I don't own the song that this fic is based off of, nor do I own Hetalia,
or it's characters. Blah blah blah...This is loosly based off of a dream I had where Germany left Italy alone during/after a war to fend for himself,
which in my terms is, "They had a messy break-up", which makes way for Feliciano to have nightmares.

Song: Pet by the Perfect Circle


I sat up late at night, keeping a watchfull eye over Feli as he slept. Every once in a while, he'd thrash violently. After a particular violent episode, he woke up screaming.

"FRATELLO!" He screamed, tears bubbling in his eyes that were still full of sleep. His eyes found me and glomped me. "Fratello!
it was scary! There were people with guns! They were killing our friends in the worst ways ever!"

I gently ran a hand through his soft hair, "Shh...Feliciano,
calm down." I whispered. "It's okay, I'll stay awake till you fall back to sleep." I could see it in his eyes, the familiar terror that had taken root since that potatoe bastard left Feli to fend for himself. (Which he is very incapible of.)

"You...W-Won't leave?" He asked reluctantly, as the tears continued to fall relentlessly down his cheeks.

I gently forced him to lie down, allowing him to use my lap as a pillow. "I won't leave...I won't let the bad people get you,

Outside, the sound of gun shots began to ring out into the night,
causing Feliciano to jump, then whimper helplessly.

"Pay no mind to it fratello...It won't hurt you so long as I'm here."
I said forcfully, keeping a hand on his shoulder, holding him down.
"Go back to sleep..."

It was an hour or two later, after things were quiet did Feliciano stirr. "Mmmn...Romano...Do you think...Germany still cares about me?"

I glarred down at my little brother. Torn between making that low-life douche bag seem even lower, or being nice to Feli while he was down.
I chose my words carefully. "Feli...He cares about you, but not the way I do. I want to protect you, becuse you're my brother, that's how I care, while...G-Germany...Protected you from the wrong things...
He can't keep monsters away, can he?"

"No...he was bad at that..." Feliciano admitted sleepily.

"Exactly..."I sighed. "Can I keep the monsters away?"

He nodded. "I miss Germany...though..."

I guess ignorance is bliss. I gently stroked Feliciano's cheek. "Go to sleep Feli..." At least here, away from the bastard, with me, was safe for him.

I ended up dozing off, only to be woken up some time later by Feliciano's screams. I bolted up-right, to find him curled up on his side, in the fetail position, screaming liked a caged animal.

"Feli!" I yelled, trying to wake him. He cried out again, tears squeezing their way out of his tightly shut eyes. "Feli!" I yeleld again, shaking him. "Wake up damn it! Wake your ass up!"

His eyes weren't even open, before he was clinging to me, desperatly.
"Fratello..." He whimpered pathetically, as sobbs escaped his throat.

I sighed, gently craddling him. The last time I had a night like that was a short time after Grandpa died.

"Wh-What am I g-g-going to dooo?" He whimpered. "I keep seeing murders! So many murders!" He hiccuped slightly.

I patted his back like a mother would, used to this since we were small children. "Don't worry Feli, I'll protect you from your enemies."

"How w-would you do that?" He asked, looking up at me.

-Isolation.- I thought first. Then stopped myself, and simply whispered,
"Feliciano, please lay down, and try to go back to sleep..."

Feli got as close to me as he possibly could, the way he used to when we were little. I protectivly curled myself around him, becomming his shelter from the rest of the world. After another hour dragged by,
Feliciano's eyes slipped shut, and he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

I dared not move, thinking any sudden movement would wake him.
He needed his rest. He needed someone to keep him safe, even if that ment sacrificing my own sleep, my own needs, to keep my little fratello alive and happy.

The dark curtains lightened as the morning sun rose. I glanced at the clock. 7 am. I sighed, allowing myself to relax a bit into Feli.
"I'll protect you fratello..." I whispered, as I prepaired myself mentally for the long day with a cranky Feli ahead of me.