On the Fourth Day of Christmas

Peter was wondering just how the whole song-like oddity had come about. He didn't much want to talk with his siblings about it. He knew that Susan would suggest he ask one of the participating birds, Edmund would probably suggest looking in the library to see if it was a Narnian tradition, and Lucy would say that it was magic. He couldn't help but wonder though.

"You know," Said a very familiar voice by his ear, "Even if it might be an old custom, I don't see why you should want to know. Knowing takes all the fun out things, like a magic trick or a present."

"When did you come out here, Ed? And how'd you know what I was thinking?"

"I saw you on the balcony, and thought I'd warn you; Lu's taken it into her head that we're all to go sledding down to the beach. The Beavers and Mr Tumnus are coming to make sure she doesn't break her neck, Susan's being dragged, and she's coming to get us." He paused, "And Su and I were just talking about the birds, and I said the same thing to her."

"Colly Birds are appearing today, right?" The eldest Pevensie asked.

Edmund replied, "They're supposed to. Say, Pete, what's a colly bird?"

"Same thing as a blackbird." would have said more, but Lucy chose that time to rush onto the balcony.

"Peter, Edmund, Hurry! We're going sledding!" She was so excited she was squeaking.

Peter grinned fondly at his littlest sister, "Just a moment, Lucy, I think I've found the four Colly Birds." He pointed them out.

"Oooh!" She grinned evilly, "That means singing! On Three, Ed! One, two, three!"

And together they sang, "On the fourth of Christmas,

My true love gave to me

Four Colly Birds

Three French Hens

Two Turtle Doves"

And everyone sang,

"And a Partridge in a Pear Tree"