Skipper replied.

( Next up Pri meets the leamers! Yay how Juilen react to the pretty new penguin? Stay tuned.)