AN: This is to be a series of twelve Christmas drabbles, I'll be posting one each day for the next twelve days, the original twelve days of Christmas.

-Dyslexic Nerd

On the First Day of Christmas

On their second Christmas in Narnia, Four Monarchs saw an odd happening in the pear tree they could see from the window. Before anything was noticed, Lucy and Edmund, who had just come out of the snow while Peter and Susan had been managing serious and grown-up Royal duties so their younger siblings could play, were discussing the merits of building forts over snow people. Mrs Beaver, who had taken to mothering the younger two (she would have mothered them all, but thirteen and fourteen was very much too old for that sort of thing in Peter's and Susan's minds), and had brought them some hot cocoa to warm up from the sharp cold of the first natural winter in one hundred years. Seemingly for no reason, everyone broke off their conversations at once. Peter stopped talking battle strategy with Orieus, Susan paused in her conversation with the Beavers and Mr Tumnus, while Edmund and Lucy simultaneously looked out the large window at the courtyard pear tree.

"I say," Said Edmund, "Is that Partridge singing carols in the pear tree?"

"You're right, Ed." Peter said looking too.

Lucy smiled, "It's like in the song from Spare Oom."

Of course, everyone wanted to hear this song, so Lucy sang them the first verse,

"On the First Day of Christmas,

My True Love Gave to Me,

A Partridge in a Pear Tree."

And so went the First Day of Christmas.


AN: For anyone reading the Snow Queen, I will try and post the next chapter soon, it's a really long chapter, and I've been having lots of trouble writing it too, hopefully I'll have it done soon.

-Dyslexic Nerd