First story for Kitchen Princess. Oneshot. Not Yaoi. Just a family type thing.

I don't own Kitchen Princess.

Daichi sat on his bed, thinking about Najika. He found the walls interesting enough to stare at. Seconds, minutes and hours passed by. He waited for something to happen. In a few seconds he was curled under a sheet in his bed, not focused on anything in particular.

"Ugh." Daichi woke up suddenly, feeling a warm hand stroking his dark hair. He let this go on until he snapped back into reality.

"HEY!" Daichi yelled slapping the hand away.

"Oh, you're awake?" Sora shined smile number 37 in Daichi's mental picture book. Sora was sitting on the side of Daichi's bed.

"How did you even get in here?" Daichi complained trying to inch away from Sora.

"Student Body President." Sora shook the master key in his hand. Daichi made an attempt to snatch it, but Sora stood up and caught Daichi's hand.

"Eh. Well anyway, could you leave already? Why are you here?" Daichi snapped.

"I was going to tell you something about Najika... but never mind." Sora released Daichi's hand and left the room.

Jeez... I have to follow him now don't I? Daichi struggled out of the covers that he was tangled in. Daichi left the room and bumped into Najika.

"Ow... Sorry... Wait? Hey Daichi." Najika looked a bit weird. Not her appearance, but her expression.

"Is something wrong, monkey?" Daichi asked.

"Nothing." Najika hurried away. She wasn't mad at him? Well. This is more of a reason to follow Sora.

"Hey!" Daichi managed to catch up to Sora who was outside. Daichi didn't bring a jacket, so he was freezing. He was determined not to show Sora though.

"Oh. Hi, little brother." Sora took off his jacket and placed it over Daichi. Daichi was about to refuse it, but it felt so warm. Sora hugged him tightly. Then he explained what happened.

"You see... Najika found out that... her... parents... might still be alive..." Sora managed to say.

"She's leaving... today." Daichi's mouth opened wide.

"Wha... Wait... What... Wh... the... Why...?" Daichi stuttered uncontrollably.

"That's why we're going to help her!" Sora replied in a serious tone. Daichi hadn't finished stuttering when Sora took off his scarf and kind of shoved it in his mouth.

"Pffttt. Blech..." Daichi glared.

"No time. Let's go." Sora shouted.

The caught up with Najika and grabbed her.

"WAIT! We're gonna help you find your parents!" Daichi said.

"Huh? Whyyyy? No you can't! Just explain why, thats too stupid." Najika burst out.

"Because I love you!" Sora and Daichi said at the same time.


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