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Kate smiled drunkenly as she looped her arm underneath Rick's, "Hhmm… that wassss a good date."

"That… was undercoverrrr, remember ssssilly?" Rick laughed as he pressed his finger to her nose.

She snarled sexually and nipped at his finger, "You sure… abbbbbout that?" She asked teasingly, stretching on her tiptoes to bring her lips closer to his.

"Nnnope," he slurred slightly, taking a step closer, wrapping his arms around her waist. They both laughed as he tripped, and they toppled to the ground in a pile of giggly, hot, drunkenness.

They had spent hours at the bar, drinking with a suspect to get him talking, it had worked... almost…. They had gotten the information that they wanted, just not needed. The man was being scratched from their list…. Well, so long as they remembered to do so in the morning. Every time they ordered another round of drinks, each could feel their heart sink a little deeper, somehow feeling that something would go wrong, but neither were sure what, until the man declared that where he was wasn't close enough to the murder scene for him to have done it in time and been back for the speech he had to make at work. Both were crushed, and saying their adieus were now lying in a heap on the asphalt, so close together they could feel the heat radiating from the other.

"Then it wassss… a date," Beckett reached up and nipped at the nape of Castle's neck, causing him to groan, which in turn caused a sexy smile tug at her lips.

"Hhmm… Beck…ett, I guess it wassss-sss a date."

"Then let's take it hommme… forrrrr the after parrrr-rrrty," she brushed her hips against his and he groaned again, causing her to giggle drunkenly and bury her face into his broad shoulder as she whispered, "The soon-er we get-tt the cabbbb… the soonerrrrr we can ge-ttt ba'k… to you-rrrr lo-oft."

He rolled off of her slightly, paying no heed to the heat that was building up, and stood, pulling her with him, "Then the cabbbb awaits… m'lady," he whistled loudly, and as the waiting cab drove up, Castle bowed as gracefully as an insanely intoxicated man could, and attempted to assist her into the car.

"Hmm, gentlemanly…" she growled softly under her breath, into his ear, as he got it behind her, "I like," she hiccupped, "it."

"I'll keep that… in mind… Detective," he waggled his eyebrows and she rested her head against his shoulder running her hand up and down his thigh, smiling as he huffed against the building heat in his nether region, from her sexy, slender fingers dancing across his leg… closer, ever closer… her grin turned sly and she slowed her hand as it came to his hip, and she turned to start massaging the inside of his thigh, centimeters away, "Hold the show Det-ec-tive," he groaned through gritted teeth, causing her to giggle again as she whispered into his ear for the second time.

"The show's-sss just gett-tting started," She nibbled at his ear lobe and he groaned… again.

Rick quickly slid from the cab and tossed a wad of cash in through the passenger window, "Keep the ch-change," he breathed as he practically tore Beckett from the car.

As the cab drove off he pulled her to him and crushed his lips to hers, causing her breath to hitch in her throat. He turned her slightly and began to walk her backwards into the wall, kissing her as he fumbled with his keys to unlock the door. Getting the door open he lifted her into his arms, their lips locked, their tongues dancing, and carried her to the elevator. He knew the building better than the back of his hand, and had no trouble getting to his loft, where he once again fumbled with the lock before pushing the door open.

Beckett pulled him through the door behind her as she removed her blouse, just barely getting it off and onto the living room floor before once again locking her lips with Castle's. Rick slipped his tongue into her mouth as one hand snaked around her back, while the other unbuckled his belt. She wrapped her own arms around him and pulled his hips to her, using one hand to remove the belt from the loops on his jeans before depositing it in a tossing motion to the back of the couch, where it slid to the floor. His fingers flitted across her hips before he found the zipper to her jeans, zipping it down before undoing the button. Kate began to unbutton his shirt as she swayed from side to side, her jeans slowly, but surely, slithering down her slender, muscular legs. She pressed kisses to his bare chest as she freed his striped shirt from over his shoulder's, dropping it to the floor along with everything else, as he moved further into the living room, kicking out of his own jeans and shoes. Castle placed his hands above her hips, pulling her closer to him as the heat continued to build, pressing butterfly kisses to her shoulder and neck.

With his jeans finally all the way off, Kate grabbed his ass, closing off the last bits of little space left between their hips, slipping down, so close to his body she was using him like a fireman's pole, she maneuvered into a crouching position as she unzipped her heels, and smiled pleasingly at the sharp intake of air she received from Castle at her hot breath so close to his package, "Hhmmm… excited are we?" Kate teased in a husky whisper as she slid back up before beginning to rotate their relocked hips in circles, causing him to groan intensely as she could feel the bulge from beneath his silky boxers getting larger.

"I have a friend… who would love to… join the party," he said hoarsely.

She laughed, releasing him from her grasp just enough so she could jump up and wrap her bare legs around his waist, using her toes to grip his sides "Lead the way," she whispered into his ear as she ran kisses across his neck and shoulder.

He placed his hands beneath her ass pulling her closer to him as he walked up the stairs, moving his head just enough to catch her lips with his, "Trust me, he's well… broken in," he said as he kicked open his bedroom door and knelt to set her atop his bed.

She smiled sexually and brought her thumb to nose level, using her index to call him to her so he was on his hands and knees above her, "I guess I'll have to take your word for it," she breathed as she began to pull down his boxers and she arched up just enough for him to unclasped her bra before moving his fingers down her sides to the brim of her thong and began to slide them from her legs.

Alexis knocked softly on the door to her father's room, a disgusted look across her face as she called into the room, "Dad! Dad, come on, what you did is not right! You left your clothes all over the living room!" Getting no reply she called again, "Come on, what are you trying to do? Hide her? I know you have a woman in there, so just open up and go get your clothes!" She sighed and paused a moment, not believing what she was going to do against her better judgment and opened the door, only to find her father fast asleep… with Kate Beckett in his arms. Her eyes widened, it had been obvious her dad had brought a woman home with him… but she was not expecting to see Detective Beckett snuggled under the blankets with him… stunned she closed the door and returned to her room, rolling her eyes at the collection of clothes that were scattered all over the living room. Whatever it was that was going on… never would she be able to get the image of Beckett and her dad asleep in each others arms out of her head… and wished she hadn't opened the door, but at the same time was somewhat glad that her dad hadn't just picked someone up from a bar like he used to.

Shaking her head, Alexis stuck out her tongue as she checked her clock, four in the morning… man did she hate waking up in the middle of the night. Sighing she curled back into bed and pulled her blankets up to her chin, closing her eyes, a small smile tugging at her lips.

Katherine Beckett yawned as she opened her eyes, only to regret that decision as a blinding light made her head begin to pound. Closing her eyes again she groaned, her head was like lead, and someone was hitting it pretty hard. She tried to remember what had happened the night before through the persistent pounding of her head.

She had… gone out on a case.

With Castle… of course… there was no way he hadn't gone with her.

Her pounding head throbbed harder and she moaned as she turned over, shading her eyes from the bright light. She mumbled to herself as she tried to bring her thoughts back to continue where she had left off.

Bar… they had gone to a bar to speak with a suspect… the suspect had given them vital information but in fact destroyed their one lead… they were basically back at square one.

Kate stretched out and jumped out of bed when she realized someone else was there, "What the-" as her eyes slowly began to take in her surrounding she sucked in a sharp, shaky breath as it became aware that she was not in her own bed… nor was she wearing any clothes. "Oh God…" Kate no longer minded the pounding in her head as her heart began to race. How drunk was I…? Swallowing she inched her way back onto the bed and peered over the shoulder of the man who was still sleeping soundly, unsure of who it was… but a sick feeling overtaking her as her mind wandered to the only person it could have been.

Seeing his ruggedly handsome face she pulled back away and shivered, she had done the one thing she swore she would never do… swore that she didn't want to do… she had slept with Richard, she had most obviously had sex with Richard Castle… her heart sunk to a new low as she fought back the tears in her eyes. Kate had never wanted to let Castle have the satisfaction of sleeping with her, she had never wanted to break because she had power over him from abstaining… now she had lost that power, that control was gone. Despite the feelings of happiness she had when he was around, despite the smiles he made her lips twitch with, despite the tears he wiped from her cheeks, the sorrow he drained from her soul… she had never wanted to lose total control… had never wanted to allow their relationship to reach such a level, had always wanted to keep it platonic, regardless of how her heart skipped a beat when she saw him step from the elevator, or how she wanted to ask him to stay when he would say good night… she wanted to make certain he was the one before she even tried to step it up a notch… now there wasn't even an option of moving forward… they were as far forward as they could get….

The pounding in her head a distant nuisance in comparison to her new dilemma, she forced herself to focus as she searched the room for signs of her clothes, only to find her bra hanging limply from his desk chair… What the hell happened? She sucked in a silent breath as she tiptoed across the floor and removed her bra from the chair and put it on, hooking the back. Groaning a little, she leaned over, trying not to hurl.

Taking a deep breath, Kate looked around the room again, and after several minutes was able to find her underwear without waking up Castle. Well… at least I have my under garments. Looking at the clock she prayed that neither of the Castle women would be awake at five thirty in the morning. Frowning slightly, she slipped into her thong before slowly opening the door and sliding out as she closed it again behind her.

Tiptoeing down the stairs her eyes grew wide at the scene before her… her clothes, and Castle's, were scattered all over the living room… Oh God... what if someone saw them? She thought as she began to pick them up, praying that no one would hear her as she moved swiftly through the living room in attempt to find her clothes and get out of there as fast as she could.

After she finally located all her clothes, her shoes, her badge, and her gun, as well as returned them to where they belonged on her body, she slowly opened the front door and snuck out, closing it silently behind her before she practically ran down the hall to the elevator.

Never was she going to bring this up with Castle…

Castle groaned as he awoke from a massive pounding in his head, turning over he stuck his head under his pillow, groaning again as he felt like hurling. He tried to remember what brought on such a hangover, but as he forced his brain to think the pounding only increased. Groaning again, he slowly got out of bed and hobbled to the door, leaning against it as he opened it part way, "Alexis!" He called out weakly, hoping she would hear him, "Alexis… get me a bucket and some aspirin!" A distant shout sounded and he could hear the trudging of feet down the stairs that sounded like gunshots ringing in his head.

A shiver ran up his spine, and he rubbed his hands against his arms, discovering that they were bare. Confused he looked down… his eyes growing wide as he realized he wasn't wearing any clothes. His stomach churning in protest, Castle practically leapt back into his bed, pulling the blankets over him… he never slept naked unless… he'd been with a woman…. Castle shifted to look around his room, his eyes slits from how bright his room seemed. There were no signs of a woman still there, or having been there…

His partial thoughts were cut off as a soft knock sounded on the door, "Can I come in?"


Alexis steeled her nerves as she heard her father call out for a bucket and aspirin. Shouting a reply that she'd get them for him, she trekked downstairs only to stop at the bottom when she realized Kate's clothes were no longer in the living room. Furrowing her brow she searched around… no signs of them anywhere… going to the door she discovered it to be unlocked. Kate left? I wonder when she did that… sighing she shoved the concern, and bizarre feeling of sadness, aside and grabbed the bottle of aspirin, the bucket from beneath the counter, and a glass of water, before heading back upstairs to her father's room.

Knocking, she asked to enter and he replied with a sick sounding yes. Upon entering she found him lying in bed with a pillow over his face, "Here, dad." She stood in front of the somewhat open window, her shadow covering his face as he peaked from beneath the pillow to grab the aspirin and water, as she set the bucket on the ground, "the flu?" She asked, though there was no way it wasn't some sort of hangover… there was no other way he could have gotten Beckett into bed with him, only to have her leave in the morning, obviously trying to make it seem like she had never been there.

"Yea," he groaned, and she rolled her eyes, thankful he couldn't see her as she did.

"All right, call me if you need me. I'll call Detective Beckett and let her know you won't be coming in today."


"You're welcome, feel better," she closed the window before quietly leaving his room.

Her father groaned as she closed the door and she shook her head, Yea, most definitely a hangover.

Beckett jumped as her phone rang, her head still pounding. Sighing she fixed her sunglasses as she picked up her phone to see Castle's ID on her phone. Biting her lip she pressed answer and put the phone to her ear, "Beckett, what is it Castle?"

"Hi, Detective Beckett? It's Alexis."

"Oh… How are you Alexis?" Beckett asked, confused as to why Castle's daughter was calling with his cell phone.

"I'm fine, but my dad isn't. He seems to have come down with the flu, so he won't be coming in today."

Kate's heart sank all while she felt as if a giant weight was being lifted from her chest, "Oh, all right, tell him I hope he feels better, and that we don't have a new case yet, so he's not missing much."

"I'll make sure to tell him, talk to you later."

"Bye, Alexis, maybe I'll stop by if I find some time to slow down on paper work."

"Then maybe I'll be seeing you later as well."

"All right, bye," Kate hung up and ran a hand down her cheek… what if he didn't want to come because of what happened…

Castle ran a hand down his face as he leaned over the counter, he still had no idea what had happened the day he woke up with a hangover. He couldn't remember anything from that night, or the day before. What the hell had happened, was the only thing he was able to think during the week he decided to take off from going to the precinct. There was no way he would have been able to explain that he couldn't remember a thing from any of the conversations the group had had about a very important case…

He looked up when he heard footsteps on the stairs, "Hey dad."

"Hey Alexis. Do you remember when I came home about a week ago?"

She shook her head as she opened the fridge, "No, I don't remember. I know I was home after you though."

"Hm? How's that?"

"Your clothes, they were all over the living room. Along with some woman's."

Castle's head fell back into his hands, "Oh God…"


"I don't remember anything from that night, or that day."

"You don't… remember? Anything?"

He looked up from his hands and gave her a suspicious look, "Why? Do you know something?"

"I thought you had gone on some sort of undercover thing with Beckett, but I guess I could be wrong."

Castle furrowed his brow, trying to remember… frustrated that he couldn't, miserable that he had no idea who he'd slept with. He was never going to drink again, "You sure?"

"I said I could be wrong."

"Could you describe what this woman's clothes looked like?"

"Umm… jeans, dark blue, I think, probably skinny. Boots, I think knee high, stiletto. I think the shirt was a deep purple, but it's not like I spent the time to investigate them."

Rick nodded, though a sick feeling began to worm through his body… there was only one woman he thought of right off the bat when it came to dark skinny jeans and knee high boots… and that was Katherine Beckett…

Kate sighed as she ran hand down her face, she hadn't seen, or heard from, Castle for two weeks, and it was starting to scare her. She wanted to call, but she was afraid of what he would say about that night, and she didn't want to.


Her heart sank at the thought of Castle never wanting to see her again. What if he felt he had taken advantage of her? Well… for all she knew he did… it was very clear that she was drunk… but they had both been drinking.


What if he didn't remember at all? Did she want to ask to see if he knew? Or did she want to forget about it, and hope that he did too?


She snapped her head up, shocked to hear someone address her that way, "What?" She gave Esposito a strange look.

He returned it, "Everything all right?"

"Hm? Oh… yea. Yea I'm fine," she gave him a half-assed smile before looking back at her work.

She heard him scoff and the scraping of a chair, "That's a load of bull."

"Excuse me?"

"You know what. I've put it off for quite a while, but what the hell happened the day you and Castle went undercover at the bar?"

"Nothing happened Esposito."

"Come on, we haven't seen Castle since that night, and you were not very together when you came in late."

"Castle has the flu or something. Alexis called to tell me that he wasn't feeling very well." She gave him her famous 'drop-it-or-I-will-shoot-you' look before returning her focus back to her work.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw him shake his head before standing and walking off. To not know what Castle thought about what happened, there wasn't anyway she'd tell Esposito what happened.

She didn't even feel like telling Lanie.

"Lanie, baby, do you have any idea what's bothering Beckett?"

Lanie looked up from her files to see her boyfriend standing just barely inside, the door swinging closed behind him, "What's wrong with Beckett?"

"I don't know. That's why I came down to ask you. No one's seen, or heard from, Castle since they went undercover, and she's not herself."

Lanie rolled her eyes, "She hasn't come down to talk about anything with me."

"Well, ask her when you get a chance, she isn't talking to me, and something is bothering her."

"All right, I'll think about it."

Esposito smiled and stepped forward, pressing a kiss to her lips, "Thanks."

"No problem, but if she doesn't talk to me, I'm not going to push it."

"All right, but there's something wrong."

"Never said there wasn't, but if she's not ready to tell me now, she'll talk to me about it on her own sooner or later."

"I hope that whatever is wrong gets worked out, she's not focused."

"Kate, what's up girl?" Lanie asked as her friend walked into the autopsy room.

Beckett shook her head as she spoke quickly, "Nothing. Why would you think something's wrong?"

"Did Castle try to do something he shouldn't? Or say something he shouldn't have said?"

"When would he have done anything of the sort?" Kate said defensively, "What about the body?" Lanie sighed internally at Beckett's obvious attempt at changing the subject.

"When you two went undercover."

"Why would you think that? No, he's just a little sick. What about the body?"

Lanie gave her a tight smile before allowing the subject to be changed, "Wasn't any regular over the counter drugs or any other type of drug that we have in our systems, or alcohol like I thought."

"So what may have killed him."

"I have no exact idea, but there is an injection site of some sort at the base of his neck."

"What from?"

"I'm not sure, but I'll let you know as soon as I find out."

Kate nodded before she spun on her heel and headed out of the room, leaving a concerned Lanie in her wake.

Castle drew in a large breath as the elevator dinged. Stepping onto the homicide floor he mustered all his strength to remain calm before walking to Beckett's desk, "Beckett."

"Go away!" She barked, without looking up.

His eyes grew large, and he put his hands up, "All right. My God, what got into you? I haven't seen you for three weeks and you're already barking up my tree?"

He heard a small gasp as her eyes flew up to lock with his, "Castle? Oh God, I'm sorry, I thought you were Ryan or Esposito."

"OK… What did they do?"

"They just wouldn't believe me that you had the flu, and they've been bothering me about it. How are you feeling by the way?"

"Oh… then I'll make sure to tell them I was sick." He nodded as he took a seat in his usual spot, "I'm good, by the way. A lot better then I was. Sorry I wasn't able to keep up with everything, bring me up to speed?"

She smiled, trying hard not to let him see that something was bothering her, "Sure thing," she pulled a file from beneath her coffee cup and began to go over what he had missed on the case she had closed while he was gone, before beginning with the new case they were working on.

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