She pushed herself faster and faster until her legs trembled with every step she took, until her lungs burned with the need of more oxygen, until her feet went numb. Her foot stumbled on a rock and she went face first onto the forest floor. Her breaths came in raspy, and shallow. Her chest continued to heave as she lay there until the minutes turned to an hour. When her body finally relaxed she knew she needed to get up to run again, if her Father caught her, she'd be dead. She knew that for sure. Her arms trembling, she pushed herself into an upright position and looked around the dark forest with fear in her dark eyes that contrasted with her snow white skin.

"C'mon Bella, get up, get up!" She mumbled under her breath and clumsily got to her feet. Bella looked around her before she pushed herself again into a jog, and then back into a fast paced sprint. She needed to get away. As her arms swung by her sides, she tried to keep taking deep breaths but failed to do so, cramps in her sides becoming the result. This time, when she tumbled to the ground, she stayed there. Curled up on her side, trying to save the little body heat she had, she closed her eyes. Bella wondered if she was going to die out in the woods alone, but then decided it was better than dying by her father's hand.

"I knew I'd find her!" A female voice called and Bella's head whipped up from the ground, any sign of weariness now gone, fear taking its place. Her father must have got someone to help find her using some sort of lie. She shakily got up and turned to run when arms circled her waist and pulled her back. She screamed out and began thrashing trying to escape the steal like arms the held her.

"Stop fighting! I don't want to hurt you!" A deep, twanged voice said next to her ear and the voice seemed to sooth her somehow, her struggles becoming not as violent. Then she was relaxed, slumping in the man's arms. Her body then was cradled against the man's chest and she sighed, from the feeling of being held. It was so nice…

"That's it, just relax. I got you," the man said and Bella's eyes snapped open. She looked up to see a girl, shorter than her in front of her next to a teenage boy with messy hair. Both seemed excited to see her, yet the boy seemed more reserved that the shorter girl.

"Hi! I'm Alice! And this is my boyfriend, Edward!" The girl, Alice, chirped and Bella blinked before looking down at the arms that were still around her.

"How much did he pay you?" Bella asked with a trembling voice. She didn't have much in her bank account but if she could just convince them to let her go for an hour, she would go hide.

"What?" Edward blinked at her and she swallowed nervously.

"P-please, I have some money, if you will just let me go for just a half an hour! Please! I don't want to die!" Bella said, tears filling her eyes as her hands shook. The arms around her tightened and a rumble came from the man holding her.

"No one's going to touch you, I won't let them." The man said and Bella looked between the two in front of her, confused.

"Then, then you're not here to take me back to my father?" Bella's voice shook with relief before fear settled back into her. What were they going to do to her then?

"No…" Alice answered with a frown before smiling once more. "We're going to take you to our house and you're going to be happy!"

"Hah!" Bella snorted without amusement; did they really think she was that dumb?

"I promise nothing will happen to you," the twanged voice said and Bella believed him, she didn't understand how she knew that but some part of her was trusting this man that she still wasn't able to see.

"How can I trust you?" Bella asked even though she already trusted this man. The arms that had been steel traps around her loosened until his hands went to her hips and he slowly turned her around to face him. She stared at his shirt, nervous to look up at him.

"Look at me." His voice commanded, and something in her was joyous to do as the voice said. She trembled slightly as her eyes raised up she saw his face. She breathed in surprised and her mouth opened in shock. He was the most handsome, beautiful thing she had ever seen. He had a strong jaw, an even nose that fit between his cheekbones perfectly; his brow line was strong but not so as if to look brutish. His rich blonde hair fell into his dark honey eyes that were smoldering down at her. "I would give my life for you, little one. I will protect you and no one shall harm you as long as you're under my wing, which you shall forever be."

"A-a-a-alright," Bella managed to get out, her eyes still wide. Her reaction caused him to chuckle and her heart warmed from the sound.

"Jasper, if you keep that up, she'll be goo-goo forever," Alice's voice chimed behind her and Bella started slightly but her eyes never left the man's, Jasper's. His hands tightened on her hips before he looked over her head at the others. Bella blinked and realized how short she was to Jasper; her head went to the middle of his chest.

"Hm, I rather like her like this, I just hope she isn't like this all the time," said Jasper as Edward burst out laughing.

"I doubt she's like that, Jasper." Edward's voice was coated in amusement and Bella blinked again. But then her eyes drooped as her body grew tired. Her head went forward to rest on Jasper's chest and his arms went around her back.

"Awe, did you have to do that?" Alice's voice seemed far away.

"Don't worry darling, you'll be able to talk to her later," Edward's voice replied and she continued to drift off.

"Just relax, sweet heart, I got you. You're safe," Jasper's voice was the last thing she heard before she knew no more.

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