A/N; this is the first chapter to the reboot of my previous story, Next Gen Begins. Its short, but that's because its only the Prologue. It starts out very differently than my other fic, as you will see shortly.

Mopsus was an early character Rowling designed, before scrapping the idea of him, and instead replacing him with Treleway. He was originally meant to be the Divination Professor, but, as he was too good at what he did, Rowling tossed aside the idea. I have no idea what his personality was originally like, so I constructed my own. Unlike her version of the character, this one is not blind nor is he as powerful a Seer, however.

As for Olethea, she is an OC and will be critical to the plot for this story, and possibly the next three, but, as can be seen from this chapter alone, she acts from the shadows so you wont be seeing much of her.

Anyways, on with the story.

Chapter 1


A lone figure walked a shrouded walk, a shawl draped inconspicuously over her head, eyes locked onto the stone below her as her feet met with the ground once, twice, over and over.

Others bushed past her, walked by her, oblivious to her presence, to the power radiating from her. Around her, Diagon Alley was alive with life, beating with it. She could feel it, feel the excess magic that seeped from the witches and wizards around her like a soft touch to her flesh, because this was no ordinary women, not at all.

She did not need to look back, she did not seem to need to look at all, as she made her way forward, as her steps increased in speed, as she made her way forth.

The door was open when she reached it.

She didn't even bother to knock before swinging it open, and stepping through. She let the shawl drop back onto her shoulders, her ancient, unseeing eyes unveiling themselves.

This was no ordinary witch.

She made her way forth without a word, opening the last door without discretion and stepping forth into the small room. Housed within was a small table, at which sat two others, two wizards. They had been engaged in conversation with each other, but fell silent at the presence of the new comer.

"Well?" the woman spoke as she took seat. "The news?"

"Surely you already know, oh Great Seer?" one of the Wizards replied.

"Olethea is the world's most powerful Seer. You shall respect her." The other man snapped at him, bright light green eyes sparkling dangerously.

"Mopsus." Olethea spoke in a warning voice.

The other Seer relaxed slightly in his chair, before Olethea turned to face the wizard. "The future is a thing of constant motion. I am, by no means, omniscient. Now, the news?" she repeated herself once more.

The man sighed, leaning forward slightly.

"I believe it has begun. All the signs point to the same source, the same. There was another assassination last night, this time in Hungary. The deaths are mounting, and we can't ignore it."

The other pair exchanged a heated look, which seemed odd since the woman could not even see.

Not physically, anyways.

Then, the woman turned back to face the wizard. "Our enemy sleeps.. It slumbers, ancient and evil.. I fear.. I fear we shall not survive this struggle.."

Mopsus bit his lip.

The other, however, stared at her. "And what, pray tell, is this 'ancient slumbering evil'?" he demanded.

"A thing of old." Was the cryptic reply.

The response was predictable.

The man stood, red faced. "You both come here, and ask for my help, my aid, yet you refuse to give me straight answer! You tell me to watch out for signs of change in the Wizarding World, but you refuse to give me a why, yet you expect me to trust the both of you!"

Mopsus stood as well, his face lined with obvious fury. "You will not yell at-" he began.

"Mopsus." Olethea repeated, the rumor of a threat veiled under the lone word. He sent the other man one last dirty look, before taking set once more.

"Well?" the wizard demanded.

"The situation before us is grave.. I hope I am wrong, but.. If things are as I fear.. Loxias, Emric the Evil, Merwyn the Malicious, Grindelwald, Voldemort.. All unknowing pawns in an ancient plot centuries old, pawns that each failed to accomplish their set goals, and these are but the pawns here, in Europe. There are more, others, scattered across the globe-"

"And your seriously suggesting they have all been pawns, are you know?" the wizard sneered, finally showing the mistrust he had been feeling since the very beginning. He wanted answers, and he wanted them now.

"Yet the details behind the fall of each, a mystery. Even the details behind the 'Fall of Salazar Slytherin' remain hidden within the shadows. Doesn't that bother you, that the darkest wizards the world has ever known, every single one, and not one concrete reason is given behind their perspective falls?" Olethea countered.

"Grindelwald and Voldemort were insane, the both of them. The rest, I'm sure, fir in the same category." the wizard countered, but even his own argument sounded doubtful to him. Olethea had a knack of that, convincing him of the most impossible and improbable theories with the flick of a finger.

"Very well. Let us pretend the two were both simply mad men, let us pretend they were both simply insane, as you say. Yet what of Slytherin? Was he insane, insane enough to be trusted by three of the most influencial individuals in our histories? Yet he simply 'fell'. Perfectly logical."

The wizard squirmed in his seat slightly. Apparently, the woman not only had a knack of convincing him of the improbable, but making him feel down right dim-witted for thinking anything otherwise.

"Why me?" he finally spoke.

This, Olethea did not expect as her eyebrow raised slightly in the air. "What?"

"Of all the witches and wizards in the world to choose to help you, why me?" the man repeated.

Again, the other pair exchanged looks. The wizard was becoming annoyed by this, very, very annoyed.

"Well?" he demanded once more.

Olethea turned back to face him. "I have foreseen it.. It must be by your and that the hand of histories' weave be written. Not our own. We are those who must remain in the shadows, as we always have. But it is by your hand, the hand of the wizard, that events be changed."

"But why me? Why not another, why me, one who would doubt your, ah, 'divine wisdom'?"

To this, Olethea snorted. "Divine?" she repeated, amused. The wizard blinked. "I see the future, but it does not see me. It is in constant motion, shifted by the choices people have made and have yet to make. Nothing is set in stone. I don't as much see the future as I see possible scenarios, constantly shifting. It is a gift that would drive most insane, and I swear to you, there is nothing divine of it."

And, just like that, she had managed to drive the conversation away from the dangerous category of doubts and suspicion.

"So.. What is it you would ask me to do, then?"

"To be our eyes and ears at Hogwarts, to listen to that which we cannot. The world is shifting around us, and worse, a darkness clouds our visions. We cannot see. Whatever comes, it is greater than any threat our world has ever faced." Mopsus replied.

"Yet you choose me to come to your aid, instead of someone like Potter.." the man replied, suspicion sipping back into place. He had been trained to do so, to see enemies within every shadow, deception within every truth.

In other words, he was the perfect spy.

"Potter is to obvious, his moves are traced, reporters swooping in on his smallest movements like a vulture on prey. But you, on the other hand.." Olethea spoke.

"I see.. So, you wish me to keep monitoring the international state of affairs?" the wizard questioned.

"Yes." Mopsus said.

"Very well. If you'll excuse me, I have t go prepare. The students come in but a weeks time." and with this, the man stood, his figure departing.

There was the creaking sound of the door opening, then th distinct snap of it being closed. The remaining two turned to each other.

"Well? What make you of him?" Olethea asked.

"His mind is.. Difficult to read. And I fear my sight is dying. I cannot see. His intentions are lost to me. He is like a blank spot in the tapestry of life. But, why?" Mopsus asked.

"I do not know. But it is not by his hand that this shall be ended, f that I am sure.."

"Then by who's?"

"That has yet to be seen.. But, for now, our own pawn do we have. In the end, I fear all our preparations will be for naught, and if we fail.."


"I don't know. And that's what scares me."

With that, the woman turned, her unseeing eyes staring off into the distance, a look more blank than the norm making its way onto her futures.

A trance.

Mopsus knew better than to speak to her now, he would be no doubt ignored. With a sigh, he stood, drew his hood over his head, and marched straight out the door into the blusterous and oblivious streets and corners of Diagon Alley.