The group stared at him with eyes that shone with curiosity. Private rubbed the back of his head in discomfort. "I'm sorry I'm just not ready to talk about what happened next. It's quite fuzzy actually." There was a long pause before Skipper broke the silence. "Well it's good to have you back solider!" He said then slapped private on his head. "Skippah!" Private asked in a shocked voice. "That was for leaving." Skipper answered. "Fair enough." Private said rubbing the back of his head. Then Pri looked like she remembered something. "I think this is yours!" Pri said pulling out a scrap book. "It looks a lot like mine." She said holding up a similar book. 'I've been looking for that!" Private exclaimed. Pri tossed him the book. But it hit him in the gut and he fell off the cinderblock he was sitting on. Even Private laughed at this.

Everybody welcomed Private back and Julian made up his mind to throw them a party. So that night everyone but Skipper gathered at the lemur habitat for the party. Skipper would not come what so ever. So Pri, Private, Kowalski and Rico headed off to the party. After ten minutes the party was in full swing. Private took a seat on the edge of the habitat. Then he noticed someone sitting on the bench. He jumped off the edge and slid to the girl. "Who are you?" she asked almost in a whisper. "I'm Private and you are?" He asked. "I'm Elyon." She said quietly. "So what are you doing out here?" "I'm... I'm..." She trailed off. "You're what?" Private asked. "I'm afraid of parties. Elyon told him. "Come on. I'll walk in with you." Private told her. 'Well... Ok." Elyon replied jumping off the bench and they walked in together.

The end.

IT'S DONE! YES! No more school has worked! After four months it's done!