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May, Dawn and Iris were spending a little vacation on an island just south of the Sinnoh region. They chose this place because it got plenty of sun and there were plenty of things that they could do together.

"Hey, did you see this?"

May and Dawn looked at Iris, who was staring at a poster for some show that was in the local theater.

May walked up and asked, "What about it?"

Iris said, "It's all the people here talk about. Apparently, there are humans who can use moves just like Pokémon can!"

Dawn arched an eyebrow and said, "That's hard to believe."

Iris said, "Well, why don't we go and see if this is real or not. If it's just some cheap trick, we won't bother with it any longer."

"And what if it's real?" May asked.

"If it's real, we ask if we can learn Pokémon moves too! Come on; don't try to tell me you've never wondered what it feels like to use Pokémon moves."

May and Dawn looked at each other, and then sighed.

"Well, if this is what you want to do, then let's go," May said.

"Who knows, it might be fun," Dawn added.

Iris smiled and ran inside the theater for tickets.

After the show started, a man walked on stage to a roaring crowd.

"Welcome to the thirteenth week of the show. This is the last week we'll be doing the show in this town this year, so we hope you enjoy it. I am Ryder, your host, but you didn't come to see me, so let's bring out our stars!"

The audience clapped wildly as Ryder brought out three Poké Balls and threw them in the air. The balls opened and a blinding light emerged from them. The light faded to reveal three human women, who immediately struck poses as they made their grand entrance.

May and Dawn looked a little surprised to see the three women, while Iris, unaware of their surprise, clapped louder than anyone in the back.

"Hey, May, don't those two on the left look like Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny?" Dawn whispered to her friend.

"Yeah, and the one on the right looks like Misty!"

"The Cerulean City Gym Leader?"

"Yes. She disappeared four months ago, along with the Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny of that city. One day, they were going about their normal lives, and the next they vanished without a trace. I've been trying to find them for the past few weeks, but haven't had any clues...until now."

The girl who looked like Misty, who wore a Goldeen suit, walked forward on stage and said in a happy (almost ditzy) voice, "Welcome! My name is Goldy!"

The Nurse Joy look-alike, who dressed herself in a Chansey suit, strutted upstage and said in a sultry voice, "Hey, everybody! I'm Chance!"

The Officer Jenny look-alike, who was dressed in a Growlithe suit, hopped forward and said in a southern accent, "Howdy, y'all! I'm Lynne!"

Everybody clapped again, while Dawn and May stared at the three women on stage. They definitely looked like the three who had gone missing, but their attitudes and names were wrong.

Goldy got between her partners and said, "So, what're we gonna do today?"

Chance smiled and said, "Well, we could do the usual, or we could try out that new routine we've been practicing."

Lynne jumped up and down and said, "Ooh! Let's do that! I've just been itching to give that a go-around in public! Whatya say, Ryder, hon?"

Ryder looked at the three women and said, "Do whatever you want. It's your show."

Everybody smiled and Goldy immediately began by spouting water out of her mouth that formed into a giant, blue orb of water.

Dawn and May sat stunned and Iris said, "Wow! What a beautiful Water Pulse!"

Chance blew a kiss and made her eyes glow blue while she manipulated the Water Pulse to form various patterns that wowed the crowd. Lynne hopped up and said, "Great Psychic, sugar, but they ain't seen nothin' yet!" She then spun around, surrounding herself in flames and dove into the water. She then stopped spinning and let loose a barrage of fireballs around the orb's inside, causing it to dissipate and shower the audience with shiny, non-dampening droplets of water.

Ryder stepped forward and said, "Girls, that was amazing! For those of you who didn't know, Goldy started out with a beautiful Water Pulse. Chance then used her Psychic to form the Water Pulse into the beautiful patterns you saw. Finally, Lynne ended with a stellar combination of charging into the Water Pulse with Flame Wheel and dispatching the water with Flame Burst. Brilliant display, girls!"

The audience cheered wildly, with Iris cheering the loudest. May and Dawn sat in complete awe. Goldy, Chance and Lynne had successfully performed Pokémon moves without any outside aid! They had to learn how they did it.

Goldy giggled and said, "Well, that was a blast, but unfortunately, that's all the time we have today."

As the audience groaned, Chance winked and said, "Don't worry. We'll be sure to visit our favorite party town in the future."

Lynne waved at the audience and said, "That's right, so y'all come back, now, ya hear?"

Ryder then stepped forward and said, "Wait a minute, girls. Before we end the show tonight, I would like to invite three lucky members of our audience to a private meeting with me and my girls, where we can discuss anything you would like to know about."

Goldy clapped. "Wonderful! I wonder who it'll be."

Chance licked her lips and said, "If one of them is a man, I'll be very happy." The men in the audience whistled and shouted catcalls at the comment.

Lynne smiled and said, "Those folks are so lucky to be meetin' us, hon. Can't you tell us who they are?"

Ryder pulled out a piece of paper and said, "They will be the ones sitting in...seats 15a, 15b, and 15c!"

Iris stood up and said, "That's us! Me and my friends!"

Ryder looked at the three girls and smiled. "Well, I'll be looking forward to talking with you. Meet me backstage in thirty minutes. As for the rest of you, we hope to see you again!"

Ryder and the three women took a bow and walked offstage, leaving a screaming audience, an excited Iris and a nervous Dawn and May behind.

(Thirty minutes later)

Iris dragged Dawn and May to the door with Ryder's name on it.

"Come on, you guys! Don't you want to know how he taught those girls how to use Pokémon moves?"

Dawn said, "I'm not sure we should be talking to this guy. I got a weird vibe from him, something I didn't like."

May said, "I got that same feeling, but I also feel like I've met Goldy, Chance and Lynne somewhere before."

"Y'all say my name, hon?"

Dawn, Iris and May turned to see Lynne, still dressed in the Growlithe suit she wore in her performance. May thought it was surreal how she looked so much like Officer Jenny.

Iris said, "Hey, Lynne! We were just about to see if Ryder was ready for us."

Lynne smiled and said, "Well, Ryder ain't in his dressin' room no more. He's out on his tour bus if y'all are waitin' to meet 'im."

"Could you show us the way, please?"

"I don't see why I can't. Follow me, honey-chil'."

Iris now dragged Dawn and May to follow Lynne to the tour bus.

Lynne called in the tour bus, "Ryder, hon, them three girls from today's audience are out here waitin' to meet ya."

Ryder called out, "Thank you, Lynne. Send them in."

Lynne turned to the girls and said, "Y'all can see Ryder now," then climbed into the bus. Iris was quick to follow, with Dawn and May reluctantly following suit.

As soon as they entered, a Pokémon jumped on to each girl. Iris had found an Emolga scurrying through her hair, Dawn found a baby Pachirisu jumping in her arms and May found a Beautifly landing on her head.

Ryder laughed and said, "I think they like you girls. Anyway, to start things off, I would like to know what you thought of today's performance."

Iris said, "It was awesome! In fact, I was wondering if you could teach me how to use Pokémon moves, too."

Ryder asked, "Why would you want to know how to use Pokémon moves?"

Iris responded, "So I could help train my Pokémon better."

Ryder laughed. "That's quite a bold reason, but it's the first one like it I've heard. Most people who ask for that only want it for power."

Dawn interrupted the conversation. "Excuse me, but how exactly do you go about teaching humans how to use Pokémon moves? It just seems impossible to me."

Ryder smirked and said, "Nothing is impossible, my dear. Sometimes it's just beyond our reach, but that gap can be easily bridged if you know how to get there."

May interrupted, "I was wondering how you managed to get three assistants crazy enough to try to learn Pokémon moves."

"Well, I-"

"Also, after looking at Lynne up close, I'm firmly convinced that she's the Officer Jenny that was kidnapped in Cerulean City. What kind of sick, twisted game are you playing here? What's really going on?"

Iris said, "May, what are you doing?"

Ryder frowned. "What a pity. You found me out so quickly. Well, no matter. Haunter, use Hypnosis."

A Haunter materialized out of nowhere and made its eyes glow a sinister reddish-purple color. Iris, Dawn and May struggled for a while, but eventually succumbed to the hypnosis and fell asleep.

Iris slowly began to open her eyes after a while. She immediately noticed that something was strange. She was in a lab of some kind, underground she guessed from the lack of windows. She also saw Ryder in a lab coat messing around with a computer.

"Ryder, what's the meaning of this?"

Ryder looked up from his computer and noticed Iris. "Oh, so the hypnosis finally wore off."

Iris was angry when she continued talking to him. "So, is what May and Dawn suspect true? Did you kidnap Misty, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny from Cerulean City and turn them into your performing slaves?"

Ryder spoke without hesitating. "That's a question with a complicated answer, my dear. Let me see if I can explain it to you.

You see I wasn't originally in show business. I was first a scientist under the employ of Team Rocket. I presented my Boss, Giovanni, with a method I had created that could make humans capable of using a Pokémon's move set. Giovanni was intrigued by the idea, but refused to publicly fund the project. I developed a prototype of the machine in my designs, but by then your little friend Ash drove Giovanni out of his seat of power. The new executives that now run Team Rocket refused to fund my project any further and cut all ties with me.

Needless to say, I found their treatment of me to be rather rude and uncalled for, for lack of better words. So I decided to go ahead and test out my theory. I already had my own Pokémon who were willing to help me with my project. All I needed were human test subjects. That's where the three women you mentioned came into play. My original lab was stationed near Cerulean City, so it was fairly easy to gain access to the three. After I made my tests, it turned out that my method was possible, although there were some...adjustments I had to make."

"Great story, but I still don't know what this has to with why the three women you kidnapped are now performing for you under assumed names and attitudes."

"Don't worry about that, Iris. You'll find out soon enough."

Ryder then walked up to Iris. Iris noticed that as he got closer, he seemed to get taller, even taller than he was when she last met him on the bus. He then reached over and removed something from her neck.

Naturally, Iris protested. "Hey, what do you think E, Emolga?"

Iris then stopped talking and tried to say her name several times. "Emol, Emolga, EMOLGA!"

It was only then that she looked down to see her body. She realized that she had been turned into an Emolga!

"E, Emol, EMOLGA!" ("What's going on here?") Iris screamed.

"Aw, how cute. The little pipsqueak is trying to figure out what happened."

Iris turned to the source of the comment, afraid of where this was going to go. Sure enough, her fears were confirmed.

She was staring at her own body, wearing a performance suit based on Emolga. She had a wicked grin on her face that Iris cringed at. Iris knew that was her body, but who was inside it?

("Who or what are you?")

Iris's body smiled. "What an idiot you are. I'm Emolga, genius, but Master Ryder calls me 'Emmy'."

("Wait, how can you understand me?")

"It shouldn't come as any surprise, pipsqueak. I was once a Pokémon, so I know how to speak the language."

("If you can understand me, then you can tell that creep Ryder I want my body back now, or I'll-")

Emmy then lifted her finger and sent a wave of electricity at Iris, leaving her in a state of paralysis.

"I can't stand noisy brats like you thinking they can threaten us."

("How…How did you…?")

"How did I use Thunder Wave while in your body? Simple. Master Ryder used the device he told you about to not only swap our bodies, but also improve your body to be able to use all my moves. Seriously, try to piece together the pieces yourself, pipsqueak."

"Now, now, Emmy. Don't be rude. After all, it's all thanks to Iris here that you, Patty and Beauty were finally able to get human bodies. You should be thanking her," Ryder said, stroking Emmy's hair.

("Wait, 'new bodies'? Does that mean…Where are May and Dawn?")

Emmy looked at the door. "I think they can tell you, pipsqueak."

Iris looked to see Dawn and May's bodies, but Dawn was dressed in a performance outfit with a Pachirisu motif, while May looked like a Beautifly in her outfit.

Iris got depressed. ("Those aren't my friends, are they?")

Emmy clapped her hands. "Finally, the pipsqueak gets one right without my saying anything."

Dawn's body walked over to Iris and smiled. "Emmy, can I pwease pway with your body? It wooks so pwetty."

Iris was put off from the baby speak coming from Dawn's mouth.

May's body walked over and said, "You'll have to forgive Patty. She was just born a week ago and hasn't fully mastered her pronunciation skills. Hello, I'm Beauty and I was the Beautifly that chose this body to inhabit, just as Emmy chose your body and Patty chose her body."

Patty looked up to Beauty and said, "Mommy, I wanna pway with Emmy's body. Can I?"

Beauty smiled at Patty. "I'm afraid you can't, dear. We have things to be doing to help Master Ryder. Besides you have new toys to play with back in your room, so you shouldn't have to ask for things like that."

Patty smiled and said, "Okay, Mommy. Thank you for tewwing me."

Emmy looked at Beauty. "Mommy?"

Beauty sighed. "I've had to show her how things are done around here, so she thinks I'm her mother. It's challenging, but rewarding at the same time."

Ryder said, "That's enough, you three. Take Iris to the cells with the rest of the girls. You have some rehearsing to do for your debut show."

Emmy grabbed Iris and took her to the basement of the lab. Once there, she opened a plastic box with air holes and threw Iris in.

"And since I'm not completely heartless, I'll let you speak human again. After all, this place is soundproof, so no one can hear you down here, pipsqueak." After placing a collar on Iris's neck, Emmy went upstairs to rehearse.

Iris yelled, "Don't think I'll just stay in here forever, you monster!"

"It's no use, Iris."

Iris turned to see a Goldeen, Growlithe, Chansey, Beautifly and Pachirisu in cells near her. Iris knew that these were her friends now, thanks to that hack scientist.

Misty, the Goldeen, said, "Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny and I have been imprisoned here for the last four months, and there's no way out."

Iris said, "How can there be no way out? We're Pokémon now. We can just blast out of here and-"

"No we can't," Nurse Joy, the Chansey, said. "They put something in our ears that prohibits us from using Pokémon moves by letting out a painful noise. We can't remove it or else the same noise will appear and stop us in our tracks."

Iris tried a Shock Wave, but heard the painful noise course through her ears until she stopped trying. She accepted her fate for the moment, but still didn't give up hope. "I'm going to find a way to get our bodies back no matter what. I'll just have to be patient until then."