Chapter Four: ... meet the Scotland Yard

"Freak's here." Sally Donovan called out as soon as Sherlock slid out of the cab. She watched as Dr. Watson scampered after the taller man, and … a young blond followed quickly behind them as well? "Oy! This isn't a gathering, Freak. We don't need more of your pets here." she cried, trying to get Lestrade's attention.

John let out a sigh, rubbing his building headache. "Yes, sorry about that. This is Luna Lovegood. She lives in the flat below ours." John amended, trying to calm Donovan. He then turned to the young blond beside him, "And I apologise to you too, Luna. She doesn't mean anything bad about you." He tried to block out Donovan's 'actually-yes-I-did' glare back at him.

The young blond gave a surprised glance over at him, as if suddenly realizing what was going on. "Oh, she was referring to me too? I'm used to answering to 'Loony'. That's the first time I've been referred to as something else." she said in amazement.

Loony? Well she certainly was, John thought to himself.

The girl continued speaking. "So, if Sherlock's 'freak', and we're both 'pets', what animals should we be?" It was almost distorting how merrily and thoughtfully she treated the insult.

"Oh yes, do tell, Sally." Sherlock smirked, his baritonal voice carrying over from ahead of the group. The sergeant sputtered something unintelligent back at him. "Dogs? Really? Do be more creative."

"I would like to be a Crumple-Horned Snorkack." Luna said sincerely. "Although, I do like it here more than Sweden." she added as an afterthought.

"What does Sweden have to do with anything?" Donovan grumbled, still trying to wave the inspector over. Let him deal with the freak and his friends.

"Crumple-Horned Snorkacks obviously are found in Sweden." Sherlock drawled, as though he didn't scoff at Luna's imaginary creatures. "Not only do you not look, you don't listen either!" he ridiculed, throwing his hands in the air in exasperation.

"Yes," Luna nodded cheerfully, seemingly oblivious to the growing frustration building up around her. "That's right. I spent all of fifth-year in Sweden with Daddy looking for one." She said happily, clasping her hands in joy. "and Daddy found me a horn too!" Luna grinned brightly, before her face dropped into a pout. "Too bad it blew up and destroyed our house." she said sulkily.

"Your horn … blew up." John repeated. "For no reason?" he tried to understand.

"Oh no," Luna exclaimed, "It got hit."

By what, a bomb? John waited, but that seemed to be the end of the discussion.

Sally had left sometime during the conversation, opting to seek out Lestrade herself instead of trying to flag him down. John suspected she just didn't want to deal with them anymore. Not that she ever wanted to.

It only took a second for Lestrade to stride over, face fixed into a disapproving frown. "Sherlock, just because I allow Dr. Watson in, doesn't mean you can keep inviting people into my crime scene."

"Your crime scene?" Sherlock scoffed.

John stepped in to split the two before Sherlock could get them thrown out before they could even step foot into the murder site. "I'm sorry Inspector. This is Luna Lovegood, the new tenant below us." The blond gave a merry wave from the side. "We were all going out for lunch together – still in the cab - when you called us. We figured, " Or rather, Sherlock demanded, "it would be best to visit the crime scene right away. Luna didn't mind tagging along."

"I won't be in your way, Sir." the blond said.

Lestrade frown briefly, but his face cleared up a second later, with a friendly. "So I guess you couldn't take care of Sherlock all alone anymore, huh Dr. Watson? He's a handful, that one." he said in a conspiring tone to Luna.

John chuckled as Sherlock frowned down on him. "Am not. Tell him, John."

"Well…" the soldier began.

Sherlock could tell what John was going to say before he even started. "You know what, forget it." he interrupted. John blushed in embarrassment, knowing he was caught, as the taller man fixed a look at him. "At least I'm not the one being stalked by Nargles." Sherlock huffed.

"By what?"

"They love to steal things." Luna informed the Inspector.

John frowned, "Sherlock, I know it was you who stole my phone. You texted Detective Lestrade with it."

"No, the Nargles gave it to me. They're rather fond of me."

"Are they?" Luna squealed in delight.

The Inspector blinked. "Wha? What?" He was quiet for a moment, before Lestrade finally shook his head, "You know what; never mind. Sherlock, just go do your thing. You're making my head hurt."

Luna regarded the greying man thoughtfully. "Oh my, maybe there's a Wrackspurt infestation here?" she said concernedly.

"A what?"

John groaned.

"Wrackspurts. They're invisible and float though your ears and make your brain go fuzzy." she said seriously. "You should really watch out for them. They tend to hinder work."

"Oh yes," Sherlock snickered amusedly, "You wouldn't want the Wrackspurts to do with what little competence the police only have."

"Sherlock, go or I'm kicking you out of the crime scene." Lestrade ordered. Sherlock left immediately, grumbling under his breath. The other three watched as the consulting detective sulkily slid away.

A second later, Luna's face brightened up as she realised something. "Oh, I think I have a pair of spectrespecs with me, if you want to look for Wrackspurts." Luna offered to the DI as she rummaged through her pockets.


"Ah-ha!" the blond cried. She held up a pair of gaudy glasses, similarly tinted like the blue-red lenses of 3D glasses, except large, round, and sparkly. "They came free with the 1996 issue of The Quibbler." Luna explained, as she handed the pair over to the inspector.

Lestrade drew back. "Maybe next time," he said, glancing at John from the corner of his eye. His 'what is wrong with her?' look was as clear as day.

The doctor shrugged helplessly.

"Alright." Luna replied, withdrawing her hand. "Let me know if you want them." Luna smiled, gently placing the glassing on the tip of her nose. She looked around, eyes following things neither of the two men present could see. "Maybe I should dance to attract the Wrackspurts' attention away from your men while they work?" Luna wondered out loud.

If everyone had not backed away from her earlier, they certainly did now.

Author's Note: Right, so as far as I know, the spectespecs have no magic in them whatsoever, that's why Luna's actually showing them to people.

So, people have asked for at least another HP character to make an appearance. I tried writing it (honestly, I did!) right after I finished this chapter, but it didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to be. Especially considering the fact that I keep thinking that if I add anyone more in, Sherlock would surely realise about the wizarding world, and that ultimately leads to him being Obliviated... So, nope, I'm ending it here as I always planned. Really sorry.

The End