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3 months ago

River walked through two large wooden doors at the college of archiology and locked them behind her. She was on a mission. There was rumor of an ancient prophesy written in a scroll the college possessed about something that interested her greatly.

As she walked through another set of doors and locked them, she reached for her scanner. She sent a message to Ardesind, an archiologist proffesor she had befriended that had agreed to show it to her. He sent, in return, a location. Almost there. River thought.

When she arrived, Ardesind was waiting for her with a bundle of cloth under his arm. "Sit, Miss Song. We have much to discuss." "Hello old friend!" River said, smiling, and took a seat, not bothering to correct him. She was Mrs. Song now. There were a small amount of pleasantries and small talk exchanged and then they got down to business. "I have brought what you asked me to but you only have a short amount of time to look before I have to return it." He pulled a short scroll out of the bundle he had and handed it to her. "Thank you, Ardesind. I owe you one." "I'll be back in an hour to retrieve it. Look as much as you like but don't try anything. The SeeBots are about today. SeeBots were the invisible security scanners of the college. River knew even she couldn't get past them with something this valuable. Not that I'd try. She added. "Alright." She said and immediately got to work.

One hand unrolled the scroll and the other pulled her notebook and pen out of her pouch. She began to read, copying down any information of relevance to her search. At last, she found it. It was long in the ancient tongue but River copied down every word exactly so she could translate later.

When at last she was satisfied that every letter was word for word, she continued scanning the rest of the manuscript, continuing to copy other relevant details. Ardesind returned just as she was finishing up. "I trust your read was useful?" He asked, taking the scroll as River returned it to him. "Oh much! Thank you again for this. I was wondering though, might I call you once I have more time to think about it and have a discussion with you? I'm afraid I may just need someone to bounce ideas off of so i can process it all clearly." He smiled. "Of course, my dear! I do enjoy our discussions. And I think this might be the best one of all!" River let a laugh ring out. "Oh Ardesind, you say that every time!" He chuckled and they said their goodbyes.

As River walked back to the building entrance, she reviewed the past few weeks. She was the Doctor's wife now. She had the man she loved to take care of. Oh it seems so long ago! But it hasn't been so long. Only a month. Since the Doctor had returned her to her cell in Stormcage, River had been keeping her ears open to the whispering wall. At the back of her cell, installed by the previous occupant River assumed, was a block of a slightly different color that had special properties. River could listen to almost anything she wanted to and lately, that had been anything about the Doctor. That is where she caught wind of the prophesy. The Sea Prophesy, it was called. It told of the end of the Doctor and River couldn't let the end come. It wasn't right. She had to protect him. Without him knowing. She reminded herself. Spoilers.