A/N: These "Bits and Bobs" collections will contain most of my one-shot comment-fics from various LJ comms. This particular collection, however, will house timestamps and missing scenes from "Semper Fi," my AU in which Dean is a Marine and was severely injured in Iraq. Enjoy!

A Beary Merry Christmas

December 23, 2005

Dean had rather overdone at the Christmas party, Carmen whispered to Sam after wheeling him back into the apartment, and she'd had to give him a fentanyl patch to help bring the pain under control. She had made sure he didn't drink, so if he was loopy at all, it was purely the fentanyl. Sam thanked her for the update and for taking care of Dean, and she left.

Jess was already in bed, but Dean wasn't in the living room when Sam turned around. He was just about to wonder whether Castiel had made off with him (for no reason Sam could fathom) when he heard Dean's voice coming from his bedroom—quiet, but still audible to a hunter, and slurred and somewhat off-key:

Alec, the six-gun cowbear,
Had a very shiny gun...

Sam clapped a hand over his mouth to stifle the laughter that threatened to bubble out. Even knowing Dean was stoned, and for good reason, the image of his brother—his brother the Marine—crooning a Christmas carol to his teddy bear was just too funny for words. It got funnier still when he got to Dean's doorway and found Dean, now humming, dancing Alec around on the bed with his good hand.

Dean finally noticed Sam standing there, and his head wobbled a little as he turned to look at him. "Oh, hey, Sammy." And he waved Alec's paw.

Sam cleared his throat, but he couldn't wipe the grin off his face. "Hey, Dean. What are you up to?"

"'Mmmmm talkin' to Alec. 'S awesome."


"Yeah. Alec's m'friend—him'n Cas... 'member Cas?"

"Yeah, I remember."

"All... all m'other friends're... still'n Iraq. But Alec's here. Alec's awesome."

"How was the party?"

Dean made an uncertain noise. "Carmen... she pulls stuff outta m'face. Dunno... dunno if I like that. But yeah, it was... kinda fun." He fiddled with Alec for a moment. "Woulda been better if you'n'Jess'd come. 'N Cas. 'N Alec."

"Missed you, too," Sam whispered without meaning to.

Dean patted Alec's head with his stump. "Y'know... how long's been since I had my own bear?"

Sam tried to remember Dean ever owning anything but GI Joes. "No."

"The fire." Dean sniffled.

Sam wasn't tempted to laugh anymore as he came into the room and knelt beside Dean's wheelchair, putting an arm around his shoulders.

"After... we... we couldn't afford a bear for each of us. So we shared."

"I'm sorry, Dean."

Dean made a negative noise. "Was sharin' with you, Sammy. Wasn't so bad 'cept when you di'n' wanna share. But... you were really little. You di'n' know."

"No. But I do now."

Dean turned a not-quite-tearful smile to Sam. "Love you, Sasquatch."

Sam pulled him into a hug and nearly cried himself when he felt Dean return the hug—teddy bear still in hand.

"You ready for bed?" he finally asked without letting go.

"Nn-mm. Gotta put my p'jamas on."

Sam huffed in amusement and did let go at that. "Want my help?"

Dean started to shake his head and then thought better of it. "Guess so. 'M sleepy. Damn fentanyl."

Sam chuckled and gently helped Dean change and get into bed. His leg had healed well enough that he could move around the room unassisted most days, but tonight he needed his little brother's steadying hand, and Sam was very happy to provide it.

And if Dean wondered in the morning who had tucked Alec under his left elbow, the knowing smile he got from Sam at breakfast meant he didn't need to ask.