Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans. Or Double Trouble, that belongs to Treskttn, who let me use her story here. Check it out! Merry Christmas everybody!

The winds howled and a light snow fell, which was unusual for Jump City. The snow, that is. Jump City usually got about six or seven inches a year, and that was that. So far, they had gotten over three feet, and it was continuing to build.

With the weather this bad, crime was almost non-existent. Inside a T-shaped Tower , five heroes were enjoying the holidays. Having finished decorating the Tower, the Titans were relaxing.

Cyborg was skyping Bumblebee. Robin and Starfire were cuddling in her room. Raven was reading a wonderful book called Double Trouble, a wonderful story about a teacher who confronts a failing student's parents and gets a blast from her past.

As for Beast Boy? He hadn't been seen all day, which worried Raven. He wasn't one to seclude himself, especially on Christmas. Raven pushed her worries to the back of her mind as she continued to read.

Moments later, the green changeling waded through the Common Room doors, whistling the song Noel. Heading into the kitchen, he made himself a plate of tofu and a glass of soy milk and had lunch. Raven could feel waves of nervousness roll off him. Something was off.

When she asked if anything was wrong, he casually replied, "nope, Rae, everything's all right." Which concerned her even more. Beast Boy confided in her more than he did anybody else, even Cyborg. Raven returned to her book.

After finishing his meal, Beast Boy plopped himself down on the couch next to Raven. He cleared his throat to get her attention. Marking her place, Raven set the book down and looked at Beast Boy. "Yes, Garfield?"

"I've got an early Christmas present for you," he sang, handing her a smooth, cedar box.

"You know we don't open presents till Christmas." Raven stated, as she was not one to break tradition.

"Just open it. Please? Do I have to use the face?" Beast Boy asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

Knowing that it would be futile to argue with her green skinned teammate, Raven sighed and opened the box. Inside was a heart shaped emerald jewel. Turning to stare the changeling in the eyes, Raven asked, "Beast Boy, what is this?"

"My heart." Then he kissed her passionately. It was sudden and unexpected, and when they broke apart, Raven said nothing. "Raven?" he inquired after several moments. When she said nothing and glared, his face faltered. The smile on his face disappeared, and he began to get up.

As he turned away, a strong arm grabbed him and pulled him back, sending him crashing to the floor and landing on his back. Looking up he saw Raven's face, a small smile forming. She reached down, grabbed the front of his shirt, pulled him into a kiss, then promptly pushed him back down. The book all but forgotten for now, Raven pinned him against the floor and continued kissing his as her arms made their way around his neck and his arms wrapped around her waist.

It was the best Christmas they ever had.