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I'm hurting you! I don't want to come out! It makes you hurt so badly!

River couldn't focus her eyes. She had been pushing for about an hour.

"Sweetie, I promise, mummy will be fine."

The pain rose again and she pushed as hard as she could.

"Very nearly there!" Sarah Jane said, encouragingly.

River leaned back and began to cry.

How long will it last?

"I don't know."

The Doctor brushed her tears away with his thumbs and pulled her head to face him.

"River, you can do this. You can."

"But I'm tired. I'm so, so tired, love. I don't think I could push again if i tried." she said, closing her eyes again.

It was true. Both Sarah Jane and the Doctor could see that River's strength was giving out.

If they didn't get the baby out soon, there would be trouble.

Suddenly, River lost consciousness.

Thinking quickly, the Doctor put his face close to her stomach.

"Baby? Can you hear me? Oh...of course you can. Could you maybe help your mum out a bit? Try to push yourself out while she pushes. Right. Okay."

He stood up and turned to River.

He shook her gently.

"River? River you've got to wake up. You've got to keep pushing. Please, River. Don't give up."

She opened her eyes a little.

"Ready?" the Doctor asked her.

She nodded slightly and lifted her head, preparing herself.

As the next contraction came, she pushed with all her might.

Everything she had.

She cried out and fell back against the pillows, sobbing.

"River I can see the head. One more push should do it!" Sarah Jane announced.

We did it mummy! I'm helping! Daddy showed me how!

"Wha-what?" River slurred, her focus drifting uncontrollably.

"River? Stay with me, love. Once more! Just once more! Please, River." the Doctor pleaded.

She tried to gather what strength was left in her body.

It wasn't much.

She could barely lift her head.

But she could feel another contraction coming and she knew she had to.

Gritting her teeth, River pushed again.

It seemed like it lasted an eternity. She could feel her control slipping and she nearly blacked out.

She allowed herself to fall backwards limply, but remained conscious.

River heard a cry.

A baby's cry.

She had done it.

"It's a boy! River we have a boy! Oh he's brilliant!"

The Doctor carefully brought the baby over to her, laying him in her arms gently.

River looked down at her baby boy and smiled.

"Hello, you brilliant little thing. Mummy loves you very much." she managed to say.

She wasn't feeling well at all.

"Sweetie, why don't you get mum and dad?" River said weakly as Sarah Jane took the baby to clean him up.

The Doctor kissed her and went to the door.

"Come along, Ponds! You've got a grandson!"

River could hear her parents shouting for joy as they came down the hall, but they sounded odd. Like they were far away. Her ears began ringing and her vision went black.

She groaned in discomfort and let her head fall to the pillows.

"River? River! Doctor, take the baby. River!"

Sarah Jane handed the Doctor the baby and pushed him out the door, shutting it and rushing to River's side.

The baby was crying. Not even the Doctor's magic "Shh" would work.

"What's he saying? You speak baby. Why's he crying?" Amy asked.

"He wants his mum. He wants her to be okay. He wants her to stay alive." the Doctor answered, worriedly.

The longer Sara Jane was in there, the more he feared for River. What was happening?

"What's wrong with River?" Rory asked, clenching his fists, no doubt planning to inflict enormous amounts of pain and suffering on whoever it was who had caused something to go wrong.

The Doctor said nothing in reply.

"It's okay, darling. Daddy's going to go get her. You stay here with you gran and gramps. I'll be back soon."

He kissed his head and handed him to Amy, rushing off to the bedroom.

"Wake up, River. Come on! Wake up!" Sarah Jane cried, checking monitors and gently shaking her.

Then she saw it.

There on the bed.

River was bleeding uncontrollably.

The Doctor burst in the door.

"What's wrong? Is she okay? Oh, River, please be okay!"

He rushed to her side and held her as Sarah Jane rushed to her bag and pulled out a compress and a syringe filled with honey colored fluid.

"She's bleeding out. I can't tell what's causing it. For some reason the dissection from her fall all those months ago has healed itself inside the timelock so it's not that. It's something else and I can't find it. Hold this." she said, pressing the syringe into his palm and applying the compress to the bleed.

"Take the cap off of that and bring it here, quickly." Sarah Jane instructed.

The Doctor did as she said, not daring to even say a word to distract her from stopping the bleed.

"Blast! I can't let go of the compress!" She said as a wave of blood poured out when she took a hand off. "You're going to have to do it, Doctor."

"But I-"

"She's DYING, Doctor. Do it NOW."

The Doctor didn't let himself think another thought before he plunged the needle into River's stomach and squeezed all the liquid into her body.

Tears poured down his face as he pulled it back out and threw it to the ground.

Sarah Jane stayed in place and watched as the Doctor's emotional barrier crumbled.

His hands flew to his head and he pulled on his hair. He walked around the room, sobbing.

"Doctor." Sarah Jane said quietly after a few minutes.

He stopped, his back to her and let his hands drop to wipe the tears from his face as he turned to face her.

"You saved her." was all Sarah Jane said.

She removed the blood-soaked compress and wiped her forehead with her forearm.

The Doctor rubbed his chin roughly and walked timidly over to River's side.

Her beautiful face looked peaceful.

He bent down and kissed her forehead.

As he sat down, he took her into his arms and held her, rocking slowly.

He had almost lost her.

All the pain and fear of her death had nearly caused him to lose control.

Sarah Jane touched his shoulder and he looked up.

"Shall I bring them in?" she asked.

The Doctor nodded and gently let go of River, moving to clean up the bloody mess that covered the room.

Amy and Rory entered the room, full of worry and still trying to calm the baby.

They both stopped and stared at all the blood.

"River?" Amy rushed to her side, tears running down her face.

"She's going to be alright, Amy." the Doctor said. "She's just resting."

He walked over to Rory and took the baby, gently bouncing him and whispering about how amazing his mother was.

The baby stopped crying.

"See? Mummy's fine. She's just resting. She's had a long day."

The Doctor handed him to Amy and resumed cleaning up the bloody sheets and clothing, trying his best not to disturb River's sleep.

An hour later, the Doctor, Amy, Rory and the baby said farewell to Sarah Jane.

"Thank you so much, Sarah Jane. Couldn't have done it without you!" the Doctor said, hugging her tightly.



"Goodbye, my friends. Call me if you need anything."

And with that, she was gone.

They trudged back into the house and resumed their routine, still waiting for River to wake up.

Rory began chopping vegetables and preparing dinner, Amy finished straitening up the house, and the Doctor stood next to River with their son, bouncing him gently and telling him stories of his adventures through time.

"Then one day, I met a strange woman. She was so beautiful. She new all about me. It was quite the adventure, that day. I nearly died several times. We lost a lot of the team. And then this woman, your mother, did something incredibly stupid. And I've never forgiven myself."

He stared at her, remembering the Library. He had been so young and stupid. How could he not have seen it? The unmistakable look of love in her eyes.

He had watched it grow as they spent time together.

She was his.

He was hers.

It was as simple as that.

The Doctor shook himself from his thoughts.

The baby was asleep in his arms.

He walked across the room and layed him down in the crib. Little Melody Pond's crib.

The Doctor smiled at his son and stroked his tiny face with a finger.

He looked so much like her.

River groaned quietly and the Doctor dashed to her side.

"River? Oh thank heavens you're alright!"

"Doctor? What happened?" she asked, confused.

"You...You gave us quite a bit of a scare. You passed out and there was tons of blood and it wouldn't stop and I was so scared and the baby wouldn't stop crying because he was worried about you and I thought I-"

"Shhhh." River said, pulling him into her arms. "I'm alright, love. I'm here."

The Doctor let tears run down his face again.

"I love you so much, River. Please don't ever forget that."

"I love you to, Doctor."

They sat there in silence for a minute or two before River let go of him.

"Where are mum and dad? And the baby?"

"Rory's making you something to eat and Amy's cleaning up all the bl- she's cleaning. As for our son, he's right over there, dreaming of impossible adventures to far off places."

"Am not! I'm awake. I was just pretending so you'd stop rambling about how hot mum is." came the reply.

The Doctor looked offended but River laughed.

He stood and picked the baby up out of the crib, laying him in River's arms.

"Alright then, love?"

"Yes mum! Did I hurt you too badly?"

"Of course not, darling! I'm alright." she smiled.

"Okay. Let's get down to business. What are we going to call you?" the Doctor said, rubbing his hands together.

"I've already told mum I want you two to decide together. I want it to mean something."

River smiled at the Doctor.

"What do you think sweetie?"

He thought for a moment then leaned over to whisper in her ear.

She smiled widely.

"That's beautiful, sweetie. I love it!" River exclaimed.

The Doctor beamed proudly.

"What? What did you pick?" the baby asked.


A moment later Amy and Rory burst through the door.

"River! You're awake!" Amy said, running over to hug her.

"Feeling better, then?" her father asked.

"Much. We've got an announcement. Doctor?"

The Doctor stood and cleared his throat.

"As you all know, I went back to the ancients to hear the prophesy first hand. It's atrocious what was left out of it! I mean really. They left out so much that I-"

River cleared her throat.

"Right. Anyway. The prophesy has almost been fulfilled. I died, people cried, people forgot, River got pregnant, she suffered, she forgave herself and saved her own life and the baby's from the Master, but then she needed her question answered."

He stopped so River could continue.

"My question was simply 'where is the Doctor?' He answered it. He came back and saved us. Now he has the greatest gift. A family."

Amy's eyes were pouring over with tears.

"But you said it was almost fulfilled. That was the entire prophesy, wasn't it?" Rory asked.

"Ah! Clever Rory. Here's the good bit. The title of the prophesy. Sea Prophesy. I never thought it through until now, but I know why it's called that now."

"Why?" Amy practically shouted, unable to wait for the answer.

"Because of his name."

The Doctor smiled at River.

"His name is Morgan Aban Song. The literal translation is 'Sea-born waters'. Don't you see? The prophesy was named for him." River said.

Amy and Rory looked at their grandson in awe.

"Morgan Aban." the Doctor repeated, proud of his cleverness.

"Welcome to Earth, Morgan." Rory said, allowing the baby's little fingers to wrap around his.

"You are the most important baby in the universe." Amy added.

River smiled at her family.

Her mother was right.

Baby Morgan was important.

The most important child in history.