So, I'm currently stuck in the BBC Sherlock-verse. That show is AWESOME! I wanted to write something for it, but somehow it became a cross-over with Harry Potter, but ... oh well? Luna's cool, right?

Anyways, halfway through typing this, my friend dragged me out to watch 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows', which, honestly, while is still about Sherlock Holmes, their characters are so different! So, I hope I didn't somehow mesh their personalities together accidentally, or start channeling the wrong Sherlock or John or whoever by mistake :)

Btw, I'm guessing there's going to be roughly four short chapters for this fic.

Logic, Meet Luna

Chapter One: John Watson.

When John met Luna Lovegood, he learned that he could never have normal friends in his life. Ever. Proven fact.

The younger girl, perhaps in her mid-twenties, was by the doorway of 221 talking with Mrs Hudson as John was leaving the flat for work.

"Oh, hello there," John greeted the two as he reached the bottom of the stairs. "Good morning, Mrs. Hudson, Miss …"

The girl smiled serenely at him. "Very good morning," she replied dreamily.

That wasn't the answer he was looking for, but… "Er, yes it is." John agreed hesitantly.

Mrs. Hudson's eyes twinkled as she looked over at him. "Good morning, Dr. Watson. Please meet Luna. The dear girl is renting out 221c, aren't you love?"

"Of course, Mrs Hudson," Luna nodded back happily. "The Ritevyms love dark enclosed places of homes, and I'm quite thrilled I might be able to meet one." Her silver-blue eyes glowed brilliantly as she drifted dreamily into her own world. "And to live with them too!"

For a second John wondered if Sherlock would have any idea what a Ritevym was, before he remembered his manners. "Ah," John reached out his hand, "John Watson, I live in 221b. Nice to meet you."

The girl in front of him smiled. "Luna Lovegood," she said into his hands.

There was a slight awkwardness as the girl took his hand in hers to examine before shaking it. So, John did what he did best after months of living with Sherlock; he ignored it.

"Pleasure," he replied. A moment later, the doctor let out a chuckle. "So, are you going to tell me my whole life's story?" he asked good-naturedly.

Luna looked up at him, "Sorry?" Confusion and curiosity flitted over her face, and John realised that she hadn't met Sherlock yet.

"Ah, yes," John amended, "My, er, flatmate, Sherlock, he's a detective. He can tell someone's whole story from simply looking at them." The man blushed scratching his cheek in embarrassment. "Sorry, I was just trying to make a joke. Didn't realise you've yet to meet Sherlock."

The soldier looked up, only to suddenly stumble back as large, owlish, silver-blue eyes leaned into his face. "Terribly sorry, did you want me to as well?" Luna brushed a long stand of hair out of her face as she continued to stare unblinkingly at him, studying. It unnerved John just as well as any of Sherlock's piercing gazes. "I didn't realising it was custom to rattle off someone's life in front of others," she said with interest. "Seem quite fun."

John tried not to groan into his hands. Why was the lack of social knowledge a common thing around him nowasays? "It's not a custom," he corrected the younger girl, smile waning. "That's just Sherlock being… Sherlock."

"Oh," Disappointment flashed over her face for a second.

Mrs Hudson look upset at him for upsetting her new tenant. John suppressed a sighed, and tried not to look too much like a school boy who just got scolded by his mum for stealing sweets. "But I suppose you could do me, if you want to," the doctor amended, hoping he wouldn't regret the decision.

Excitement flickered through the blond's eyes once more. "Oh, if you don't mind!" she said cheerfully.

John steadied himself. Surely it couldn't be worse than whatever Sherlock could dole out?

The blond hummed as budging owl-like eyes surveyed him, before flickering to the space above his right ear for reason John could not discern. "Well, have very nice round ears, so you're likely not a goblin, or of goblin descendant." She paused. "Very nicely shaped ears, in fact," Luna continued, leaning in for a closer look, "I'm surprised you haven't been nominated for Best Ear Weekly. I can put in a recommendation for you if you like."

"Err." John tried not to look strangely at her. "Thank you?"

The blond beamed at him, "Now where was I?" The girl shifted her gaze to his hair. "You must have a very messy home," Luna commented.

John thought about Sherlock and his mess of lab equipment and papers scattered everywhere, no matter how hard John tried to clean it up. "Quite messy," he agreed.

The blond nodded knowingly to herself. "Dabblewarps like to live in the hair of people with clean homes," the girl elaborated, "That's why back at my old house, daddy and I used to devote a day every week to untidying the house. You never know when those nasty Dabblewarps might sneak in and make nest!" Luna lectured seriously.

"Of course," John answered warily, hoping he looked like he knew what on earth she was talking about. "Yes, Drabbleworbs."

"Dabblewarps," Luna corrected without missing a beat. "And I also suspect you like wearing socks, brushing your teeth with your left hand, and probably Thestrals, if you've seen one."

"Ahh?" John answered at a loss of words.

He was distracted when Luna suddenly whipped her head around as if following the movement of something. "Oooh! A Blibbering Humdinger!" she exclaimed in delight.

Try as he might, John could make out nothing at the direction she was staring at. He hadn't even seen movement out of the corner of his eyes.

"I haven't seen one in ages!" Luna continued happily, "Not after I left school. They always hung out around Harry."

The doctor froze at that. "Harry?" Did she mean Harriet Waston?

"Oh, you know Harry too?" the witch giggled, "He's gotten even more popular after the Battle of Hogwarts. I think th-"

John sighed in relief, thanks Gods Luna hadn't been talking about his sister. It frightened him to even think that his sister might have gotten involved with such an odd girl. And what was this 'the Battle of Hogwarts'? It sounded like some competition game involving pigs.

"-lots of fire like the Weasleys' fireworks, and you must live a life full of adventure!" John caught the end of Luna's sentence. "Blibbering Humdinger like following around people who lie thrilling lives," Luna finished with an excited clap of her hands. "Well?" she asked, looking so sparklingly hopeful.

John was crossed between bewilderment and a touch of amazement. On one hand, she didn't get anything wrong; on the other, she could've easily just guessed her 'deductions'. "Not bad," John finally replied with a hint of a smile. "Well, I don't reckon anyone can be as thorough as Sherlock, but you have pretty good deductions." Not that he understood half of what she said, mind you.

John glanced at his watch, suddenly jolting in surprised. "Oh, I'm terribly sorry for having to run out on you, but I'm late for work!"

"Oh, I'm sorry for keeping you!" Luna exclaimed. "You'd better hurry," she ushered.

They gave a wave to each other as John hobbled off towards work. He was barely a meter away when Luna's voice called him back with a, "Oh, by the way…"

The doctor turned around, curious. "Yes, is there something wrong?" he asked.

The blonde shook her head. "Oh no, I just wanted to say thank you," she said sincerely.

"For what?" John couldn't recall doing anything to be thanked for.

Luna just smiled at him. "Oh, you know, the war. The muggles had one in…" She gave out a hum in thought, "Afghanistan or Iraq…?" the blond questioned.

The doctor froze on spot. "Afghanistan…" John murmured, partly to himself, eerily reminded of the first time he met Sherlock. The word 'muggles' didn't even register in his brain.

The girl didn't seem to hear him as she continued talking, "War is a cruel thing. War heroes should always be thanked," Luna said seriously, eyes glazed as if remembering. A moment later, they refocused back on him. "So … thank you," she said, after a pause.

"How…" John started, but he'd lived with Sherlock long enough to know just how many clues his person gave off. Instead, the man settled with an embarrassed, "You're welcome," back at the girl, before continuing his way off.

For an insane split second, the doctor couldn't help but wonder if Luna also had a Holmesian brain. She was definitely crazy enough to be a genius like Sherlock, that's for sure. And even before the war comment, it wasn't like she did get anything wrong about him…

The wonders of Baker Street never ceased.