Disclaimer: The regular POV sections are written by Suzanne Collins, not me- but Peeta's POV is written by me. The Hunger Games trilogy was created by her as well.

Regular POV (Katniss)

"They're sweet as syrup," he says, taking the last spoonful. "Syrup." His eyes widen as he realizes the truth. I clam my hand over his mouth and nose hard, forcing him to swallow instead of spit. He tries to make himself vomit the stuff up, but it's too late, he's already losing consciousness. Even as he fades away, I can see in his eyes what I've done is unforgivable.

I sit back on my heels and look at him with a mixture of sadness and satisfaction. A stray berry stains his chin and I wipe it away. "Who can't lie, Peeta?" I say, even though he can't hear me.

Peeta's POV

I did hear her say those four last words. But I can't think about it right now, because I'm falling. Why am I falling? It feels like it's never ending until I blink, and there I am, in my room. Why am I here? I should be participating in the Hunger Games right now, with Katniss by my side. Confused, I walk over to the door, and open it. There's nobody home but me. Where could they have gone? I start to walk to the main door to get outside, until somebody opens it before me. It's my mother.

"Why are you just standing there, Peeta? Go get the supplies we need to bake for today. Customers will be here in two hours," she demands, with that look she always gives me when I'm unoccupied with anything. My head is spinning. I don't understand, what happened to me? Why was I in my room, sound asleep? I think about how I was injured, and roll up the sleeves of my pants to reveal my pale legs, uninjured and sound. My mind starts to panic.

"Why am I here at home when I should be at the Hunger Games?", I quickly ask. She gives me a look, one that means she thinks I'm idiotic or crazy or both. "Hunger Games? Have you been watching too many reruns of that thing?", she exclaims. It's not time for them yet, Peeta."

Not time? I'm sure that I'm in the right mind, because I remember everything that's happened during the Hunger Games, up until Katniss gave me that sleep syrup. So why is she saying that the Hunger Games hasn't started yet? "What about Katniss? Where is she? I should go see her," I say, because if I remember the happenings of the Hunger Games, she should too.

However, the next thing that my mother says shocks me. "Katniss? Who's Katniss, Peeta? Is she one of your friends at school?"

Surely, my mother knows Katniss. Our family knows every other family in District twelve. Many buy our bread, and residents from the Seam at least drool at our store's sweet scent. Also, I've talked to her about Katniss, and she's always hated her. There's even that incident with the bread when both of us were young! So why does my mother not recognize her name?

I stumble outside and run to her home. I run as fast as I can, even if my lungs are killing me from running this fast. I sprint over to where she lives and there, I see Katniss' sister, Prim. I call out her name as loudly as I can, and she turns around in surprise. "Yes?", she asks, in a high pitched voice.

"Prim, I need you to tell me where your sister is, and fast. It's urgent." I'm hoping she's not as clueless as my mother, but to my own misfortune, she cocks her head to the side. "What sister?", she asks innocently. I'm shaken. Why doesn't anybody remember Katniss? "Prim… how do you not know your own sister? Katniss Everdeen? Come on, you have to know her!" I grip her shoulders and shake her. "Why can't anyone remember?"

Tears start forming in her eyes. "S-Stop it… you're scaring me! I don't have a sister!" She yells out the last part, and I let go instinctively. Everybody's looking at us and whispering. I can hear what they're saying. Poor Prim, being assaulted by the baker's psycho son. I can't handle it anymore. I run away from the place, and find a fence that's used to keep the flesh eaters out of this district. I slam my fist against it, and scream at the top of my lungs. Where is this place? Am I dreaming? It's a possibility, but I'm not that sure. One thing I'm sure of, though, is that there is no Katniss Everdeen in this place.