Toejam ran up to Brooke and sweetly hugged her from behind. Brooke, shocked, quickly turned around to see who it was.

"Toejam, what are you doing?" Brooke said in a confused voice

"i was just saying good morning, soo GOOOD MORNING BROOKE!" he yelled

"haha your always so happy Toejam, why?"

" i don't have any thing to be sad about i have great friends, great parents, and the girl i have been in love with for a while is... nevermind"


" see ya" they said in unison and walked off in different directions

In History class Brooke kept thinking who the girl he was in love with is,

"its not like a like him or anything, do i, nooo, but he is really nice and cute, but he is to good of a friend, what if i was the girl he was in love with that would be amazing. Ugh but i don't like him, do i?" Brooke thought " i'll talk to him during free period"

Free Period

" Hey" Toejam said as he walked up to Brooke as she was standing by the gang's regular meeting spot by the window


" so about earlier i" Toejam got lost in Brooke's eyes and did the unthinkable, he kissed Brooke

Brooke didn't know how to react but she kissed him back, knowing now he did like her

they broke apart after 5 seconds

" Umm, i, i don't know why i did that, i just liked you for a while now and something came over me and made me kiss you, i thought i just liked you as a crush but i don't anymore i think i may love you but i don't know its nothing" He said trying his best to explain what he did

" I got to go" Brooke ran home as fast as she could jumped into her bed and cried into her pillow confused about everything.

"Brooke WAIT" Toejam said as he chased after her

He ran nonstop for 20 minutes until he ended up at her house. He rang the door bell for 5 minutes then decided he should go the back of her house.

He could her the faint sounds of crying coming from the top window with a balcony in front of it.

Toejam thought for a second and decided to climb up the tree next her her balcony and get to the window. When he got there he didn't realize he was all cut up from the branches and ached horriebly from all of the running but he knew he needed to see Brooke.

Luckily the window was open and hne was able to climb inside the house. He saw Brooke crying into her pillow, he found out that she was crying to hard to hear him come in.

Toejam slowly put his hand on her back to try to get her attention

" i don't want to talk mom please" she said

" Uh, its Toejam, Brooke i came here to appoligise"

Brooke turned around" I don't want to talk to you, I don't want to see your face, JUST GO!"

"Brooke i am SORRY i'm sorry i hurt your feelings, i'm sorry i made you cry, I am so sorry, I love you Brooke, I always have and always will, i left school and ran after you because i was stupid for saying what i did and all i want is to have you not hate me but PLEASE Brooke forgive me! I love you." At this point Brooke was standing up, feeling horrible about what she had done. Brooke ran and hugged Toejam with all her might trying to show that she is sorry. Of course Toejam hugged her back and kissed her on the forehead.

" I'm sorry Brooke i really am"

" I'm sorry i ran off Toejam" she stepped back and kissed him on the lips.

Toejam just smiled and looked at her.

"I love you to Toejam i really do"